Goodyear looks to procure cleaner carbon black for tires

by Today's Trucking

Goodyear has announced a collaboration agreement with Monolith, for the development and potential use of carbon black made from methane or biomethane.

Carbon black is a key ingredient in tires, accounting for about 15-20% of its weight. Traditionally, it comes from the combustion of residual oil or coal tar oil.

Goodyear tire photo
A Goodyear LHS steer tire removed from service at 233,950 miles. (Photo: Goodyear)

“At Goodyear, we’re committed to sustainability and making a positive impact by our choice of the materials we use,” said Chris Helsel, senior vice-president, global operations and chief technology officer. “Our collaboration with Monolith is one example of how we are using sustainable materials in quality products that deliver a better future.”

Monolith is a global provider of clean hydrogen, and has a plasma-based process that takes advantage of renewable electricity to complete methane pyrolysis and results in the output of only carbon and hydrogen. A life cycle assessment conducted for Monolith indicated its process should result in environmental benefits across the tire’s life cycle.

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