Welcome to South Euclid. Please Shut Off your Truck.

ARLINGTON, VA — In South Euclid, Ohio, it’s against the law to idle your engine. Period.

First conviction carries a $50. Subsequent tickets’ll cost you $150.

This week, the American Transportation Research Institute released its regular cross-America listing of all the municipal and state idling laws, and whereas an increasing number of towns and cities restrict idling, most limit idling to three or five minutes.

South Euclid, which is about a quarter of an hour east of Cleveland, is the only locale where you’re not permitted to idle at all.

The South Euclid law allows for extenuating circumstances. For example, if you’re running a PTO, for example, or if you’re doing service or repair work, you’ll be off the ticket hook.

But increasingly, idling is becoming verboten. Best let your drivers know where and when they can’t do it. To see a complete list of idling laws across the U.S.A., click here.

You can get your copy over at the ATRI website here. It also comes in a handy cab card format.



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