Jurisdictions investigating IT for electronic inspections

GREENBELT, MD – Several jurisdictions are beginning to investigate the information technology needed to introduce recently defined Level VIII Electronic Inspections, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance reports.

The voluntary standard guides inspections that would be conducted wirelessly, while a vehicle is in motion, and was approved during a workshop on April 27. Ultimately, it’s meant to increase the number of interactions with motor carriers, and help enforcement teams focus on carriers with critical safety violations. Carriers with a clean bill of health, meanwhile, could communicate compliance data in real time and bypass roadside inspections.

“By adding a new electronic inspection level, our aim is to improve highway safety by providing additional options and strategies that will allow member jurisdictions to leverage technology, while also increasing efficiency for industry,” said Collin Mooney, the alliance’s executive director.

The inspections governed by the standard would largely focus on documentation including information on a driver’s licence, Medical Examiner’s Certificate and Skill Performance Evaluation certificate, Record of Duty Status, and hours of service compliance. Vehicle information to be collected will include the USDOT or NSC number, power unit registration, operating authority, Unified Carrier Registration compliance, and federal out of service orders. All that will need to be combined with a descriptive location including GPS coordinates.


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