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CBSA to retain in-bond option for cross-border carriers

TORONTO, Ont. -- The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is declaring victory after successfully lobbyi...

TORONTO, Ont. — The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is declaring victory after successfully lobbying for the allowance of in-bond Customs clearance when the Advanced Commercial Information System (ACI)/e-Manifest program is rolled out.


Until recently, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) had suggested it would not allow goods to be moved in-bond for later clearance if all paperwork was not filed in advance by the owners of the cargo. Instead, trucks would have been turned back at the border, which would have proven costly for carriers – especially LTL carriers hauling freight for multiple shippers on a single trailer.


CTA argued that removing the in-bond option would negatively impact the entire supply chain. And eventually, CBSA agreed. The border agency said it would retain the in-bond option for carriers that participate in low-risk programs such as FAST, PIP, CSA or C-TPAT.


“By continuing to allow low-risk carriers the ability to move goods in-bond to clear customs at a secure inland facility the CBSA is demonstrating a clear commitment to conduct enhanced risk assessment without unduly impeding trade,” said CTA chief David Bradley.


 “Low risk carriers and drivers shouldn’t have to worry about being delayed or having to spend the night in a parking lot in Detroit or some such place, because his customer or his customer’s agent was not able to provide CBSA with all the required data in advance,” he added. “This is a responsible decision on the part of CBSA; it provides a tangible benefit for legitimate trade and the companies that have made the investment in becoming low risk carriers – something that is lacking these days. Everybody involved, from CBSA, to the other national associations representing all the supply chain stakeholders, to the individual CTA carrier members who participate on countless committees and working groups, deserves a lot of credit.”


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