The Productive Shop

Downtime costs money. Nobody wants to keep a truck in the shop any longer than necessary. So here's a question to consider: is your shop as productive and efficient as it could be? Some things you just can't change; for example, you can't suck oil out of an engine any faster than it wants to flow, but could you be doing something else to the truck while it's in the oil change bay, like topping up its tire inflation pressure or checking its alignment? So much of what used to require manual hands-on labour can now be automated, and many tasks that once had designated areas in a shop or even needed dedicated personnel can now be done simultaneously, thus reducing the time the truck is unavailable. Here's a look at a few technologies that can help refine the service process and save some real time on basic maintenance procedures.

Fleet Maintenance Summit Returns to Truck World 2016

TORONTO, ON -- Newcom Business Media Inc., publisher of Today's Trucking, Truck News and Motortruck Fleet Maintenance magazines, has announced the relaunch of the Canadian Fleet Maintenance Summit (CFMS) at Truck World next year. In conjunction with the trucking technology testing organization, PIT Group, Newcom will bring together the Automotive Transportation Service Superintendents' Association (ATSSA), Canadian Transportation Equipment Association (CTEA), Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) and the Transportation Maintenance & Technology Association (TMTA) for the first industry-wide supported CFMS to be held at Truck World, on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at the International Centre, Mississauga, ON. Merging with the previous PIT Conference, this partnership will bring together the best expertise to ensure a successful CFMS, according to Newcom.