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CTA expands enviroTruck definition to include natural gas, hybrids

OTTAWA, Ont. -- The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has expanded its enviroTruck criteria to include inc...

OTTAWA, Ont. — The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has expanded its enviroTruck criteria to include increasingly-popular natural gas-powered trucks and other alternative engine systems such as hybrids.

“CTA supports further efforts to explore the feasibility of introducing alternative engines into the commercial trucking environment,” said David Bradley, CTA CEO. “While the widespread use of alternative engines and the associated distribution and service infrastructure in North America is likely years away, CTA believes in the importance of partnering with government and industry stakeholders to explore this viable method to cut GHG emissions.”

Traditionally, the CTA considere an enviroTruck to be a tractor-trailer with a 2007 or newer engine, speed limiter set to no more than 105 km/h and a combination of add-on devices such as low rolling resistance tires.

The definition has been expanded to include natural gas-powered vehicles and hybrids and the CTA will encourage government to provide incentives for the early adoptions of such technologies.

“If governments are serious about encouraging the use of alternative engines in the Canadian trucking industry, they will need to introduce dramatic incentives, such as super-accelerated CCA rates and other tax incentives to encourage investment in this costly venture,” said Bradley. 

The CTA lauded the province of Quebec for including incentives towards the purchase of natural gas-powered vehicles acquired after March 30 in its most recent budget.

“We commend the Government of Quebec for recognizing the vital role incentives play in accelerating the adoption of green measures,” said Bradley. “Not only will this encourage the use of alternative engines, but it will also accelerate the penetration of 2010 smog-free trucks.”

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