Cummins engines meet CARB idling rules

COLUMBUS, Ind. — The complete line of Cummins truck diesels can now meet Clean Idle requirements in California, allowing those engines to idle beyond the state Air Resources Board’s five-minute limit, the engine maker announced.

Cummins’ ISX, ISM, ISL, ISC and ISB meet the new regulation by generating less than 30-gram-per-horsepower-per-hour limit for emissions of oxides of nitrogen, or NOx, at idle.

Effective immediately, Cummins customers can specify a 50-state Clean Idle Certified engine option when ordering a new vehicle. Existing 2007-and-later engines can be updated to meet the limit at Cummins distributors to meet the 50-state Clean Idle Certified status.

Updating involves reprogramming an engine’s electronic control module and costs $300 to $500, Cummins sources said. Distributors will also apply a sticker to a truck’s nose that alerts enforcement officers that its engine is idle-legal.

The engines’ clean-idle ability complements and supports other available electronic engine features such as the programmable idle shutdown timer. Together these features help reduce a customer’s idle time and fuel consumption, only allowing idling for those periods where a driver needs cab comfort while logged out of service.

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