Pilot centers to offer DEF at the pump by late ’09

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Early adopters of EPA-2010 emissions reduction technology will have adequate supplies of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) available nationwide by mid to late 2009 says Pilot Travel Centers.

The U.S. diesel fuel retailer will offer the SCR after-treatment fluid in bulk "at the pump," and in pre-packaged top-off quantities at all of its 325 locations nationwide.

With just 15 months until the new engines make their debut, engine customers are expressing concern that the DEF distribution infrastructure may not be up to speed in time. Current pre-production estimates of DEF consumption from the engine makers suggest trucks will burn two to three gallons of the urea after-treatment fluid for every 100 gallons of diesel fuel. A gallon jug of the product should take a truck about 200 miles down the road.

Engines makers are saying over-the-road trucks will be equipped with DEF tanks ranging in capacity from 20 to 50 gallons, depending on the application. It is expected that DEF refills will only be required on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in many cases, depending on the DEF tank’s capacity.

"Pilot will once again be the leader in the travel center industry by providing a network that will carry the DEF product," says Pilot executive vice-president, Mark Hazelwood. "By working with Detroit Diesel Corporation and Daimler Trucks North America, as well as other OEMs, we’ve begun to learn a lot more about SCR and the infrastructure needed to support this beneficial new technology."

Pilot has one Canadian outlet, located along Highway 401 in Tilbury, Ont.

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