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Manny Calandrino named president and CEO of Fastfrate Group

Manny Calandrino

WOODBRIDGE, Ont. — Ron Tepper, executive chairman of Consolidated Fastfrate announced today that Manny Calandrino is the new president and chief executive officer (CEO) of the Fastfrate Group of Companies.

The group includes Consolidated Fastfrate, Canada Drayage (CDI), Fastfrate Integrated Logistics and BRS Transportation.

“Manny has been with Fastfrate for 30 years and continues to be a passionate, and extremely hard working leader for our Group of Companies. His bountiful history with us and extensive industry knowledge made him the perfect candidate for this increased leadership role,” Tepper said.

Manny Calandrino added: “When Ron’s company, Tepper Holdings, bought back all the shares of Fastfrate in the fall of 2017 we put a game plan in place. It hinged on my ability to put together an effective leadership team comprised of like-minded individuals who were on the front lines of our daily operations. Together we determined objectives, took ownership and got the job done.”

“Our leadership team was created with the mandate of heightened communications and sustainable growth through improved utilization of our engineering department, technology investment, further development of our specialized supply chain services and a more detailed understanding of costs and margin requirements through our expanded yield management department,” said Tepper. “Future plans see us taking greater advantage of the large value in our real estate portfolio and building on our solid core of senior operating managers throughout our 14 company operated branches that span Canada.”

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13 Comments » for Manny Calandrino named president and CEO of Fastfrate Group
  1. Carmen Bifolchi says:

    Manny, congratulations and all the best. I know that you will do well and continue to supply the services needed that are required by a variety of customers.

    Carmen Bifolchi

  2. John MacKay says:

    Fantastic Manny congratulations.

  3. John MacKay says:

    Fantastic Manny congratulations and continued success.

  4. Richard Climan says:

    Great job Manny Congratulations!
    Richard Climan

  5. mario iacovone says:

    Manny Congratulations well deserved all your dedication and hard work has paid off. Wishing you continued success and happiness.

  6. Robert Fortier says:

    Congratulations Manny!

  7. John galley says:

    Great companies are lead by truly great leaders. Your leadership his proven to be great. Keep on moving onward and upward.

  8. Barry Payne says:

    Congratulations Manny, I still have many fond memories of working as a “dock foreman” at the St. Clair terminal, especially as I grew up in the area and walked by the terminal everyday on my way to school.

    Fabulous group of people.

    Best wishes and continued success.

  9. Adam Galloway says:

    Congratulations Manny. I know you have worked very hard for this. Well deserved. All the best.


  10. Cristina Guardi says:

    Congratulations Manny! I knew it was only a matter of time! All the best, many more years of success.

  11. Tom Newby says:

    long way from Kingsway sales eh

  12. C Maynes says:

    Good luck Manny from an
    A fellow employee at Kingsway

    G C ( Chris ) Maynes

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