Manitoba hopes to get green trucks rolling

WINNIPEG — Manitoba has revealed an Economic and Environmentally Efficient incentive program to the province’s trucking industry; that hopes to make adopting proven green technologies to fleets, more feasible.

The program, the GrEEEn Trucking Program, will offer incentives on green technologies, such as low rolling resistance tires, aerodynamic tractors and trailers, trailer side skirts, auxiliary power units, tractor-trailer gap fairing, and trailer side skirts that are costly, which makes widespread implementation difficult.

The Manitoba Trucking Association saw a need for the government to engage and take a leadership role in encouraging the uptake and use of green technologies.

“The key to enabling our industry to make the largest possible contribution to reducing its GHG footprint is to get as many new trucks and environmental technologies introduced into our fleets as possible,” says Bob Dolyniuk, general manager of the MTA.

Dolyniuk recognizes the trucking industry’s current challenge is to reduce its GHG footprint. Dolyniuk states: “We are pleased to have the government’s support in making fuel efficient options more feasible for our industry. We are happy to have been given the opportunity to take this step forward in helping create a greener transportation industry. This program will be a benefit to not only the trucking industry, but also to our community at large.”

The GrEEEn Trucking Program was developed by Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation, the Centre for Sustainable Transportation, and the University of Manitoba Transport Institute. For more information please visit

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