That Construction Worker You See May be a Cop

ATLANTA, GA — If Canada follows the American trend of seemingly non-stop election campaigns and politicians’ preoccupation of having more law and order even through crime rates are dropping like the mercury in the Winter, truckers using their cellphones while driving could find themselves being pulled over in and around road construction zones.

Police in Cobb County, GA, in the northwest Atlanta metro area, a have a new undercover way to nab drivers who may be texting, checking email or doing a number of other things behind the wheel, all under the premise of cracking down on distracted driving.

They are dressing up a construction workers in highway work zones, putting them close to drivers with an easy view inside their vehicles, especially when traffic is at a full stop. When they see a violator, they radio ahead to an officer, who pulls the offender over.

According to WSB-TV many of the drivers were surprised they were getting busted even when sitting at a traffic light, but police say such activity is just as illegal at a standstill as it is going down the road at any speed.

The cost for such an infraction is US$150.

See the video and read more about it from WSB-TV.

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