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Month two of the Healthy Fleet Challenge is in the books

TORONTO, Ont. — October is over and that means the second leg of the Healthy Fleet Challenge is over and there is a new set of winners on the leaderboard.

This time around the 3-month challenge has no break months and has been running since September 1. Currently, participants are battling it out for the last month of the challenge that runs from November 1 to 30.

According to the Healthy Trucker, contestants really stepped it up this month and combined, walked close to 140 million steps in October. In total, that represents almost 70,000 miles walked and more than 6.4 million calories burned.

The leaderboard saw a slew of new groups that made October their most active month of the challenge. Keeping their spot in first place was TST Solutions. The team of 10 walked an average of 14,451 steps per day for the month of October. In second and new to the leaderboard was Flash Freight Systems 4 person team. They walked an average of 11,610 steps per day for the month. Going from second to third was Coastal Pacific Xpress. The six-person team walked an average of 11,368 steps per day. In fourth and new to the leaderboard was Seaboard Transport. The 13-person team walked an average of 10,639 steps per day. And rounding out the top 5, and making its first appearance of the leaderboard was Double D Transport. The six-person team walked 10,472 steps per day on average.

Individual winners are calculated by the number of steps they have walked in total since the challenge started on September 1.

Keeping his spot in first place and walking more than 1.7 million steps so far was Canada Cartage’s Margus Soolepp. Moving from third to second was Ralph Garcia of ABF Transport. He walked 1,473, 903 steps in the last two months. In third and new to the leaderboard was John Vesely of Seaboard Transport. He’s walked 1,447,216 steps since September. Keeping his place in fourth was ABF Freight’s Nate McCarty. He walked more than 1.3 million steps so far. And in fifth was Paul Bomben of TST solutions. He’s walked more than 1.2 million steps in the last two months.

You can view the leaderboard, that gets updated in real time here.

Healthy Trucker reminds interested patrons that they can join the challenge at any time by emailing

In addition, Garmin wearable technology is now being supported by the online leaderboard. And if you don’t have a tracking device and would like another option other than the MOVES app, you can download the Fitbit app and use it without a device. When creating your account, simply click the option that says “I do not have a tracking device” and it will allow you to use the app as the tracker on your phone.

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