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Palmer Marketing celebrating 20th year in helping transportation companies communicate unique messages

TORONTO, Ont. -- Having spent most of his life in and around the transportation sector, entrepreneur Lee Palme...

TORONTO, Ont. — Having spent most of his life in and around the transportation sector, entrepreneur Lee Palmer says he’s proud of what his company has accomplished as they celebrate over 20 years serving the industry.

The company, Palmer Marketing, specializes in discovering and communicating the unique message each transportation company has to offer. This is rolled out through a variety of media including web, print and promotions.


Palmer Marketing has reinvented itself several times over its history but has never waivered from its transportation specialization, Palmer says.

The most notable change was initiated 4 years ago.

“We made a conscious effort to raise the creative bar and introduce unique formats and treatments in meeting our customers’ requirements. Every project became 100% customized. To accomplish this we created a process to discover what truly differentiated one company from another. We moved customers away from the generalized ‘one stop shop’ messaging and counselled them to deliver a more succinct, deliberate and believable story,” Palmer explains.


Since adopting their Drill Down Deep process, the company has earned over 40 design awards across a variety of media.

Palmer adds, “We try to make each of our projects our best project. It’s definitely a challenge but with artists like Marlon, our flash specialist and Rudy in logo development, we continue to set perfection as our benchmark.”


Over the last 2 years the company has adopted the principles of the best selling book “Good to Great”.


Palmer comments, “Reading the book by Jim Collins was like finding ‘The Holy Grail’. We have fully incorporated the principles of getting the right people on the right seat on the bus… and going in the right direction. We are passionate about what we do and I would suggest, within our niche, we do it better than any other agency, especially when it comes to the history and understanding we have in all aspects of the transportation industry.”


Today Palmer Marketing is poised for growth, Palmer says. Although a number of their large customers have pulled in the reins during this economic slowdown, they have seen a robust increase in their web development and branding services from small to mid size firms. Palmer Marketing heavily endorses the power of the web as a sales tool in the overall mix. They also recommend reviewing and revamping existing logos and tag lines to ensure they are aligned with their customers’ direction and marketing plans for the future.


The Palmer creative team includes 5 artists conversant in both web and print media. Each artist has an individual strength that defines their key role within the graphics department. Collectively they can create a full spectrum of artistry from detailed illustrations to sophisticated flash based animations.


To interface with the back end functionality of websites 10 year veteran and IT Manager, Jerry Popowicz comments, “I oversee the creation of secure logins, interactive forms, initializing reporting analytics and more recently Intranet services for our clients. Our web business has literally doubled at Palmer compared to the first 6 months of last year.”


Palmer Marketing is especially adept at developing conceptual trade ads for their customers. “We love turning our whole team loose on an ad concept” states Art Director Carlos Sabado, who has been with Palmer for 7 years. “A great ad catches the reader’s attention and leaves them with a message that is meaningful and memorable. Less is definitely more using this medium. A stunning visual and straight to the point communication is always a winning combination.”


On the client service side Palmer Marketing has dedicated staff to ensure projects keep moving and customers stay informed.

“We get compliments on a regular basis about how thorough and responsive our production and administrative managers Diana, Robin and Sandra are in dealing with our customers” says Lee Palmer. He adds “We treat our customers like they matter. It’s a si
mple strategy backed up by 25 well defined core values that guide our actions in every situation.”


As a direct result of their ‘Good to Great’ process, January 2009 saw a big move forward in the quality of their in-house photography services.

They discovered one of their more recent additions in the graphics department was equally skilled behind the camera. Palmer’s photographer/artist Steve Mahar adds “Where we specialize in transportation, we are shooting in varied lighting conditions that include portraits, boardrooms, warehouses, dispatch offices, and outdoor settings for buildings and equipment. By shooting in raw format then downloading to the latest Adobe photo editing software, I can adjust for colour and lighting in a manner that just wasn’t available a few years ago. The result in picture quality, especially for large format printing is phenomenal.”


In June 2009, new recruit Doug Culp brought his 15 years of sales and marketing experience to Palmer Marketing and states. “I’m excited about where we can take this company in the future. We have everything in place to serve our customers to the fullest and realize the synergies of more defined processes and strategies that will endear ourselves even more with our transportation clientele. As VP of Business Development, my job is to spread the word about how our firm can Discover, Design and Deliver memorable marketing solutions for our valued clients.”


 To find out more about Palmer Marketing please visit their website at


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