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SAN RAMON, CALIF. — ChevronTexaco Global Lubricants recently announced a new formulation of its industry leading Chevron Delo Grease EP.

The new formulation improves mechanical stability and water resistance, resulting in longer service life and reduced costs for a wide variety of applications. Improvements to Delo Grease EP are part of an ongoing effort to increase the value and extended service capabilities of all Chevron Delo products.

Chevron Delo Grease EP is a technically advanced, extreme pressure grease ideally suited for use in heavy to medium- and light-duty trucks and busses, off-road construction and mining equipment and automobiles. The product works extremely well on chassis and wheel bearing applications, king pins, transmission cross
shaft spring pins, shackle pins, brake cam shafts, u-joints and fifth wheels.

Delo Grease EP is formulated with ISOSYN technology, which provides synthetic type performance at a lower cost and is highly recommended for extended service intervals.

"Delo Grease EP is an excellent grease for machinery operating under just about any condition," said Nicole Fujishige, Commercial Automotive Specialist, ChevronTexaco Global Lubricants. "It provides exceptional performance in numerous applications allowing organizations that use it to reduce their inventory by carrying a single grease. With the improvements we’ve made to the product, we believe that Delo Grease EP, and all the products of the Delo family, provide the best performance and value in the industry."

Chevron Delo Grease EP benefits include extreme pressure high load carrying capacity, excellent corrosion and wear protection, excellent water resistance, outstanding low temperature pumpability and excellent high temperature stability.

Chevron Delo Greases EP NLGI 1 and 2 far exceeds the requirements of NLGI GC-LB in the areas of extreme pressure and rust protection, making them well suited for the most severe applications and at extended greasing frequencies.

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