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Highway Thru Hell reality show returning to Discovery Sept. 3

TORONTO, Ont. -- The second season of the hugely popular Canadian TV series Highway Thru Hell will take to the air Sept. 3 at 10 p.m. on Discovery Channel, the producers have announced.

TORONTO, Ont. — The second season of the hugely popular Canadian TV series Highway Thru Hell will take to the air Sept. 3 at 10 p.m. on Discovery Channel, the producers have announced.

Last year’s series set the record for the number one series premiere in Discovery’s history, according to the producers.

The series follows heavy tow operators in B.C. as they respond to incidents involving commercial trucks.

New this season: Scott Bird, a new senior driver will challenge some of the veterans on Jamie Davis’ crew; a new competing rescue operation sets up shop on the mountain, forcing Davis to take his company in a new direction; the show will debut a new approach to CGI elements that will recreate and explain the dynamics of crashes; and four special ‘reloaded’ episodes will air, including bonus content, including best viewer Tweets.

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24 Comments » for Highway Thru Hell reality show returning to Discovery Sept. 3
  1. Greg says:

    It started out interesting , showed a lot of stuff you never see then turned into just another SCRIPTED for DRAMA tv show

  2. Ev Hickey says:

    seems these guys do more damage pulling trucks out than when they went in, some of there hookups are sure not safe at all,hooks not sucure,they can break and slip and kill.A lot of these trucks dont need to be destroyed and all twisted out of shape They should hire somebody who knows what there doing. Save lots of money for all of us. they should lower the speed limit in winter,save lots of accidents,its not that far to make much differents

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Seems, guy’s, their, space after a comma, space after a full stop, full stop at the end of a sentence, they’re. prevent. it’s, difference.

      Bloody hell, that’s a lot of poor grammar and spelling mistakes lol!

  3. don says:

    jamie are you that hard up to keep scott and to give him a new truck when your BEST driver adam has the smaller one that is not fair. scott is out to be king of the hill and get Adam fired and you can’t see it even when they talk on the show. it is now like a scripted tv show. it is a good show but seems to be fake. chris is a joke.why not give Sammy a tow truck? i think adam will walk out on you due to scott.

  4. Daniel A Carli says:

    Great show, good job guys, Jamie seems like a good guy to work for. Cant wait to see whats next.

  5. Betty says:

    The new season has just started and Adam seems to be missing.Is he coming back?.While I like Jamie ,Adam was the best and help keep Jamie’s company going. If he is not coming back ,I will not longer tune in to watch the show.

  6. Kim Grey says:

    Adam was one of the biggest winners on the show it will be nothing but better without him

    • Daniel says:

      I agree Adam and Kevin were cancer together and I was so sick of them whining!! It’s a tough job and I’m assuming you get paid well when your good! So suck it up and do it or move freakin on! I’m a manager and Jamie has way more patients than I do! I would have listened to all that whining for about one sec and said pull your skirt up!! This is a tough job and Jamie does a great job recovering with the least amount of damage, total props to all the guys for working in the harshest conditions anyone had to bare!!

  7. Dan says:

    I rarely get worked up by stuff on TV but Adam is a class A prick. I hope he gets gone.

  8. R Atkinson says:

    Where is Adam this season ?

  9. Not a Trucker, Just A Mom! says:

    Big fan from central coast of Calif. i liked Adam. He was confident & after all there wouldn’t be a Hwy thru Hell if Adam hadn’t pitched the idea to a producer. I liked the footage w/Adam, Samy & Kevin. Ken’s a nice guy & of course Bruce is missed. Jamie seems like a good guy, very skilled on the job but overwhelmed w/management side of business
    But Brandon–OMG what a lazy, spoiled, entitled brat. Guy needs a big spanking. I hope he’s not why Adam got fired but I wish Adam success w/his own towing co.

  10. YoYo says:

    Was a good show until the “equation” fell apart. Even Jamie was missing in action the start of Season 4,… what happened to Kevin? Don’t even remember them talking about him, he was just gone. I only saw Brandon once in the first five episodes,.. just not the same without the characters that made it so interesting. This always happens, greed must get in the way, and everything falls apart.

  11. Darren says:

    Adam is a straight up loser, that fat lazy loudmouth slob. Help your fellow man! If you are such a hard worker and you work twelve days a week and 59 hours a day how in the hell do you find time to eat yourself into such a fat and nasty way? Be nice to people, stop being such a loudmouth asshole.

  12. Lady of the Lake in NW Wisconsin says:

    No matter what, Jamie Davis is the HEART of the show. He tries to be as fair as possible and carry the heavy burden of managing his business and family time. Speaking of family ..I must admit Brandon acted like a spoiled little PUNK. I wouldn’t let that kid wash my car. I think he needs to enlist in some branch of the service, perhaps that would straighten him out and he would be worth something to humanity. Sorry kid, just my opinion.

    Al Q is pretty straight forward, no BS….I like him and think he is quite original.

    I liked the show a bit better when there was more of Jamie Davis and less 4 mini companies added on.
    Yet, it is all interesting.
    IT IS A VERY DANGEROUS JOB … You have to give them all credit.
    I never thought I would be interested in a show about trucking but this is way more than that.

  13. I stopped watching this show after season 3. Adam is nothing but a big cry baby. And acts like he’s the only one that can do anything with a wrecker. The show showed cry baby Adam going home for Christmas and Adam acted like the guy replacing him couldn’t do the job. He had the dump truck out in half the time Adam would have.

  14. t donahue says:

    Adam is doing repos now it appears, what a fall from grace

  15. Doug says:

    Jamie is the boss and does as he needs to he’s the man it’s his business and he treats his guys good they should appreciate him.i would love to work for him if I was a recovery driver.he spends the money and he needs people to do there jobs.GO JAIMIE DAVIS!!!!!

  16. Doug says:

    I never liked Adam by the way but he was good at his job

  17. Johnny P, Pasadena Maryland, USA says:

    What happened to Samy? Such a hard worker. I love this series, great cast of characters. Jamie and Al…I would work for those guys in a heart beat.

  18. Michael says:

    the main one I didn’t like was Kevin complaining constantly about the old fire and rescue truck being a cab over constantly. people in the UK got to drive cab overs, because the roads are too narrow and old for hooded trucks. if you know you are heading into an accident then you don’t aim straight for the truck in front of you, when slow enough you aim the passenger side to take the impact!! and the drivers side away from the impact as much, and safely as you can. or you drive sensibly then no accident at all!! lol, but yeah Adam was a bit more of a leader than hands on guy.

  19. Tanya Worthington says:

    Sad to hear trash talk about Adam. He was in an impossible situation after dismissing the dethroned wanna be Brandon. Adam needed to be closer to Hope, how could that happen? Brandon was still playing I can do this and had not walked off yet. Jamie was wrong to leave Brandon in Alberta..but there you are. Tragedies sell better than niceties, towing is rarely nice. Towing is necessary.

  20. A.J says:

    Sooo, what happened with Sammy???????

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