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CN scolds tardy truckers

BRAMPTON, Ont. -- CN Bramptom Intermodal Terminal officials have issued the following missive to carriers:...

BRAMPTON, Ont. — CN Bramptom Intermodal Terminal officials have issued the following missive to carriers:

“The number of gate appointments booked in the early hours (between midnight and 04:00) has been increasing however there appears to be an increase in the number of carters that are arriving significantly late for their appointments.

“CN has been attempting to accommodate these carters on a stand-by basis, however it appear that this practice is increasing to the point where it has become a planned activity.

“In order to ensure that carters arriving on time for their morning appointments are not unnecessarily delayed on account of earlier carters arriving late please note that carters arriving at CN Brampton outside of their window for an early morning appointment will not be granted access to the terminal. If you book a 03:00 appointment, your carter must not arrive at the terminal at 05:00.

“The current high volume of import traffic in the terminal has resulted in some truckers being delayed in the terminal during the early morning hours. CN will make an accommodation for truckers that work through the night and are unexpectedly delayed in the terminal, thereby arriving late for a later appointment. These truckers should retain their Interchange Receipt showing their arrival and departure time for their previous terminal visit and show this when arriving for the later appointment. Due to the service times associated with the high volumes of traffic, carters should not book appointments for the same trucker in adjoining hours.”

The letter was published in the Canadian International Freight Forwarders (CIFFA) newsletter today.

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