Truckers advised to make sure their cargo is safe this U.S. Thanksgiving

by Truck News

JERSEY CITY, N.J. – Parking lots, warehouses and truck stops were where 60% of reported cargo thefts occurred during previous U.S. Thanksgiving weeks, which has spurred an advisory from CargoNet for truckers to ensure their freight is safe this coming holiday.

CargoNet, which compiles crime analytics, indicated that during the week of the American Thanksgiving in 2012, 2013 and 2014, thieves stole nearly $6 million in cargo, 44 semi-tractors and 51 semi-trailers.

Texas was hit the hardest, with double the amount of theft incidents compared to California, which was the next hardest hit state.

Food and beverage items were the highest targeted items, with non-alcoholic beverages and meat products being the two most stolen, making up 39.1% of food and beverage losses.

Metals were also a product-of-choice for thieves, with copper making up 70%.

CargoNet data showed that incidents gradually increased during Thanksgiving week from Monday, spiking on Wednesday and then progressively decreasing.

Some noteworthy thefts during previous Thanksgiving weeks include:

•$2,100,000 theft of apparel and accessories from a parking lot in Carson, Calif.
•$537,000 theft of fragrances from a truck stop in Yemassee, S.C.
•$447,000 theft of footwear in Houston, Texas
•$441,000 theft of apparel and accessories from a truck stop in Staunton, Va.
•$227,000 theft of televisions from a truck stop in Glendale, Ky.

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