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COMPETITION WATCH: Schneider equiping entire fleet with aero wheel covers

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Schneider National has announced it's equiping its entire tractor fleet with aerodynam...

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Schneider National has announced it’s equiping its entire tractor fleet with aerodynamic wheel covers.

The fleet expects to save more than 1.8 million gallons of diesel by using the Deflecktor Aero Wheel Cover on the drive positions of more than 12,000 tractors. Schneider said it’s still determining whether to outfit trailers with the wheel covers.

“The Deflecktor helps environmentally-conscious truckload carriers like Schneider reduce fuel consumption and operate more efficiently,” said Jon Fleck, owner of A de F, Ltd., supplier of the wheel covers. “Since the deep-inset wheel creates aerodynamic resistance when the tractor is in motion, I knew that smoothing wheel contours with a simple, lightweight device would reduce the overall coefficient of drag and thereby increase energy efficiency.” 

Schneider has already equipped 1,500 tractors with the fuel-saving devices.

“The portion of the fleet already running with the Deflecktor is performing just as we expected,” said Steve Duley, vice-president of purchasing at Schneider National. “We spent over two years testing this device, and the results we got were consistently positive in regard to fuel savings: almost 1% per tractor. We’re pleased – yet not surprised – to see the same results now as we expand to the rest of the fleet.”

The wheel covers are easy to install and very durable, Duley pointed out. Schneider is the first trucking company to use the Deflecktor wheel covers.

“Saving energy by harnessing the latest in technology is a hallmark of Schneider National, and the Deflecktor is a perfect example of that,” added Duley. “We knew it was the right thing to do – both fiscally and environmentally. The fuel savings we generate will allow us to pay for the devices in just under one year, but more importantly, it’s enabling us to reduce our fuel consumption even more than before.”

More info on the Deflecktor is available by visiting

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2 Comments » for COMPETITION WATCH: Schneider equiping entire fleet with aero wheel covers
  1. Rick Gaskill says:

    Interesting but I can imagine the hassle fighting over who pays when the covers are damaged by repair services . Will damage to these covers be yet another reason bottom feeder carriers use to terminate experienced drivers and replace them with lower paid recent CDL mill graduates ?

  2. Jonathan Fleck says:

    The ease of use, as well as the cost being so low with a payback in months negates the non-issues that Rick presents. After three years of testing Schneider is deploying them on every truck in their fleet. The math out of the Schneider press release suggests they are saving 150 gallons per truck on average per year… no hand tools – no assembly – a quick install. Cheer up Rick try to imagine World Peace not the downside of something that exists within a conjured thought in a single mind…

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