Green trend continues to grow but cost still an obstacle for some

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — Interest in the environment is continuing to grow in the trucking community, according to a recent survey.

PHH Arval conducted its annual survey of public and private sector fleet managers, which revealed interest in the environment has grown in 80 percent of fleets – up from 77 percent last year.

The fleet management services provider conducts the annual survey to gauge fleet managers’ awareness of environmental issues and barriers to implementing solutions that would reduce their fleets’ greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the results, while corporate interest continues to grow in the industry, 15 percent of private sector managers said 15% of private sector fleet managers said the environmental impact of their fleets is not a priority at their organization.

A third of fleet managers are finding ways to save money while reducing fleet emissions — 37 percent in the private sector and 39 percent in the public sector.

About 50 percent of private sector companies view cost as an obstacle, but this is down from last year’s survey. In the public sector, the concern about cost has remained relatively flat.

Across the board, most fleet managers – 68 percent – reported they have started to educate drivers about their impact on the environment.

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