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Bosch, Powercell join forces to develop fuel cells

Nikola Motor prototypes are utilizing the Bosch-developed fuel cells. (Photo by Jim Park)

STUTTGART, Germany – Bosch is joining forces with Powercell Sweden AB to prepare a polymer-electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell for production – and will ultimately hold the licence to manufacture the technology for the global automotive market.

The stack at the core of the fuel cell found in hydrogen-electric vehicles converts hydrogen into electrical energy, and Bosch says it will be launched by 2022 at the latest.

Early proponents of hydrogen-electric trucks includes Nikola Motor, which recently showcased plans for the technology during an event known as Nikola World.

“In the fuel-cell domain, Bosch already has a strong hand, and the alliance with Powercell makes it even stronger. Commercializing technology is one of our strengths. We are now going to take on this task with determination and develop this market,” says Stefan Hartung, member of the Bosch board of management and chairman of the mobility solutions business sector.

Bosch estimates that as many as one in five of the world’s electric vehicles will be powered by fuel cells by 2030.

“With the combined weight of its clout and expertise, Bosch will provide our fuel-cell technology with the chance to gain a foothold in the automotive market. We couldn’t imagine a better partner than Bosch for this,” says Per Wassén, the Powercell CEO.


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