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Magtec system allows fleets to remotely control speed limiters

CALGARY, Alta. -- A new capability available through Magtec's M5K truck security system now allows fleets to remote...

CALGARY, Alta. — A new capability available through Magtec’s M5K truck security system now allows fleets to remotely activate and deactivate a truck’s speed limiter.

This new function offers fleets the ability to comply with Ontario’s proposed speed limiter legislation once it becomes law, while allowing drivers the ability to drive faster in other jurisdictions where the speed limit is higher, Bob Morisset, president of Magtec confirmed to this morning.

Magtec’s new Speed and Idle Management (SIM) feature allows carriers to set and control speed thresholds as well as idle-time on all trucks equipped with the company’s M5K security system.

“While speed limiters are already built into most engines, it requires someone to service each truck to set or adjust them,” said Morisset. “With SIM, the dispatcher simply sends a signal to the M5K on a vehicle to remotely and instantly set speed thresholds or idle-time.”

Magtec, a Canadian company with mostly US-based customers, didn’t develop the latest capability solely because of Ontario’s pending speed limiter law, which, if passed, will require all trucks operating in the province to be mechanically limited to 105 km/h.

However, its latest capability does allow its fleet customers to use geofencing to automatically activate speed limiters on all trucks operating within Ontario and then deactivate the limiters once those trucks leave the province. Alternatively, a fleet manager or dispatcher can adjust the speed limiter remotely when a truck enters or leaves Ontario. Until now, there was no known way to do this, Morisset said.

It’s also tamper-proof, another requirement under Ontario’s proposed law. “If anybody tampers with the system, it automatically secures the vehicle and sends an alert back to dispatch,” Morisset told

He also explained it’s a useful tool for fleets when they have new drivers on-board they can limit the speed of unproven drivers and then gradually grant them more speed as they earn it.

While SIM is included standard on all new M5K systems, fleets must first purchase the dash-mounted security system in order to take advantage of its latest capability. The cost varies depending on volume, but is generally less than $2,000 per unit, installed. With over-the-air capabilities through Magtec’s proprietary FleetControl system, the cost climbs to about $3,000 (plus a monthly fee), but the system is also compatible with communications systems from suppliers such as Qualcomm, Shaw Tracking and PeopleNet.

M5K is a truck security system that requires the driver to enter a code into the system’s keypad before operating a vehicle. It also features an Acceleration Control System (ACS), which allows dispatchers or fleet managers to bring the vehicle to a safe and controlled stop if vehicle security is compromised. For more information on the company, visit

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