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OTA praises Ontario move to enforce emissions rules

Stephen Laskowski

Stephen Laskowski

TORONTO, Ont. – The Ontario Trucking Association said Tuesday changes to the commercial vehicle program within the Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan (MOEP) will make the province the leader in North America for enforcing heavy truck emissions rules.

Association president Stephen Laskowski said the proposed changes contained in the Red Tape Reduction bill announced this week are aimed at effectively cutting emissions while reducing red tape for carriers.

The measure highlights a phased-in approach that will align environmental testing of trucks’ emissions control systems with the Ministry of Transportation’s (MTO) Periodic Mandatory Commercial Vehicle Inspection requirement, the association said.

Under the plan, combined safety and emissions inspections would be required annually, starting when a vehicle is first registered in Ontario. Part of the inspection will require a physical and electronic emissions system-tampering test.

The government has said it will work with all stakeholders to develop these testing protocols prior to implementation in 2021.

The association said it is also working with the authorities to ensure that annual inspections, which include anti-tampering checks, are electronically linked.

By doing so, officers from the MTO and the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) will be able to determine at roadside the technician and facility which last inspected/passed the vehicle for which tampering was discovered.

For the first time in Ontario, those who enable environmentally non-compliant trucking operators will face significant consequences, the association said.

“This program will bring real, effectual enforcement and tangible reductions to heavy-duty diesel emissions,” Laskowski added.

“When these regulations are passed, Ontario will be the first jurisdiction in North America to inspect vehicles at roadside for emissions tampering as well as during their annual safety inspection.”




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5 Comments » for OTA praises Ontario move to enforce emissions rules
  1. Ryan Southern says:

    Big corporations at the devils table crushing independent smaller operators any way they can.

  2. Stuart Archibald says:

    I applaud the MTO and MECP for stepping up enforcement. Hope other jurisdictions will follow their lead.

    • J says:

      Another government program full of pork barrel spending and waste. As if it wasnt hard enough to do business in ontario as it is. Who does stephen laskowski actually represent other then the ring leader large fleet owners whom he never misses a photo op with ( and i wont name) . A group of guys that made their money in the 80’s doing all the things they rail against today. . Good job guys……

  3. Very concerned says:

    I find this article quite concerning as it seems that the OTA knows more about this new proposed changes than the government does. I have spoke with the Drive Clean office about the new changes and all answers were very vague if any were given. How is it possible that the OTA knows more than the government does about this new program? Is the OTA calling the shots for the government?

  4. Stephen Webster says:

    The O T A should be as concerned about the the of truck drivers that in the shelter system I am there tonight along with other truck drivers that have cheated by insurance companies after accidents. They do not seem to care about truck drivers that work for members. We have 3 truck drivers at the shelter I am at tonight, that still have A Z licence and 4 more that gave up their licence after problems. The O T A seems to have the wrong priorities.

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