Investing in Driver Health Good for Business: Celadon

Atlanta, GA — “It is a personal passion to demonstrate to the industry the value of keeping our drivers healthy for themselves and their families,” Chelle Phiffner, thevice president for FusionHealth, said at the beginning of her segment on the Extreme Truckers Show on July 12. The online radio show is broadcast from Nashville and is aimed at truckers and the trucking industry.

Celadon Group Inc. received the 2012 Healthy Trucking Fleet of the Year award and Extreme Truckers took notice. 

During her segment, Phiffner discussed the Healthy Trucking Awards initiative and its impact on the trucking industry, she told the show’s 90 000 weekly listeners.

“If drivers can make healthy lifestyle choices within the incredible demands of their professions, then all Americans can follow their lead to better health,” Phiffner said.

Celadon’s president Paul Will talked about the company’s health and wellness programs for employees and their drivers’ achievements.

“Investing in our employees and their health is good business and it shows in our results and low turnover rate,” Will said. “Receiving the 2012 Healthy Trucking Fleet of the Year is an honor for which all of our employees can feel proud.”

Celadon shared the spotlight on the Extreme Truckers Show FusionHealth, which specializes in healthcare technology.

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