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Mob Rule: Italian mafia leading source of cargo theft

NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. – Todd Moore was playing hockey in Hamilton, Ont., when some guys came forward with 10 cases of Moosehead beer that had “fallen off a truck”. He knew exactly where it had come from, though. Everyone knew. The theft of two loads of beer in New Brunswick had been all over the news, complete with jokes about Moose being on the loose. It was no joke to the career police officer, now president of Canadian Armed Robbery Training Associates. All too many people turn a blind eye to the cost of cargo thefts, he said during a presentation to the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada. Contractors might see a cheap load of lumber as a way to cut costs, just like a chef who’s offered a deal on a load of beef that’s too good to be true. “People don’t see the significance. They say it’s ‘insurance’,” he admitted. “But everybody is paying.”

Cargo thieves nuts about nuts: report

AUSTIN, TX -- The upcoming harvest season for one particular type of food is expected to get increased attention again from cargo thieves following big jumps in stealing the previous two years. Nuts have become a sought after commodity for organized cargo thefts because of their high value density per truckload and typically low security protocols, according to a new report by the logistics security services provider FreightWatch International "Since the harvest season for most commercially grown nuts is from August to September, it stands to reason that the third quarter of each year tends to record the most nuts thefts, as was the case in 2014 and 2015," the report says.

Truck Cargo Theft Reporting Program Expands

EDMONTON, AB - A truck cargo theft reporting program that has reportedly been highly successful in Eastern Canada is expanding to four western provinces. The announcement was made Tuesday by the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), along with law enforcement and provincial trucking associations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. "Cargo theft is a serious crime. It is costing the Canadian economy billions of dollars and can be dangerous," said Bill Adams, a vice-president with IBC, which represents private insurance companies. "The cargo theft initiative brings together the many different parts of the transportation system to help curb this type of criminal activity, protect people in our communities and save Canadians money."