CSA 2010, load securement subjects of first Lunch & Learn

TORONTO, Ont. — Trucknews.com hosted the first in a series of Lunch & Learn interactive video interviews Sept. 22, featuring Lloyd Verduyn, president of Verduyn Tarps.

The 15-minute video interview covered topics including CSA 2010 and the impact it will have on flatdeck carriers. Verduyn contended that flatdeckers will be under more scrutiny than van haulers under CSA 2010, since cargo securement violations are so heavily weighted and by the nature of their business, flatdeck carriers haul freight that’s more visible to enforcement officers.

Making matters worse for flatdeckers is that drivers will receive individual ratings under CSA 2010, so they may be more inclined to work for a company that pulls vans instead. When you consider that it’s been reported as many as 200,000 drivers will no longer be employable under CSA 2010, the industry – and flatdeck carriers specifically – should brace for a major driver shortage, Verduyn warned.

He also pointed out tarping systems can help flatdeck carriers comply with CSA 2010 by keeping their cargo concealed (much like a van) and by making tarping easier, which can help attract and retain good drivers.

A live chat with Verduyn was held during and following the video. To watch the video and view a transcript of the chat, click here.

You can also fill out a form to receive more information on CSA 2010 and tarping systems.

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  • It is always good to strengthen the Load Securement rules however I don’t agree with the “if you can’t see it the regs don’t apply as much”.
    Most of our vans are light weight construction which means freight can
    come right through the wall in the right situation.

  • I would like to invite you to see video at http://www.marvee.com to see a mew concept for stabalizing lateral shifting on stacked cargo loads on flat decks.This new method works with excisting straps and is very easy to use. I am the inventor and have been trucking for 35 years now retired.