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Web-based carrier rating and routing guide costs virtually nothing

TORONTO, Ont. -- Logistics Management Information (LMI) has introduced its OnLine Rater program to the North Americ...

TORONTO, Ont. — Logistics Management Information (LMI) has introduced its OnLine Rater program to the North American market.

The internet-based transportation routing and carrier rating system is the company’s newest offering, promising users an easy-to-use and highly cost efficient solution to the tedious job of transportation shipment logistics.

“Our OnLine Rater program delivers unparalleled efficiencies in a shipper’s logistics department”, said LMI President, Liz Gilbert. “It allows a user to enter basic shipment information like ship date, origin, destination, and unit of measure, as well as optional services like protective service, equipment type, and shipper/consignee. One click later, and you have an instant listing of all carriers based on the rates a shipper has negotiated, for the specific lane, sorted in least-cost order and, it highlights preferred carriers and transit times when they apply.”

Bob Johnson, Business Development Manager of LMI is confident the introduction of the company’s latest product will make big waves in the industry.

“The first group we introduced to this new service was our existing customer base. The response has been tremendous. It’s simple, fast, easy-to-use and the savings are outstanding,” he said. “For the time being,” Johnson continued, “shippers provide LMI with their carrier negotiated rates and we enter them into the OnLine Rater system on their behalf.

However we have a number of enhancements in the works, one of which will be the ability of shippers to enter their rates themselves over secured lines. Anyone that’s interested can visit us online at and see a demo of the features it offers.

The OnLine Rater system is a valuable tool for manufacturers, distributors and third-party providers; virtually any business that needs to manage carrier routings and freight costs. Logistics managers and staff in accounting, purchasing, customer service and shipping will all benefit.

“It’s surprising how this one product can enhance the work of so many, notes Gilbert. “Staff can access carrier rates by specific service, ensure accurate invoicing of freight costs, monitor preferred carrier non-conformance and forecast expenses or accrue costs more precisely. All you need is a connection to the internet.”

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