TruckWeight says the new Smart Sensor extends the wireless range of its Smart Scale onboard weigh scale to as much as 500 ft. Designed for trucks, tractors, and trailers with air suspensions, the scale’s new sensor and wireless reader allow users to take a measurement where it’s convenient and safe, whether that’s in the truck cab or on the loading machine.

The sensor measures temperature and pressure changes in a vehicle’s air suspension and wirelessly relays this data to a handheld receiver using a low-powered radio transmitter. A small computer in the handheld receiver interprets the information and provides an axle weight and gross vehicle weight measurement that’s accurate to within 150 lb. It produces readings once a minute, and every three seconds when the sensors detect the truck being loaded. The
result is said to be axle and gross vehicle weight measurements accurate to within 0.3%. The new sensor uses common AA batteries for power.

Smart Scale has a suggested list price of US$550 for each sensor and $490 for the handheld receiver — a five-axle tractor-trailer combination costs US$1590, and it can equipped in the field in about 30 minutes. There are no wires to hook up. Call 1-877-757-7888.

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