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Ensure your cargo is safe this Labour Day weekend says CargoNet

JERSEY CITY, N.J. – CargoNet is warning the industry to ensure its cargo is safe this coming Labour Day weekend.

The company examined statistics from the Wednesday before and Wednesday after the Labour Day weekend and found that in the last three years, 110 cargo thefts were reported during this week.

Texas and California had the most cargo theft during this time period, and CargoNet found significant losses in New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, and Illinois, too.

Theft is most often committed while the cargo sat in parking lots, truck stops, and warehouses, according to the research. Across all three examined years Sunday experienced the most cargo theft.

In total, CargoNet recorded more than $4.8 million in cargo stolen over the last three years. Food and beverages thefts were 20% of the cargo stolen, but electronics was the most costly category — $2.12 million despite only 12% of losses.

View an infographic of the Cargo Theft trends here.

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