Fergus Truck Show ceases operations

by Truck News

FERGUS, Ont. – Organizers of the Fergus Truck Show this week announced the event will cease operations immediately.

No further Fergus Truck Show events are planned.

Show organizers posted on its Facebook page: “The Board of Directors would like to sincerely thank all of our volunteers, attendees and drivers that have come through the gates for the past 30+ years. It is with the utmost of gratitude and appreciation that we thank you for your support over these past years.”

They went on to thank volunteers, attendees, vendors, media and drivers. You can read the post here.

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  • Sorry to see this show cease operations. It used to be so much fun walking around and seeing everyone that grew up together in the industry at such a great venue. The last few times I went there it was apparent that there were some challenges that the show management were just unable to overcome. Too bad for everyone.
    I know that some of the local residents detested the noise, crowds and traffic but that show brought in a ton of money to the town of Fergus. I hope that some other group decides to try to recreate this show somewhere else. In the right location and with strong leadership it can work.

  • To me, this show started to hurt itself when it became more about the party (camping, bands, booze etc) than it being a nice daytime trade show/ show n shine/ and some truck pulls. When it got so expensive to exhibit that local vendors/dealers started to not show up and the show continued to focus on the party (and high admission prices to pay for it and the required security) it took a big turn for the worse….too bad, in the beginning it was a great show.

    That said…truck shows are going through changes everywhere…heck even Louisville is having it’s problems now. It’s too bad that shows either seem to be heading toward “lifestyle” shows (the chrome party) or industry only shows for big fleets (go away O/O’s!).