Weeks before diesel supplies normalize down south?

ATLANTA, Ga. — The good news is that diesel prices have fallen considerably from where they were a month ago. The bad news is that many truckers hauling through the Southeast U.S. states can’t get much of it.

According to various news reports from the U.S., gas and diesel shortages persist in the region and the U.S. Department of Energy says it may be up to two weeks before suppliers are back at full capacity.

There have been sporadic shortages in the southeast since Hurricanes Gustav and Ike damaged several Gulf Coast refineries, squeezing capacity by as much as 20 percent.

The region is feeling the affects more than other parts of the country because it relies heavily on refining and distribution from facilities in the Gulf.

In response, the DOE has waived certain fuel blend standards as well as released 4 million barrels of emergency crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to mitigate the supply disruptions.
Some truckstops are rationing out diesel.

Truckers are encouraged to check the online websites of truckstop and retail fuel providers for the most up to date information on availability.


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