Work Truck Power

Miller Electric’s enhanced EnPak

Miller Electric has announced enhancements to its work truck tool, EnPak — combining a 60-cfm air compressor, 20-gpm Eaton hydraulic pump, 6000-watt generator, and 2400-watt EnVerter powered by a 24.8 hp, Tier IV Final-compliant Kubota diesel engine. Integrated with the truck’s fuel supply and battery, EnPak allows for full jobsite functionality with the work truck’s engine turned off.

Technical advancements to the load management system along with increased component efficiencies allow EnPak to provide up to 60 cfm (previously 40 cfm). Offering 50% more air capacity, EnPak can easily power 1-in. and larger impact wrenches and other pneumatic tools and pumps to support multiple field applications. Air-on-demand eliminates lag time common with reservoir systems that only engage the compressor after a minimum pressure has been reached.

The exclusive load-management system means EnPak maximizes fuel savings by delivering only the amount of power required while allowing for simultaneous operation of the generator, compressor, and hydraulics. One mechanic can weld on one side of the truck while another grinds or uses an impact wrench on the other side without any lag in power.

Fuel savings also are realized with the auto start/stop technology, says Miller, which shuts off the engine when no loads are detected and automatically starts it when work needs to be done. The EnVerter power system delivers 2400 watts of continuous 120 V, 60 Hz, pure-sine-wave power, allowing the user to operate many jobsite tools at lower engine speeds, which reduces noise levels along with saving fuel.

The diesel engine is said to use up to 30% less fuel than a work truck’s engine and costs much less to maintain. Field testing reveals up to 79% in maintenance cost savings at idle compared to a conventional PTO-equipped truck, Miller claims.

For MIG, TIG and Stick operations as well as arc gouging applications, the Miller Maxstar 200 STR and Miller Multimatic 200 welders can be powered off of EnPak’s generator.

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