Phillips division to make electronic connections

NASHVILLE, TN — Phillips Industries has unveiled Phillips Connect Technology — a new division that will focus on connectivity.

“We’re going to see more changes in the next five years than we have seen in the last 50,” said Rob Phillips, president and Chief Operating Officer. “Software is going to disrupt all traditional industries.” That includes trucking.

One of the challenges, though, is that many independent systems can be difficult to integrate, and they each place their own pressure on data plans. “We’re looking to consolidate this all into one system,” Phillips said. Plug-and-play packages are being developed to focus on diagnostics, control, vision and security.

Prototypes of several underlying systems are already being tested, with plans to unveil some of them next year.

It has a patent pending for a system to pull together the data from an array on onboard sensors. It also plans to launch a brake adjustment sensor.

A system designed to prevent thefts and also keep drivers from pulling away with the wrong trailer will apply brakes when power lines are disconnected, and only allow the wheels to roll if they type the proper code into a smartphone or tablet. Yet another security system will notify fleets if someone is trying to open a trailer door, and will even take a picture of those who are trying to gain access.

 “The data our products are going to gather will increase uptime dramatically,” Phillips promised.

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