CTA concerned about carbon pricing scheme

by Truck News

OTTAWA, Ont. – The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has expressed concerns about a national carbon pricing system, which could give U.S.-based carriers a competitive advantage over those from Canada.

The draft legislative proposal was issued for public comment today. Public comments will be accepted until Apr. 9.

The CTA has already made its concerns known. It worries about escalating carbon pricing in Canada, when the U.S. has no carbon tax. It also worries the carbon pricing system will be administratively burdensome for Canadian carriers, and that U.S.-based carriers operating here won’t have to comply at all.

“The key questions moving forward will centre around how the carbon compliance system will be administered, what price carbon is set at compared to U.S. markets moving forward and how the federal government and provinces plan to reinvest in green technology for our industry using the carbon fees collected,” said CTA president Stephen Laskowski. “Ottawa has been very open to discussing our concerns related to the implementation of the carbon tax to date. CTA expects this open dialogue to continue.”

The CTA said it will review this draft federal proposal over the next few months and update the industry following its board meeting in March.

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  • Carbon tax is simply wealth re-distirbution. There is nothing fair, justified or any backing of any substance to support this sham. Canada, depending on whos data you read is a net carbon consumer. So why the tax? Much like all the green energy b.s this is another way to get gobs of money to flow through the government that they can piss away at their pleasure to their buddies and donnors. If carbon tax was legit much like HsT for example ( which i dont agree with either), it would work somewhat like hst collected-hst spent= total sum due or negative sum to be rebated. The beauty of the carbon tax is its all on hypotheticals. No one can actually say how much carbon is produced with an certanty on any given consumption of fossil fuels. And further more if it was legit, farmers should be getting carbon rebates. Any crop grower with any acerage is a net consumer. As a farmer we know acres grown and number of plants per acre to a fairly exact number… So where do we file for our rebate? This is a one way cash grab plain and simple. And the weak PC leader on ontario and the rest of the useless people in ottawa and queens park all appear to be in the tank as well. I urge anyone questioning my remarks to watch pierre poilievre question the climate change minister ( aka climate barbie) about the cost of this tax which they have hidden away. Carbon tax is an economic killer, has nothing to do with the environment and is simply another way for progressive’s to take more money to cash flow their drunken spending.