ALK Technologies has partnered with IDSC (Integrated Decision Support Corporation) to provide over-the-road fuel purchase optimization directly through its PC*Miler routing and mileage software. IDSC provides planning and execution solutions, including fuel optimization, specifically for truckload carriers.

The IDSC partnership will enable PC*Miler users to incorporate the most cost-effective over-the-road fuel
purchases into driving directions without exiting the application. PC*Miler users will be able to simply access
IDSC’s fuel-pricing database to generate the most efficient route with detailed fuel-buying instructions along the way. Details include where to make fuel purchases as well as how much to buy at any given location. The application also considers negotiated discounts a customer can enter on a retail-minus or cost-plus basis. Discounts can be entered by fuel chain or by individual fuel stop.

IDSC estimates that routing optimized for fuel purchases at the pump saves truckers 4 to 7 cents per gallon of
diesel. The optimization is based on up-to-the minute pump prices of fuel at 8000 truckstops and fueling locations throughout the United States and Canada.

IDSC integration will be available in PC*Miler 21, which will be released this spring.

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