Bendix reduces waste, energy consumption

by Truck News

ELYRIA, Ohio – Bendix has announced it has diverted 96% of the waste created at its plants in 2017, while also reducing its energy usage by seven million kilowatt hours over the past three years.

The company is on target to meet its goal of becoming 100% landfill-free by 2020, and to reduce 10% of its energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 2019.

It diverted more than 26 million pounds of material from landfill disposal last year, while its energy reduction resulted in a savings of more than US$450,000.

“These achievements reflect the dedication of Bendix employees toward environmental stewardship. Taking responsibility for the world around us is not only one of Bendix’s bedrock principles, it’s something that people throughout the organization own personally,” said Maria Gutierrez, director of corporate responsibility and sustainability. “With unwavering support from Bendix’s highest levels, we will continue to develop – and act on – strategies to reduce the environmental impact of our company. Success in this effort reaches far beyond the bottom line – it touches the streets we live on, the communities we call home, and the planet we share.”

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