The new Bridgestone Greatec R125 wide-base trailer tire from Bridgestone Bandag Tire Solutions is said to offer low rolling resistance and increased payload. It’s SmartWay-certified and meets today’s California’s CARB requirements. As of this year, all 2011 model-year trailers must use low-rolling-resistance tires certified by SmartWay in order to run in California. Within three years, that rule will apply to all trailers 53 ft and longer, no matter the date of manufacture.

The tire uses several irregular-wear-fighting innovations for long, even tread life, says Bridgestone. The company’s patented Equalizer Rib and Defense Groove designs are said to promote uniform rib wear for longer mileage. Stress-relief sipes absorb rib stresses for even wear.

Tough sidewall protector ribs on both sides fight curbing damage to protect the casing, says the company. Should the protector rib on one side wear away, the tire can be flipped over for continued protection. The Greatec R125 uses stone-rejector platforms in each tread groove to help prevent trapped stones from pushing deeper into the tread grooves and piercing the belt layer, damaging the belts, and exposing them to rust.

The R125 is said to benefit from Bridgestone’s patented Waved Belt design that balances stiffness and resiliency to provide a stable casing that, in turn, produces a remarkably stable footprint shape throughout the tire’s life of the tire.

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