SLH drivers clean house at Ontario Truck Driving Championships

TORONTO, (July 23, 2003) — Trevor Edgerton became one of many SLH Transport drivers that took home top prizes at this year’s Ontario Truck Driving Championships, held on July 19 in Mississauga.

Eight-one competitors faced an obstacle course and were required to pass a written exam, as well as a pre-trip inspection that was judged by Ministry of Transportation inspectors.

Trevor Edgerton of Toronto-based SLH Transport was named Grand Champion by winning in both the Step Van and Straight Truck categories, while company counterpart Jeff MacLean got top marks in the Highest Points category by earning 379 out of possible 450 points.

First place finishers in other categories included: Jose Vergara of J.D. Smith & Sons in the single single category; Roland Webster of SLH Transport for single tandem; George Gagnon of Alex Henry & Son for tandem tandem; and Douglas Pettitt of SLH Transport for the train category. The Rookie of the Year title went to Kevin McLeod of Canadian Waste Services in Sault Ste Marie, while McArthur Express driver Don LaSalles won the Perfect Pre-Trip Inspection title, as well as the Ministry of Transportation Award.

For a list of second and third place finishers in each category, visit the Ontario Trucking Association website by clicking on the link below.

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