Manitoba cell ban starts in July

WINNIPEG — In mid-July, drivers in Manitoba will have to use hands-free devices to talk on their cell phones while driving, or face a $200 fine.

A few weeks ago, we jumped the gun saying the amendment to the province’s Highway Traffic Act would begin on June 11. The amendment, which banned using handheld electronic devices while driving, was passed June 11, 2009 and was scheduled to go into effect one year later.

The actual implementation date will be July 15.

“Driving a motor vehicle requires the total concentration of a driver, as life-saving decisions are often made in an instant,” said Manitoba Public Insurance CEO and president Marilyn McLaren. “Text messaging or using a handheld cell phone while driving are both identified forms of driver distraction that can lead to a crash.”

What was correct in the original story though, was that CB radios will be exempted from the ban.

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