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UPS inducts more than 1,500 drivers into its Circle of Honor

ATLANTA, Ga. — UPS today announced the induction of 1,582 drivers into its elite Circle of Honor, reserved for those drivers who have not had an avoidable accident for 25 years or more.

Tom Camp

To date, the total number of members in the elite group is 10,504.

Collectively, these drivers have logged 14 billion miles and achieved more than 257,221 years of safe driving throughout their careers. That’s enough miles to circle the earth at the equator 562,000 times, or make 200 round-trips to Mars, UPS said.

The number of active Circle of Honor drivers is the most in company history and includes 83 new members from Canada, U.K., France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

UPS’s longest-tenured safe driver in 2017 is Livonia, Michigan package car driver Tom Camp, who has driven professionally for 55 years and delivered more than 5 million packages without an accident.

Camp was honored for being the company’s longest-tenured safe driver at a ceremony in October 2017.

“Tom Camp’s 55-plus years of safe driving at UPS is an astonishing feat, and a testament to the impact of driver education programs,” said Chris Spear, president and CEO of the American Trucking Associations. “Smart decision making on the road reduces the rate of accidents and keeps both pedestrians and other drivers safe. We applaud Tom for his lifelong commitment to safety, as well as his service to this country as a marine.”

Of all Circle of Honor members, 739 have been accident-free for 35 or more years, with 126 of those having driven more than 40 years without an accident. Thirteen drivers have eclipsed the 45-year safe driving mark. This year, 38 new inductees are women and 50 have joined the ranks of those with more than 30 years of safe driving. A total of 234 women are in the Circle of Honor.


“Our group of elite drivers continues to expand around the world,” said Teri McClure, chief human resources officer and senior vice-president, global human resources and labor. “Congratulations to our newest inductees in France, the U.K., and the Netherlands, and congratulations to Tom Camp for his amazing achievement. We can all learn something from these men and women who have set the standard for safety, service and longevity.”


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6 Comments » for UPS inducts more than 1,500 drivers into its Circle of Honor
  1. Chris says:

    To hit 25yrs safe driving is a huge accomplishment

  2. Paul Turlington says:

    Congratulations to the COH members from Baltimore Feeders.

  3. Todd Wachter says:

    Big Congrats to all the new inductees!

  4. Travis Birts says:

    Congratulations to all the driver’s who were inducted into the elite Circle of Honor. What you have accomplished as a UPS driver is unbelievable! I wish all the honorees continued success as a driver and UPS emplyee.

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