Bored, Waiting Truckers: Here’s “The Best Time Killer, Ever”

VANCOUVER — Kamil Szybalski is a 20-something Vancouver-based entrepreneurial dude who thinks truck drivers — particularly those with a bit of time on their hands — will find his latest invention to be just what the dock ordered.

The loading dock, that is.

The invention is called and it’s a social-sharing site for guys.

“Essentially,” Szybalski says, “it’s the best way to kill time, ever.”

If you’re waiting at a dock and have access to the web, you can while away your hours perusing cool pictures, videos, jokes, recipes, you name it. And they’re arranged to suit your own personal taste and interests so you’re not just sifting through random junk.

Szybalski says the new service is free and completely SFW.

“We want to make it acceptable to use whether you’re out on the road or at home with your family,” he says.

So what do you get?

Take a pinch of Maxim Magazine; stir in the Hammachar-Schlemmer catalogue; sprinkle liberally with hilarious email forwards, and/or a visit to your local Maserati dealer, and you have a small taste of what’s on

Say, for instance, you like big trucks. Here’s a Dudepins collection of iron. It’s pretty emblematic of what’s out there.

Members are encouraged to contribute material and share with other guys who have similar interests.

“I guess the reason guys check out Dudepins is to share and browse manly interests and what other dudes are into. This varies from news, sweet rides and tips and tricks to just straight out funny stuff,” he says, adding “we are absolutely head-over-heels excited to announce that we will be launching an iPhone and Andriod app very very soon.”

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