Marine Atlantic ferries in fuel surcharge

PORT AUX BASQUES, Nfld. — The price of oil is going up, which means the price of diesel is going up, which means on the east coast fuel surcharges at the ferry docks are coming back.

According to local media, Marine Atlantic has decided to implement a fuel surcharge after its latest quarterly review.

Beginning July 17, a six percent increase will be added to the fare of each crossing for the Crown Corporation ferry service.

Earlier this year, Marine Atlantic removed its fuel surcharge for commercial vehicles for the North Sydney-Port aux Basques service. At that time, Atlantic Provinces’ Trucking Association chairman Gordon Peddle of D.D. Transport told the St. John’s Telegram the removal of the surcharge is "almost like a little stimulus package in itself."

The fuel surcharge will be revisited during the next quarterly review in September.

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