Rolling Strong acquired by Velociti Inc.

RIVERSIDE, MO – Technology deployment and support services provider, Velociti Inc. has announced its acquisition of driver wellness program provider, Rolling Strong.

According to Velociti, the acquisition of Rolling Strong will allow the company to combine its technology with the Rolling Stone’s vision resulting in a comprehensive new wellness program that will be advantageous to both drivers and their employers.

“It’s well known that as a professional driver, the demands of the job can create difficulty when it comes to making good decisions regarding food, fitness and sleep,” said Deryk Powell, President of Velociti, adding that the tools available to drivers today haven’t evolved to fit the unique requirements of the driver.

“It was unacceptable to us that this critical segment of our society didn’t have a wellness platform adapted to their needs, so we decided to do something about it,” stated Powell.

Velociti says its new platform’s program will be compatible with mobile devices in addition to in-cab computing systems and will give drivers guidance and real-time tracking of meals, exercise, sleep and more. Rewards and gaming features have been integrated to allow drivers or transportation providers to create and participate in their own wellness challenges and competitions.

“Driver health has far-reaching impact on not only the person behind the wheel, but also on the transportation company itself.  Healthy drivers are safer drivers, they are less likely to suffer an injury on the job, and they are more likely to stay with a company when they know their well-being is a priority.  Our goal has always been to empower drivers to take control of their health by providing easily accessible knowledge and resources, said Bob Perry, Chief Operating Officer of Rolling Strong.

Velociti’s new mobile health and fitness program will be unveiled this summer. 

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