The so-called Freedom Convoy was never about truckers, or border mandates

Truckers who participated in a cross-country convoy culminating in protest at Parliament Hill this weekend have been duped into believing the convoy was about them.

It never was. It wasn’t about your rights to continue crossing the border unvaccinated. And by the time the convoy rolled through Ontario it had already fully morphed into something much bigger – and more dangerous – than what truckers were ever told.

I raised alarms early in a blog The murky matter of protests and the donations that drive them,’ when I noticed who was behind the convoy. These weren’t truckers organizing a GoFundMe that at the time of that writing had yet to surpass $1 million, on the way to $8.5 million just a week later.

The principal fundraiser was Tamara Lich, the secretary of the federal separatist Maverick Party in Alberta. Prior to that role, she was active with other far-right movements such as Wexit Alberta – a party whose founder advocated for Alberta to separate from Canada and join the Trump-led U.S.

The blog fueled a lot of anger. How dare you question the motives of the organizers? Why don’t you support the revolution? How much money did Trudeau pay you to write such drivel? Take your jab and die.

anti-trudeau truck
(Photo: John G. Smith)

It also brought a lot of attention to the fundraiser and the people behind it. GoFundMe froze the funds for a time until it was satisfied the money would be disbursed appropriately.

I received many calls from mainstream media outlets, asking me what the protest was about. I couldn’t bring myself to call this a trucker protest. I opined it was an anti-vax, anti-mandate, anti-government, and possibly even pro-separatist movement that’s attached itself to the frustrations of a small segment of the trucker population.

And then Canada Unity, another of the organizers, posted a ludicrous Memorandum of Understanding/Manifesto on its website, which it plans to present to the Governor General of Canada. It essentially calls for the resignation of everyone within the federal government, the formation of a new government comprised of the Governor General, Senate, and members of Canada Unity, and the removal of all Covid-related measures – even those put into place at the provincial level. The trucks will remain until the document is signed, organizers said, dubbing its mission Bearhug.

I understand the frustrations truckers feel over the border vaccine mandate, I really do. You’ve done your jobs safely for two years going back and forth across the border keeping our economy moving and our stores stocked, and were declared heroes as you did so.

Canada bungled the communication around its Jan. 15 vaccine mandate, creating confusion and for 24 hours giving truckers false hope they’d be exempted. But the reality is, Canada’s arrival requirements for unvaccinated Canadian truckers are completely moot now that the U.S. has put into place its own requirement.

It matters little what you have to do upon re-entry when you can’t travel into the U.S. in the first place. And if you think the Biden Administration is going to reverse that mandate over a trucker protest in Ottawa, well, that’s about as likely as the mass resignation of all our federally elected politicians in Ottawa.

I feel bad for the truckers who thought this was about them. It never was. There was never any discussion around the real issues you face every day. Lack of safe parking. Poor road conditions. Access to clean restrooms. Unpaid detention time at shippers and receivers.

You were taken advantage of, because you were frustrated and you have big, loud machines that can be quite disruptive. You became the rallying cry of an anti-government group whose ambitions went well beyond the reversal of the vaccine mandate.

The true objectives of convoy organizers became clearer as they neared Ottawa and are now on full display. The unruly behavior in Ottawa – the waving of Swastika and Confederate flags, dancing on the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, and desecrating the Terry Fox memorial – were shameful and were not the doing of truckers. But anyone who participated in or promoted this convoy is guilty by association. You were duped.

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James Menzies is editor of Today's Trucking. He has been covering the Canadian trucking industry for more than 20 years and holds a CDL. Reach him at or follow him on Twitter at @JamesMenzies.

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  • You are wrong to defend vaccine mandates. Even if political situation around these protests are complicated, you seem to deny the anti-scientific stance taken by the government. First of all, vaccine mandates do not help to improve vaccination uptake. UK had no mandates and have good vaccination uptake. France has vaccine mandates and have good vaccination mandate, Austria have very strict vaccination mandates and much poorer vaccine uptake. See, no correlation at all. Mandates only rob you of your freedom.

    The second, currently all restrictions are useless. Omicron is too infectious and spreads widely. The UK get rid of most restrictions and had no change compared to places with very strict mandates and restrictions. Again, what is the point to continue them? It makes only people angry. The government is clearly wrong and needs to listen to science.

    • This is the dumbest thing I have ever had the misfortune of reading.. you people are the reason we have restrictions…Nothing is gonna change so either get your vaccine like a good little boy or feel free to get infected and bring it home to your non complying family and friends that represent a minuscule number of Canadas society get sick and die.

      • So that would be simple then. What 99.9999999999 % of the people that are protesting want, is freedom. Just give it back and the crowd will go home.

          • I’m so glad to have found this article. Tamara and her crew of lackies have tried this before in Ottawa, with lack luster results….United We Roll, Yellow Vest movement. The truckers are being duped. There is no doubt the Jan.15th mandate to cross the border was ridiculous. However why would the convoy, not find it suspicious that they are following a group that has no ties to their own industry. Everything you’ve written in your article can be found on the Canada Unity website. There only agenda is forcible political positioning. This is a democratic country… one has voted for them and they are taking the truckers anger toward the mandates as a negation tactic for political gain. I can’t belive the truckers would want their named tied to this. How could they have blindly trusted this bunch of grifters.

          • Mobility Rights
            Marginal note:Mobility of citizens

            6 (1) Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada.

            Marginal note:Rights to move and gain livelihood

            (2) Every citizen of Canada and every person who has the status of a permanent resident of Canada has the right

            (a) to move to and take up residence in any province; and

            (b) to pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any province.

          • If you have to ask that question your the problem. You must be living inside a bunker. Freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, freedoms of religion, freedom to travel, freedom to work, freedom to chose what you put in your body. Freedom to breath clean fresh air, Informed consent! The list goes on. Keep listening to mainstream media and the lies the governments are telling you. It’s time to open your eyes so some real research and stop repeating what you hear on CBC. You make me wanna puke!

          • Freedom of travel. Freedom to protest. Freedom to make your own health choices without employment termination.

          • Freedom to choose natural immunity for religious ,reasons,human right reasons etc

          • This article is so incorrect.

            Please do your research. It was more then madates for truckers.
            So many victims have been forced the jab to keep their jobs

            So many have lost their jobs due to exercising their rights to bodily atonomy.

            I am so sick of you journalists putting your own spin on your incorrect articles that you are too ignorant to research and findvtrue facts.

            Also, there was ALOT more in Ottawa then just truckers.
            Did you even go check it out? Not likely.

          • The freedom to have a choice with the vaccinations. The freedom to not have to carry around proof of vaccination! Just keep drinking the Kool aid

        • I don’t believe it. Any leftist can say that some anti government guy pissed on the Veterans Memorial! I call that BS!!!

          • The pictures prove it. Believe it. BTW It’s not “BS”, it’s piss we’re talking about right? Don’t extend your people’s disinformation to everything for your own smug convenience. There’s some real fanatics and real anti government “guys” out there. Watch out who you choose to support & what those people really think of democracy.

          • No Christmas, hundreds died from cancelled surgeries, kids who could not have a high school graduation or dance they were handed their diploma alone and went back alone to a car, small kids who never had a birthday party with other kids and never learned how to talk properly and we’re alone for 2 years, no sports, no concerts, 1 million businesses closed, no dating, no weddings.

        • No answer to my question? Who funds your site? CTA? 600 million dollar bailout from Trudeau. Be honest.

        • The federal governments monetary redistribution of taxes has outlived its usefulness. Each province and territory needs to reach its full potential based on its regional and economic strengths. The only unifying and common logistics necessary for all territory and provinces is access to markets , by rail ,air and sea . Government has done more to separate us with its regional agendas and populist votes that work against regional strengths and economics. Out of side and mind is not all inclusive

      • Your response has “happy shill / collaborator” written all over it. Folks like him and myself are not why we don’t have freedom. Sheep who are classically Canadian do-gooders who are too bloody obedient to refuse anything from government are the reason we do not have freedom.

          • They sure are getting lots of angry old white men freedoms. Freedom to gridlock Ottawa for days and spoil everyone else’s lives, freedom to illegally blockade an AB border-crossing highway and mess up other people’s lives, freedom to piss on war monuments, threaten people … you have no clue how to behave with your precious freedoms. Just go home, grow up and join society by getting a vaccination. Oh, and enjoy having to declare as income the money that those go-fund peeps gave you. And not being allowed to declare your other rolling superspreader expenses as job-related. CRA will be watching you. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see lawsuits filed against you to recover ruined goods in your (former?) colleagues trucks. Feel the love???

          • Seriously?! You CAN’T be this obtuse.

            1. The freedom to keep one’s business operating and open to public.
            2. The freedom to choose what medical procedures to undergo.
            3. The freedom to travel in absence of an mRNA vaccine.
            4. The freedom to participate in normal public life while maintaining medical privacy.
            5. The freedom to choose not to vaccinate or keep one’s vaccination status private without the fear of losing your job.

          • Mobility Rights
            Marginal note:Mobility of citizens

            6 (1) Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada.

            Marginal note:Rights to move and gain livelihood

            (2) Every citizen of Canada and every person who has the status of a permanent resident of Canada has the right

            (a) to move to and take up residence in any province; and

            (b) to pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any province.

          • How about the freedom to work your truck on both sides of the border without being forced to inject a medical experiment in your body.

            That is one single freedom…. and is taken away from every truck driver who wants to long haul yet stay free of government medical tyranny.

            Your tyranical tunnel vision is amazing.

        • Your so-called “sheep” are the majority you disrespect. The majority elects the government democratically. You clearly don’t respect that and the laws they make. Since you think Canadians are nothing but “obedient do-gooders” that would explain why YOU PEOPLE disgraced OUR war monuments, honouring those who fought & died for OUR real freedoms, not those of crybabies who are afraid of needles. Not all Canadians are so nice as to tolerate your disrespect of our government, the majority, our monuments, and the blood paid for OUR freedom. If you think Canadians are “too obedient” you should check out “freedoms” in Russia or Cuba along with your fellow cartoon insurgents.

      • You should read what you wrote again because THAT is actually the dumbest and most ignorant thing anyone has the misfortune of reading.

      • It takes 5 to 10 years for a vaccine to show side effect so (you being our guinea) let us know how it turns out. 2 out of 3 of these vaccine distributers were sued for putting harmful products before testing have a good day.

        • That is absolutely untrue and you know it. Well, perhaps you don’t know it but it’s clear you don’t want to know. Vaccines leave the body within DAYS. A vaccine simply “teaches” your antibodies how to defend itself if you come in contact with the virus.This is basic middle school science. The fact that every one of you antivaxxers can’t be bothered to even grasp basic level science – despite having a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips – is why you’re summarily dismissed by anyone with one functioning brain cell that isn’t infected by stupidity, racism and any other -ism you can conjure up.

          These protests were and will never be about your “freedoms”.
          You’re knowingly aligning with racists and Nazis to “own the libs”. Y’all wanna talk about shills and sheep every time anyone doesn’t instantly agree with you or challenged your claims. Each one of you spouting this nonsense are pawns for these fools who are using you to further their agenda – abject stupidity and racism – all while lining their pockets with the money you give them. There’s nothing admirable, intelligent or revolutionary about that. That’s weakness and ignorance at its finest.

          Now you have a good day.

        • That’s the totally fabricated nonsense we’ve come to expect from social media paranoid conspiracy propaganda (the real conspiracy is Putin probably has some hand in it). BTW It takes a lot less time for the unvaccinated to die of Covid. Read the stats, which undisputedly show the VAST majority of Covid hospitalizations & deaths are of the unvaxxed. Thanks to your disinformation, you may be contributing to more sickness & death. You proud of that? Have a good day.

        • actually any adverse reaction to a vaccine usually occurs within a matter of weeks.

          Making stuff up to promote your narrative only hurts it, kid.

      • Dont be dumb. This is all lies. If you want the truth go on social media and see truckers cleaning memorials and cleaning the streets and being absolutely peaceful. Meanwhile the news is running after the one or two bad people in the crowd with cameras and calling the convoy all kind of shit lies

        • Too little too late. Between the white supremacists, the defacing of monuments (in the first place), the attacks on homeless and woman shelters, fiscal assault on people wearing masks, businesses that had to close for saftey, the slowing of emergency response( caused the death if a patient) and finaly the demands they wanted signed( didn’t want elected officials to attend. Wanted all elected officials removed permanently.

      • It was fine for unvaccinated truckers to cross the international border for the first 22 months of COVID-19, then suddenly in 15 January, 2022, it was no longer. Based on “science”, not politics and control, I’m sure?
        Just as many other countries are dropping restrictions.. How’s that Oceanside property in Nebraska?

    • Did you read the article AT ALL? There is no support of the vaccine mandate here. (Tbh I DO support it, but that’s a different argument entirely.)

      The author of this article is saying, in plain and simple terms, that this is a lot of things (from anti-vax to anti-government, and more) but it is not pro-trucker, and those truckers that are being used as a carrier for such things should know they are being used by swastika wearing, soldier-hating, fearmongering ‘people’ that should (and are!) widely hated… and are associating truckers with those people through this protest.

    • Well said, but these cp24 bots will not stop. They are trying to downplay the Ottawa protest with unruly behaviour, meanwhile hundreds of police officers have not arrested one person.
      In Toronto, when Raptors won the Nba Title, and people took to the streets, 2 people got shot the same day in the crowd. Nobody ever spoke about this, I guess dirtying a statue is a lot worse than somebody getting shot…. Ooo yeah and I forgot to add, they were celebrating then, now they are protesting….

    • It turns out that many of the “anonymous” donations for tens of thousands of dollars have reportedly been made by those in the U.S. “alt-right.” GoFundMe has again frozen the account.
      In other words, those who are working towards an extremist American right-wing totalitarian government have largely been funding the Ottawa occupation and Coutts blockade. They are now promoting an autocratic government in Canada, too, apparently.
      If anyone is supporting this “freedom convoy” after this news, then they need to rethink their priorities as Canadians.

      • I am 88 years old and definitely not alt right, whatever that is. I want the freedom to see my family, but many others want the freedom to run a business, go to church, shop without a mask, and on and on. I sent money to the truckers. They are not being used, they are all in for it, and I love them for it. My priority as a Canadian is for all Canadians to get back to normal and be free. I will not rethink that.

        • Yes, you got duped, too, just like the truckers. Most poeple don’t want the mandates, masks or vaccines that came as a bolt out of the blue, but there are good reasons for putting this things into place. Out health care system is fragile and needs to be better funded after both the Conservatives and Liberals have gutted the system over the past 20 years. This petty protest is a distraction, a false flag operation, against the real change that needs to happen to protect Canadians. The author of this article is just pointing out that the rallying cry of “Freedom” is a manipulation of what we all hopr for in a bad situation, but it is being used to do damage on people all across the country from an extremist. We all want freedom, but in reality, we don’t want anarchy and we don’t want a priviledged group that can do what they want with no consequences, preventing us from living our lives, either by mandates that are uncomfortable or from occupiers that bully and brutalize rightful residents of a city.

    • “UK had no mandates “. This is factually incorrect and disinformation. The UK had vaccine/mask mandates in the NHS and mask policy for all large gatherings until 27 January, when it was assured that the latest wave had peaked. You still cannot travel to the UK if not fully vaccinated. Further, barking at the federal government for something that is of provincial jurisdiction only proves how demonstrators are disconnected form reality. Indeed, this convoy is not about the federal rule about crossing the border.

      • This is nonsense

        I live in England

        I just visited Ukraine for a day (where everything was peaceful, BTW, at least in Kiev and the other parts I was in)

        And returned to England.

        I am not vaxxed.

        You are welcome to come to England, vaxxed or not.

        There is almost no restriction whatsoever. Even until
        27-Jan, for rare things, like 10,000+ sports events, a recent negative test was as good as a vaxx.

        The UK *threatened* vaxx mandate for the NHS only – never for truckers or normal people – and then thankfully backed down at the last minute.

        You are the one spouting disinformation.

        Typical that someone like you disparages others for it.

        All around the world, freedom-loving people are loving what the Truckers are doing. We hope to copy this in other countries if it proves even slightly successful.

        They are heroes like those Tiananmen sq, the Hungarians who stood up to Stalinism and the Peterloo protesters. None of those had the degree of logical plans and perfect strategies that James Menzies is demanding, and none of those were free of unsavory hangers-on. The fact is that the Truckers have heart and guts and are on the right side of decency, freedom and humanity.

        mRNA Vaxxes – for those not at high risk – are a crime against humanity. Most covid measures have been harmful, and their ill effects will cascade through generations. They are based on scientism and not science at all.

        Love to you all
        (Yes, even the petty tyrants on here – hope you see the error of your ways!)

    • This comment section kinda missed the point of the article…. The ‘convoy’ was never about what it said it was. It was a bait and switch. The ‘unity’ manifesto is meant to be unfulfillable, to breed division.
      So keep fighting about things other than the actual goal of the protest, and the real agenda is achieved.
      It’s the opposite of freedom, unity and probably rights.

    • Eyes wide open. God is still using donkeys to speak as He has continued to do. All around from every camp. Freedom isn’t free. Klaus and Trudeau. The woman and groups you name. Truth will out. It’s all good. Amen

    • You’re a full on conspiracy theorist man.

      I hope you watched the EA inquiry Live and are figuring about how to back track on your libel.

  • I grew up in Soviet Union and I know what propaganda is. It is a grain of truth with the mounting of lies.
    This piece is a perfect example of it.
    I am not tracker I am plumber by trade and I support trackers and everybody else protesting the government overreach.
    According to Ottawa police there were no major incidents during the protest.
    No arrests were made. What “unruly behavior” are you talking about?
    I respect your opinion but I would really appreciate little fact checking before stating the lies as facts.

    • Truckers and their supporters are defecating in the streets as public toilets are not available and most restaurants are closed. Some have even gone onto private property and defecated on people’s doorsteps as an act of aggression towards trans and gay people in Ottawa. shame on you homophobic and transphobic white supremacist trash

      • I’m surprised some other Turkey didn’t apply the racist homophobic etc etc cards sooner!
        That’s normally your “Go Too” a lot sooner! Get a life!

        • The fact that you support a movement that originates from a known right wing activist, a known white supremacist supporter and a known white supremacist is proof that you support those values. It’s not about Freedom from mandates, it’s about the freedom to spew hate and violence in a once peaceful country. You think they just ignored their political opinions in the name of promoting freedom for all? The reality is they are promoting freedom in the name of advancing their political agenda….hate and violence. I don’t see them making any public statements reprimanding the mob behaviour. It is the mob explaining it away. How do you think Hitler took over a nation? He hid his true agenda in terms that the public would find acceptable until he could do nothing wrong in their eyes. Then, when the people believed it was all being done for the greater good he started to become more and more aggressive with his mandates or rules. These people are using the same tactics to instill hate, violence and chaos into our society, while wiping out all the freedoms and equal rights our country has gained in the last 50 years. Guess it only matters if it directly affects you…typical white privilege.

      • Wow are you a troll or just really stupid or just really brainwashed. Unless you see ANY of what you are describing, you might want to check the matrix you are living in which is pure delusion and hive minded. Apparently you are vaxed with the graphene oxide nanotechnology.

    • The organizers are right wing extremists, white supremacists and the like. Tamara Lich who started the GoFundMe isn’t connected to the truckers but is the secretary of a party called The Mavericks. Some of the organizers are not connected to truckers. These organizers have an agenda that is far more than supporting truckers. And now they have around 9 million dollars to work with. Some of this money comes from unknown and/or questionable sources. I researched this on my own before it was being discussed in mainstream media last week..The author of this article knows what he is talking about.

      • Lol.. We all been waiting for all the distractions and undermining of the FACT that this is a rally for all Canadians! And it seems, a rallying cry for the US and beyond!
        Hold our Beer!

    • I guess honking your loud-ass horns non-stop for 24 hours a day isn’t unruly behavior. Anyone living anywhere close to our downtown area has barely been able to sleep for the past 3 days. Children who need to go to school, pets who are losing their minds pissing all over the house due to the stress of that noise. Blocking of major roads leading into the downtown area which people can’t use to get to work anymore. Businesses that have had to close down due to safety concerns/blockages. This isn’t unruly behavior? What right do any of you people have to harass others like this? Your freedoms haven’t been taken away; you’ve just been asked for the first time in your selfish lives to think of the broader community you are a part of, instead of just thinking about your own convenience. If you were a doctor or a nurse who has had to pull 16 hour shifts dealing with this outbreak for the past 2 years, you wouldn’t be bitching about the vaccine, you would see its necessity. The people who are complaining about their “freedoms” are people who have had the good fortune not to be personally affected by the pandemic beyond having to wear a mask, and take a vaccine (cry me a river… the absolute tyranny). You bitch about your freedoms being taken away (which are still very much intact) meanwhile, you stomp on other people’s freedoms with your riot. It’s the same shit over and over with North Americans… most of you lack the intelligence to understand what freedom means. You think freedom in a society means being able to do whatever you want with no repercussions. You only have freedom in a society as long as you aren’t infringing on other people’s freedoms (which you are). Living in a society means thinking about your community as a whole at times. You don’t want to wear a mask or get a vaccine? Then fuck off and go live in a cave. Shove your freedom rally. I don’t condone violence, but you pussies need a dose of real tyranny to bring you back to reality and see what that really looks like. A call to the army to come and beat your asses into a bloody mess like would happen in some countries.

      • Whoever you are, you’re a god. Ok, overboard. But so brilliant and so well said. All the whining about their freedoms. Indigenous people get SWAT teams sent in while occupying their own lands, their cabins burned and not a peep from these “freedom lovers”. If anything, probably lots of “way to go, coppers”. And the editorial? Says it all. Yes, this bunch were duped, but they’ve been duped many times over and will be again. What I worry about is how the ignorance seems to be spreading, like a virus. I can see fascism coming to the USA, but always thought Canadians were too educated. But I guess I was wrong.

        • As a matter of fact, Canadians are ahead of the game here! We are finally stepping up AGAINST being dictated too! Pay attention, because y’all are wakin up there as well. Not a moment to soon..

      • We’ll said!! This small percentage of idiots are saying that their “freedom” is more important than the freedom of the 90% of us that want to be able to get our groceries or be in public spaces without catching their Covid and bringing it back to vulnerable seniors and family members. They’re all a bunch of entitled cry babies! The price of living in a society is that we ALL have to do our part to get through this pandemic and that means getting vaccinated, wearing masks and being respectful of each other. This is not a Canadian government conspiracy, it is the entire world agreeing on the science that says vaccines, masks and limiting exposure is the way out of this mess. I don’t know about you but when have all governments in the world agreed on anything??? That says lots to me.

      • I don’t know who you are BUT…this 63 yr young lady LOVES you! Lol. I have been saying these exact same things for months now. Banging my head against the wall is giving me a headache. Ugh! Thank you! ❤️

    • “No arrests were made”. Actually, three arrests were made. Disinformation and propaganda on your part. Please get informed.

  • Lost my job

    I had been healthy throughout these past two years. Last November I received a birthday card from our CEO who took time to write a whole page of praise and appreciotion for my contribution to curb Covid. Next month I lost my job because I am not vaccinated. The decision came from the government.

    I am not a trucker, but I fully support their cause and hope it grows and stops this insanity that’s called measures against the pandemic.

    Your writing is shameful, pure propaganda, full of insinuations and without a shred of scientific evidence.

    On one point I do agree with you. It’s not about the truckers. It’s about all of us and our future.

  • With out freedom Canada is it is like floating in the toilet believing we are boating on a hot summers day.
    But as long as it smells the same to the majority and we are being told its the smell of freedom by the powers that be then all is roses.
    But eventually they will close the lid.

    • We are free, i have literally spent that last two years of covid “restrictions” roaming freely through the local forests in my province not a care in the world. You should stop whining, we have no difficult constraints in Canada. All the government asked was for you to hang out and watch some netflix and eat some snacks. but no, thats too difficult for you. if you want to feel oppression move to the middle east you big whiner

  • Yes YOU were DUPED. You havnt a CLUE, what you are saying. Hit the streets, and talk to the 100’s of thousands of CANADIANS,at the rallys in EVERY MAJOR city accross the COUNTRY. Its about FREEDOM, from Corporate Mandates for Control and Profit. Covid is a SCAMDEMIC.

  • I am just curious as to how much money you and your publication is being paid to spread misinformation regarding the experimental gene therapy being forced on humanity. Do some research by getting out of your moms basement and go talk to people that are protesting for their freedom back. Your precious Vax has killed more people in 1 year than all other jabs in the last 30 years. 6our story would be different if you had nothing to gain and everything to lose. Why not go hide with Trudaeu.

    • Tom should talk about how many lived the vaccine has saved, but of course that wouldn’t be important, would it ?
      You sound like FoxNews people who wanted Joe to “get out of his basement”. Oh yes, Trudeau is the correct spelling of our Prime Minister’s name.

    • Hi Tom Ingram. Could you please provide a link that states more people have died from this vaccine than all jabs combined over the past 30 years. I would love to see where you’re getting your information. I can just imagine. Poor Qanon Tom.

    • Gene therapy? You get that it isn’t touching your DNA, right? But then again, science isn’t your forte I take it. I try to have compassion for misinformed dupes, but people are dying because of this misinformation.

  • To the people who previously posted:
    There WAS unruly behavior at the protest on January 29. Throwing a frozen can of beer at a person from the media, urinating on the War Memorial, hanging signs on the Terry Fox statue. Some protesters were demanding food at a shelter for homeless people – shame on those protesters.
    Get YOUR facts straight and don’t downplay the behavior and attitudes of these protestors.
    There are some real issues that should be addressed with the government but outrageous demands overshadow such issues and it is extremely difficult to reason with such people.

      • And you were there and saw this “non-event”? Guess what? Someone got pictures of the urine splashed all over the Tomb and you can bet it was one of the anarchists who are participating in this attack on Canada’s democracy. They are traitors to this country and they will find out what happens when they someday toddle back to their homes. They are the bottom feeders who are likely sitting on EI while protesting against the government while real truckers (the 90% who are vaxxed) are still out there working! But we, the rest of Canada, will not ever forget what they did. Cowards and traitors, every one of them!

    • They also urinated on the Aboriginal Veterans Memorial, and an Indigenous veteran had to go clean it up. And one Nazi flag would get you arrested in Germany. And why would an average trucker urinate on the Canadian War Memorial? I get that some are racists so the Aboriginal Veterans Memorial is an easy target. But the Canadian one? Because there were neo nazis there (and yes drunks) but neo nazis are programmed to dishonour the governments that defeated them. Thanks for speaking the truth, but they are going to believe what they want.

  • What a liar. The peaceful family event in Ottawa on Saturday was a demonstration against the lying media like you who took 650 million from Trudeau to lie for the New World Order.

  • Sadly it doesn’t matter what your article says. Since you have not expressed that “unity is our goal so join us or you’re the enemy”, you are the enemy. You are not allowed to be Canadian, because only those in favour of this rally are Canadian. Every single comment backs this up. The commenters are being emotionally manipulated into placing their frustration at a situation behind a cause they don’t even want to examine, because it feels better to yell when you’re pissed off. That’s why they make themselves such easy pawns for people who seek to use easily duped people to accomplish their goal. And they fall right into it. And when you point it out, they don’t like it, so you must be the enemy. Admirable that you try to use logic and easily checked facts to back up your argument and prove the truth of it, but none of these people are interested. They just want to yell. And we are all in trouble.

    • You wanna know how i know youre a paid american shill? No one in canada refers to themself as a “patriot”. get real buddy, this isnt bumf*ck alabama

    • Sadly, you are right. I am hopeful though that the silent MAJORITY will rise and starting calling out this crap. Our voices are being silenced by all the noise of the MINORITY. Just like any vote/choice/vaccine in a democratic society….MAJORITY RULES. THEY LOST! THEY ARE THE MINORITY.

  • Curious, a “protest for freedom” wants to remove a democratically elected government, and replace them with their own rulers. That is not called freedom, that is a dictatorship.

    • Yeah this is my thought too! This group wants to remove all of our rights as Canadians so they can push through their “Survival of the fittest” agenda, guess they want their hand in the world population control by not protecting our seniors in the care homes and our immune compromised people who are still trying to live life in the midst of these people who want to bring in their people by tyrannical rule! I think they’ll be surprised if they continue this little vendetta what comes into Ottawa next to remove them.

    • But that is the point. They are basically small f fascists but don’t even know what the word means bc they aren’t too educated. willfully uneducated, mind you. And manipulated.

  • Funny how if it’s about Swastikas and Confederate Flags you would use a picture of a truck with a Canadian Flags fling proud. Typical snowflake looking out for the by far minority of bad eggs that showed up to paint the whole group with the same brush. I guess your guilty by association of the unruly behaviour of these protesters as well. Or were you not there? But you must of witness it all or that would just be poor journalism not to research the facts.

    • Then why don’t the organizers condemn these people. These symbols have no place in Canada and being complacent is not an option.

  • I feel the article is Spot On.
    I’ve been driving for 20+ yrs. And my opinion was never asked.
    And now a poster here has the nerve to call me a “non-canadian”????
    This arrogance and unwillingness to let others speak is exactly why I won’t now or ever support this type of action

  • Hello James, it seems you could benefit from a history lesson. In my opinion, you are the one getting duped. I value freedom over tyranny. I’m sorry you are so willing to surrender yours and belittle those who are fighting back against the illegal mandates.

    • Wow are you a misinformed idiot… thanks for making Canada as a nation look week.. The irony in all this is completely lost on you anti vax idiots..

    • I don’t think we need a history lesson from a group waving confederate and Nazi flags. I don’t think they’re the ones on the right side of things historically.

  • You have a lot of haters. I agree with you. The haters are the antivaxers who are too stupid to get vaxinated. Truckers did this to themselves and now need a scapegoat. You are right, with US mandate in place this so called protest is mute. If you can’t go to the US because you aren’tvaxinated, then there is really nothing to protest about Canadian requirements to return home. US isn’t going to repeal their mandate just cause we are protesting here.

  • And you James Menzies haven’t a clue what you are talking about. It was NEVER about just truckers. It’s about government overreach that has now cost thousands of hard working, valuable contributors to society not only their jobs but their businesses and way of life. YOU James Menzies, have been duped by your own media cohorts.

  • I noticed the racist American KKK confederate flags this white supremacist convoy flew. This scum has no place in Canada throw them all in prison

  • Hello James,
    I am double vaxxed and quite moderate in views , but an honest observer. I am right now isolating for contracting Covid. Once I get out , I still have a job and can feed my family. I have unvaxxed friends who have Covid too, but once they get better, they cannot go back to jobs. They can’t feed their families. This is Canada , C’mon . It’s a fools game to think force will win the day . Force only encourages resistance , division and in time , violence and hate… . Let’s stop it before things get desperate.

  • Wow. So many comment from those who refuse to see the truth.

    That is why you and the protesters will fail.

    Blame canadians, blame politicians, blame the doctors and nurses who work to save your lives, blame Trudeau, blame the media.

    But no blame for your own responsibility in this fiasco.

    You have lost all claim to the privilege of being caĺled Canadian.

    How sad your lives must be.

    Shame on you.

  • Right James! This was never about truckers rights to crossing the border unvaccinated.

    This is about all Canadians Rights to continue crossing the street unpassported.

  • If people really think we live in a dictatorship, I think the government should do what they did in 1970 and invoke The War Measures Act. Then they should go and talk with the people of Quebec about how they liked it. This would give these people something real too complain about when their rights are really taken away and they are under Marshal Law!

  • Thank you, James! I have the same concerns about this “freedom”. Those people have never read the Constitution and they don’t understand what their rights are.
    How many new COVID patients will Ottawa hospital receive next week? I think COVID will cool things down a bit.

  • I Agee it is not about vaccines but choice and the gov using their unlimited power against working people. We have farmers trades , vets and many other people including disabled homeless and native Americans at the protest. This protest would not have happened if gov and certain people had came to the table. I went on radio on Jan 12 right across Canada as did others. The people in power decided that they could ignore the issues and do nothing.

  • Some poor little truckers afraid of a little shot? What the hell?! I’m old enough to remember when truckers weren’t cowards, and would do whatever it took to get the job done. This is just pathetic. An embarrassment to truckers everywhere. The verdict is in. This will forever be remembered as “The Weakest Generation”.

  • From the drivel you have written, it’s apparent that you have never chosen to learn about it. If you want to call yourself a reporter, please make the effort to be there and meet more than two people to make your opinion. Seriously, you are just as bad or worse than MSM. They know the truths but are hiding them. From what you are posting it just sounds like regurgitation from their posts. Grow some, do some investigative reporting and quit following bs pm and cronies. PLEASE

    • Obviously he did or he wouldn’t have written the article and had it approved you stupid twit…you are just pissed everyone no matter what is against you and the small minuscule amount of unvaccinated morons that think this is gonna help or change anything . All the while not realizing that the rest of the nation thinks your idiots and has realized that the irony in all this is completely lost on you.

  • I just hope that charges be laid to the individuals who desecrated The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier, and Terry Fox Memorial! Also unruly demonstration is not the Canadian Way! Vaccines Mandates is the only way to end the Pandemic, anyone who thinks otherwise isn’t following the science!

    • Really!? Now the monument are sacred place? What about the BLM movement last summer, cars burning, windows smashed ,pedestrians get beaten, monument falling down,where was this comments? Where was Trudope and others? All keep quiet ,this political class in Canada fail Canadians,they have zero credibility, none.

      • Here we go!

        Are you referring to BLM in the States or BLM in Canada?

        Were people who committed crimes during the BLM protests arrested or were they allowed to go free?

        How did you watch the BLM protests? Were they on MSM? Did you believe the violence and looting when you watched it, but suddenly don’t believe how they are showing YOUR favoured protests?

        What does Trudeau have to do with municipal and provincial issues?

        Was everyone in the BLM protests involved in the crimes or was it a small contiguent?

        Let’s face it. If BLM had done the same to the monuments, you would have suddenly have found the importance of the monuments and what they represent. But when it’s your “sensibilities” being questioned, all of a sudden, people are making a big deal about it.

        Your hypocrisy and childish inconsistent views are showing.

  • Some of the comments here are ridiculous. Wild imaginations of payed actors, fake news, and Payoffs from Trudeau. Truth is every crowd has a few bad apples. There was a few there.
    Trying to deny that and it into some bullshit conspiracy thing is weak.

  • Thank you for writing a very clear description of the current situation, James. This protest convoy was never about freedom and does nothing to address the important issues facing real truck drivers today. It’s unfortunate that the reputation of our industry is being brought down to this level. Defacing national monuments, displaying racist symbolism, disrupting the life’s of hardworking Canadians, lost tax payers’ resources, etc. will do nothing but perpetuate hatred. Reading articles and comments from those outside trucking, it is evident we will have an uphill battle to regain the trust and respect of Canadians. I feel sorry for the people that lost their hard earned money funding Lich and the Maverick Party but, as you pointed out, it easy to see coming. Also, a shout out to the hardworking truck drivers that are following the many mandates, laws and directives that have been put in place over the years to protect the safety of everyone. These drivers deserve our respect.

  • Cell phone reception around Ottawa must be incredibly strong with the signal able to bounce off so many tinfoil hats. ‘New world order’? Experimental gene therapy’? Enable the ‘war measures act’? And the people posting this drivel are allowed to drive large vehicles on public highways, sadly.

  • Well, James I think you are WRONG – plain and simple. You obviously are not paying attention, or, yeah, you are,or are acting like, a shill for Trudeau’s authoritarian cabinet.

    The Truckers convoy has ignited and given hope to a LARGE section of the Canadian population of all ages, genders and races, who are very concerned about the vax passes being a potential Trojan horse to introduce a type of social credit system in Canada, similar to the system in place in China.

    These people are trying to preserve basic rights that were supposed to be protected in the Canadian charter.

    The movement is now spreading around the world. If anyone here has been duped, I’m afraid it is YOU.

    • A large part??? Lol moron 90 percent of Canadians are fully vaxed and don’t support this idiocracy. So tell me where your large number is coming from.. Buy the way you are beat all you protesters are beat and gonna accomplish nothing besides having the rest of the nation hate you..

  • I am fully vaxed AND had Omicron plus I’m a trucker. I believe covid has been around long enough its time to lift all restrictions. The risk groups are almost fully vaxed and the remaining population that has not taken the jab are very unlikely to do so at this point. Even I question giving the vaccine to 5yr olds as the youth show great resiliency to the virus and very few in proportion have had much reaction to the Omicron possibly because of the high number of vaccinated but this variant has clearly proven being vaccinated provides zero protection from getting covid as it tore through our fully vaccinated household and affected almost everyone in our company with no serious affects. Most people just went about their day being extra careful as we have done for two years. People do have legitimate concerns with the side effect of the vaccine but we all took it to save our elderly and our sick. Despite whether I felt it would hurt me I took it for the greater good knowing there have been some serious reactions. I feel like I’m a “super soldier” now having two jabs and the real virus in my system. I believe it’s time to move on. We are ready for the next wave and we will not change the minds of those who have chosen to abstain. By all means keep the mask mandate until perhaps summer as its really the best way to stop the spread of all germs but open the boarders and everything else so this country can start to recover.

  • New Hampshire residents will not be forced to receive a coronavirus vaccination despite other states and businesses requiring one.

    The Governor believes in vaccination and has all three shots himself, but he believes in leading by EXAMPLE, not by coercion & threats.

    “Every person has the natural, essential, and inherent right to bodily integrity, free from any threat or compulsion by the government to accept an immunization,” according to a new bill that Republican Gov. Chris Sununu signed into law this week. (July 28, 2021.)

  • I am a retired trucker. I totally agree with you I knew once it was announced that funds were being raised through Go Fund Me by the Maverick Party leader that this group of truckers were being duped. I think these drivers were so angry with the government that they didn’t really think this through and they didn’t have the backing of the trucking associations and the big trucking companies. My big question is …where is all that raised money going to go? To help these parties try to overthrow the government? Yes they were duped…..BIG TIME!

  • Coming to the end of my 45 year career as a truck driver and have to say I won’t miss the whining bunch of new drivers.My age group did whatever was necessary to get the job done and made the sacrifices including being away from the family for long periods.We got our medical exams and whatever shots that were required.Now to listen to this bunch of idiots that crawled out of your parents basement yelling about something they know nothing about while supposed real drivers stand back is evidence that I am well out of it.

    • Thank you for your 45 years of service Terry. Truckers of yesteryear were real men (and women) whose dedication was something to be greatly admired. You guys made trucking a lifestyle and made incredible sacrifices getting the job done, unlike these spoiled prats partaking in this farce in Ottawa.

  • Holy hell. I guess I’ve been duped into trying to control a pandemic. A virus that can have lasting effects on your heart and lungs.

    Wouldn’t it be neat if the world was like a movie. To bad it’s much more boring. Canada’s government isn’t trying to bring itself down by screwing itself over with mandates that get in the way of us thriving. It makes zero logical sense.

    Y’all sound like preteens ready to run away from home. “This house is like a prison with all of these rules”. *Stomps feet and walks off* “I’m running away”!.

  • Good article. Lays out the issues and who really is pushing this false agenda of a handful with misguided intents who creatively duped a portion of the public and less-informed truckers. The comments are an interesting mix, but there certainly is a problem with radical stupidity, some leaching in from our southern neighbour. The entire “fake-news” labelling, is simply a childish retort to poorly counter facts that are detrimental to their cause, or rather lack of one. The arguments against a vaccine mandates is pure idiocy. Everyone has to get basic vaccines in order to simply start school at 6 years of age. Vaccines have done a pretty good job at eradicating a host of diseases that 2 generations ago, crippled, disfigured and killed people. While stuck in traffic from the “Freedumb Convoy” on Alexandre Tache in Gatineau on Saturday, I was accosted by 2 flag wavers. They had jumped out of a pickup truck and were attempting to get some applause for their cause. I ignored them and was immediately insulted by the 2 specimens that were walking and grunting examples of why incest is bad! Their words, actions and “vaccines are unmoral” flag, made them the perfect mascot for a twisted cause. I completely support real truckers and the trying 2 years they have endured, but the wannabe’s in their pickup trucks are just “Fake truckers” playing make-believe.

  • Boy are you supporting the liberals. Just like the trucking associations and trucking companies you back the government. The freedom convoy is for all Canadians. Anyone with a clue knew it wasn’t about the last vaccine mandate. This wasn’t organized at the last minute. Now the amount of money raised should be sending a very clear message that all governments have dropped the ball badly. Now you go on and keep believing the government and bought off media, but this is a very clear sign that you all got it wrong. I have a CDL as well.

  • Clearly you have not sat behind the wheel of any rig during this pandemic
    So keyboard cowboy in your next uninformed comments tell the real truth about the go fund me funds being monitored by the go fund me company and being distributed to the truckers for fuel food etc…
    When you have been on the road for weeks no food except out of coolers no showers no laundry no support from the federal government no jab required then all of a sudden it’s mandatory
    All the idiot in Ottawa did was rupture the wound and ran away instead of facing the problem

  • Not a one word defending this government,this government is nothing else but criminal,all politician in Canada,left or right fail Canadians,all of them are corrupted,zero credibility they have,we need a new political system,new party, people’s party not this fat cats in Ottawa

  • Wow, you really are quite misinformed, sir. How much did they pay you to write this garbage? I pray you wake up and see what’s actually going on.

  • Thank you for your clear look at this issue. I too feel for the real drivers and hard working folks that need safe places to stay, eat, test and clean up while on the road. Trumpian hoodlums and criminals should have been arrested but that would require the Police to do their jobs they are paid for – good luck.

  • Good piece James. I feel for the drivers who put so much effort into this disorganized fiasco. We kept hearing the word “organizer” but there clearly was little organization but most of all there was no leader. You can be a manager but that doesn’t make you a leader. We predicted this outcome and caught hell for it. Btw…people don’t read or listen. Where did James defend vaccination?

  • Trudeau and his party paid people to do this and blame it on the truckers convey. All of are main steam media is corrupt and government odds. So anyone out there are truckers and the people backing them are hero Justin Treadue should be ashamed of himself and anyone who is associated with him. Justin please resign your not a true Canadian

  • Interesting to read. Lots of good detail that helps put this into perspective. I am trying to find out more about the organizers, who shouldn’t just leave the truckers leaderless after the event.

  • That’s really too bad, if this is true. The truckers thought this was going to be a peaceful convoy. It’s terrible that some people have to ruin it for the good guys.

  • Well said! Witnessed all kinds of intolerant behavior here in downtown Ottawa (not to mention the irritating road closures). The only way to get the toxic ideologies to crawl back under the rock they slipped out from is for all Canadians to roundly and unambiguously reject and condemn symbols of hatred and loopy ideas that “freedom” comes from dismantling democracy (ie. the manifesto). And it’s sad that some truckers got hoodwinked by grifters who took off with 8.5 million from “charitable donations”.

  • Thank you for this article. It certainly explains what I thought was the case, but this puts the whole weekend happenings into very clear pictures.


  • I would be glad to join thousands of real Canadian men to get these people off are government land . They discredit are brave people that have died for are freedom today . I served in the Canadian army . I want those off the hill .

  • You are full of it , and should resign at whatever low position you are in now . You do not speak for anyone but your own gullible demure . You remind me of a song by Toby Keith , ” The Critic ” ( loser )

  • I agree!

    This whole protest (or act of terrorism) as I refer to it. Was just about anti-authority, it had nothing to do with Supporting Truckers.

    Many working Truckers are being held up at the Alberta border by these same protesters.

    These protesters are tired of staying home and not being able to go to work or school. Yet their willful and gleefully disregard for the rules of society have people stuck at home, not going to work, or school.

    We the majority are going to have our freedoms pulled back because a bunch of tin hat wearing sub-100’s, went to Ottawa to hate on Trudeau, because a few youtube videos told them he was bad.

    Home grown terrorism is going to be Canadas biggest threat!

  • Absolutely STUNNED…fell out of my chair…
    A writer clearly stating facts and rational viewpoints, who obviously knows the subject matter and real issues of those working in the industry
    Unfortunately as seen by many of the readers comments under appreciated and more than likely deliberately misunderstood (perhaps overestimating your audience)

  • I am a long hauler and have been for over 5 yrs being a retired nurse. I appreciate this article i never thought it was about drivers and wanted no part in it. As i still work every week bring stuff too and from the United states back home to canada. I have told many that they just need to stop watching media outlets for crap like this. Again thank u for a great read

  • You’re just as convoluted as Trudeau. You have no idea what it’s about. Thankfully, more and more people are seeing through the outright lies of any and all organizations that favor the left You’re lying ABOUT ALL OF IT. Repent. Or may God have mercy on your soul.

  • Wow, you should go work for the CBC. What a load of crap! Thanks to you, I will never take ” truck news” serious again. I hope they fire you!

  • It was a women that had nothing to do with trucker convoy, she was caught on video.,
    Go truckers go.
    Yes you may have one or two bad apples in the bunch, but there are politicians like that.
    I am a women who struggles everyday, and I receive 743 a month, Oops lol between 2 government cheques think it went up a little over 20 dollars.

    It’s time everyone stands up for the likes of Trudeau and Ford.
    Way there going they should be concerned what’s going on in Russia, where there will be a war soon.

    I am fully vaccinated, never stopped me from getting sick with last virus out now.

    Think everyone should be behind them,I am .

    Trudeau all he does is run and hide, when it gets tough.
    Before long we will , be going down completely.

    People with the golden spoon couldn’t live on, what I do and many others.
    What ever the truckers are doing is a protest, wish I was there to join them
    They bring food in for us to eat, plus fact not there fault our stores are bare.
    It’s the çrap between manufacturing what more, and people get lest.
    It’s Trudeaus fault ,why some people are prejudice , bringing in people from.other countries, they don’t deserve it either,to be treated bad, we all bleed the same color.

    Come on Canada, don’t let our governments, ruin it for the younger generation. I am born and raised in Canada, proud Canadian, but not of the politicians.
    Think all these wealthy politicians, should have to struggle for 3 to 6 months without there bank accounts, see how well they eat, and oh yeah take them out of there fancy homes. The rich are controlling everything, rest suffer.

    Step up start fighting back people, no matter where your from.

  • Your coverage is junk. Millions of people support the protest and it’s about removing all covid mandates and that’s it. Wake up man, and stop pushing your drivel on readers.

    • Hundreds of millions of people have gratefully received their vaccinations. We need no vigilante anti-vaxxers pretending to defend our rights, which are quite secure on this topic, thanks. What we need is for the unvaccinated to exercise their responsibility to the community and get vaccinated. We would applaud you for it. Join us. It doesn’t hurt. Really.

      • Oh? Really? Did those millions of people gratefully accept the vaccine or were those millions of people coerced into taking it so they wouldn’t loose their job? Their livelihoods, their security, their life as they know it?

        Glad for you to be happy you got the ‘vaccine’, but whats in it? Vaccines are taken to keep you from getting sick from it’s intended sickness, does this Covid 19 ‘vaccine’ do that? No, it does not. Does this ‘vaccine’ keep you from getting more sick? How do you prove that? Once you have the Covid 19 ‘vaccine’, you have no way of knowing if it does or not, since you took it, you have no idea how your unvaccinated body would fight the virus.

        You see, people who didn’t get the vaccine are sometimes a-symptomatic, sometimes they get a little sick, sometimes they get very sick, sometimes they die. People who do get the ‘vaccine’ are still getting Covid 19 and sometimes a-symptomatic, sometimes they get a little sick, sometimes they get very sick, sometimes they die. Once you have the ‘vaccine’, you can’t possibly know if it works at all, I mean think about it, millions of vaxxed people still got sick and thousands still die from it.

        No, you take your ‘vaccine’ that doesn’t really work as a vaccine since you can still get and spread Covid 19. Your FREE to do it and you did! But millions of us won’t take an experimental drug that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to and only time will tell us if it is safe. Maybe in fifteen years we’ll see you…. ? Maybe…

  • Wow!
    The statements made about who may have been a driving force in organizing the truck freedom convoy, in no way detracts from the sentiments of the people who either participate in, or support it. Nor does it make the feelings of frustration with the situation or a government that seems out of control.
    From the outset, every news cast that I have seen, be CP24, CBC, or whichever, have all had interviews with people from various professions, former RCMP, OPP, Ottawa police, our glorious Prime Minister whomever, all decrying the violent situation with the truck drivers. How many in depth interviews have their been with those drivers themselves? Have you heard their voices?
    The actions of a few individuals are indeed shameful and should be denounced and prosecuted. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier should be for all of us, part of our consciousness in so much that that person and all others like them, died so that we can all have our freedom to have our say.
    While vaccinations may be prudent, they are not for everyone. Either because of belief in ones own sovereignty over their own person, or because of medical conditions. These personal needs should be respected and not demonized. The fact is, these vaccines that have been touted as the holy grail do NOT prevent this virus from spreading. Look no further than the P.M. himself. Funny thing the timing of his infection.
    Does anyone remember when a vaccine actually immunized people? Say like against Polio.
    For to long, this government has overreached its authority. It has been one of the most arrogant in history. Extended absences, proroguing parliament twice in order to not be held accountable. Falsely and maliciously prosecuting the Honourable Mark Norman, whom I might add, is one person from the upper echelon not involved in a sex scandal. The list of failures goes on and on. This government, more so than any other that I can remember, chooses to divide the great people of this country rather than unit it. That seems to be the Liberal way though. Look at Quebec’s premier. Let’s tax those in hospital who haven’t been vaccinated. Problem with that is that over half of the people in their hospitals were vaccinated. No tax suggested for those people though.
    It seems to me that in today’s world, when someone doesn’t agree with someone else’s point of view, the normal thing is to label them as a ?phobe. You don’t agree with the gay lifestyle for whatever reason, your a homophobe. Don’t agree with Islamic extremism, your an Islamaphobe. Last time I checked, a phobia is an irrational fear of something. Everyone including politicians need to start listening.
    We as Canadians, historically, are very forgiving and forgetful, when it comes to politics. Come on people! Wake up! Be respectful of each other. Engage in and truly converse with each other. Are people tired? Yes.
    Do we need more decisiveness? No.
    It took the U.S. about 30 to 35 years to build their interstate system. For about 25 years on now that I can remember, politicians here are still talking about building more parking areas for trucks. Go figure.
    Counties around the world are rolling back mandates and opening up, yet here in Canada, we better close down Daddy says so so it must be right.
    For the last two years, the public health officials have, sometimes daily, moved their positions on what to do or not do. Don’t need a mask, next day yep wear one, maybe two would be better.
    This is never going to go away. It’s the new normal, just like the flu. Just like the flu every few months you’ll need another shot because of a new variation of it.
    Let’s move forward, not only with life, but with holding all of our politicians to account.

    • 100 percent. But will people listen. Not likely.
      For far too many, being vaxxed is a comfort zone. They see themselves as part of the IN crowd.

    • Thank you for this.. I’m not a trucker. Just very tired of reading about adolescents who aren’t mature enough and cause trouble.. Respect every trucker, nurse, doctor and fellow Canadian.. Soon we will not have these chats anymore is the bills are all past allowing the censorship that the government is trying to get.. Stand tall and proud… But mostly as kind considerate and loving Canadians.

    • I saw truckers being interviewed on the CBC, one wearing a Trump hat and another a Star of David, because vaccine mandates are like the Holocaust, right? And I’ve read many reports where journalists reached out to organizers or truckers and were either insulted or hung up on.

  • James you are the village idiot aren’t you? I’m pretty sure you don’t have many that read your “hard work”, so I’ll be kind and offer you proof that at least I did. Sorry that I did because it just confirms the reality that you bought and paid for media types are ALL the same. Funny how you seem to think you see the truth behind this when in actuality what you see is the spin. The media/ political spin to fabricate reality. YES sir, these MEN and WOMEN are out there fighting for freedom! Even for such a one as you! Your pathetic comment about the Biden admin makes me outright laugh…”And if you think the Biden Administration is going to reverse that mandate over a trucker protest in Ottawa, well, that’s about as likely as the mass resignation of all our federally elected politicians in Ottawa.”
    Wow…are you overpaid…LOL
    Get on social media, follow some Patriots and see what real journalists look and sound like…

  • Thank you so much for cutting through the bullshit that is this rolling superspreader event. How fascinating that the truckers are aggressively happy to intimidate, and endanger the health of others, to defend their laughable “rights without limits” while trampling on the right of a whole city to function and the rights of all the truckers and motorists using the Coutts, AB border crossing. What a bunch of selfish, selfish, selfish, selfish hypocrites. You’ve disgraced the trucking industry.

  • There was a time when a left of center party would’ve advocated for worker’s rights and concerns but that group is too busy with identity politics these days. So surprise, surprise another group is going fill that void. Hopelessness, fear and frustration fuel the demagogue. What’s so hard about an honest dialog about mandates without demonizing those who are adversely affected by them?

    • A mandate only affects those who chose not to follow it.
      Our entire lives are governed by mandates, virtually everything we do in life, is limited by mandates and laws.
      Life in society is literally built on the agreement that everyone has to make compromises for the benefit of the community.
      You reject the agreement… you get out.
      It’s pretty simple.

      • Exactly. Get with the program and stop pretending to be acting on behalf of the rest of us. Vaccine mandates good. Rolling superspreader events bad.

  • All I know is this… I hope Trudeau sends out the army and starts pelting these stupid moronic truckers with rubber bullets, tear gas, mace, pepper spray, Billy clubs all while dousing them with freezing cold water.

    Biggest idiot movement of the century. Antivaxxer, racist, far right, Nazi flag waving, Terry Fox and War Memorial desecrating, Trump loving pieces of crap.

    • Just send a note to the RCMP, or maybe the TO coppers. They have a glorious track record of assaulting, tear gassing, falsely arresting and kettling peaceful protesters at events like G7 summits, First Nations protests against fracking in NB and steamrolling their rights in BC. It sure is a mystery how this “freedumb convoy” gets a free pass to shut down a city and a border crossing highway. Must be great to be old, angry and white.

    • Now this is truly someone without any class.. 9 millions dollars raised to give us our freedom and you take the pictures of some adolescents creating havoc to be the truckers that you know and work with. You are a sad sad man.

  • As a active person that is a homeless disabled truck driver I see when give my opinion you keep deleting me.

  • The Right Honorable Brian Peckford did an AYou Tube Interview with Jordan Peterson on this trucking convoy. Its absolutely inspiring.. This sad lack of actual reporting is so sad for every trucker and Canadian.. You really should have gone to Ottawa and talked to the truckers before you wrote this article. P.S. Our freedoms will soon be censored as well. Will you do an honest story on that? Please take the time to Educate Yourself before you write articles… The nasty little baggage in Ottawa were not the truck drivers. Oh I forgot.. They drove their expensive rigs, raised more money than ever, were given donations like crazy all the way.. Food included just to go to Ottawa and become Terrorists.. Give your head a shake

  • Dear James. Thank you for your unbiased reporting. You are a real Canadian. Our freedom is dependent on people like you. God bless you James. As for the “conspiracy brigade” shutting down Ottawa, may they all end up on ventilators.

  • Ahh also there have been multiple statements put out about the go fund me. Plain and simple the 1st million was withdrawn to pay for fuel costs and the rest will be distributed as needed. That is being managed by the organizer AND GO FUND ME itself the money has not disappeared stop with the misinformation it’s disgusting people need to go look for the real information themselves and understand what narative any news or information they are consuming is trying to peddle. Both side have Dias try to read between the lines and extrapolate the truth. I guess what I’m trying to say, is there’s 3 sides to every story one side the other side and the truth. And to be frank this article is very obviously pandering to one’s side bias and. Taking it to an extreme. And as for these comments jeez even people arguing the other Side are taking it way to far to the other extreme. Please if you are supporting the freedom convoy, don’t spread hate, don’t go so far the the extremes that was so very clearly not what the convoy is about, as put in the statements early on by them. And for those that were there we understand what really happened what it was all about. This was the most amount of love and. Togetherness we have seen in years thousands of people lining the roads on the way Thousands we are no longer the small fringe minority, world record breaking convoy THOUSANDS OF TRUCKERS AND SUPPORT Vehicles 75km long. We are no longer the small fringe minority. I never have seen so much love and harmony from “a group of racist delinquents” in my life. And to anyone who is trying to take away from all the love and positivity you should be ashamed. That includes anyone who is trying to latch on to the movement and bring anything other then the message that is trying to be conveyed. We want to be heard


    • Charter of rights and freedoms? Please, stop slacking off, get back to work and stop looking for free handouts. You’re not fooling anyone with your capitalized rant.

  • This is a great article. Who is behind the convoy says it all. Organizers were and are still hoping it to have the effect on Canada that organizers of the Jan 6 mob attack on Washington were hoping to accomplish, ie bring down the government. This is going to have a major negative impact on how most citizens see the trucking industry.

    I have known many amazing people who were/are truckers. Having moved cross-border/cross-country 3 times, I know just how skilled one must be to drive those big rigs. I also know just how amazing people skills many truckers have.

    But the unruly mob that converged onto Ottawa and is now holding Ottawa citizens hostage is not representative of the wonderful people I have met throughout the years in the trucking industry. It’s really a shame that some truckers let their anger be manipulated by right-wing extremist.

    I hope the truckers still holding Ottawa in their grip will back down because I don’t think this will end well for them.

  • James,.
    Is it ok in your eyes for a government to deny your right to work if you don’t submit to their will? What about all the recovered covid victims that still can’t acces a library a theatre a restaurant because the haven’t had two jabs and a booster.
    Having to carry your QR code and i d just to enter a restaurant to eat.
    You can’t be serious and believe all the fake science,. all the exaggerated covid numbers?
    Typical reporter simply take something out of context,. much like a lawyer will too and focus on it inviting debate of 1 small part of the fact that a lot of canadians will not submit to the will of their government if they do not subscribe to reasons forced on them.
    You think it is alright james for a nurse, doctor, firefighter, police officer , federal employees to lose their jobs because they do not want a noxious dangerous substance injected into their body?
    Surely you have heard of the thousands of vaccine injuries?
    You disappoint me with your narrow point of view,. vaccinated or unvaccinated or crossing any border is not the root of the isdue. Having a government hold a financial gun to your head is criminal.

    • Hey Nicholas. Could you kindly provide a link which states the thousands of vaccine injuries. But please, a link to Billy-Bob’s Facebook page in Tallahassee doesn’t count.

  • I read your article. It sounds exactly like mainstream media. Word for word. You provided no backup tonsuppoort your stand. Again just like mainstream media you point out a couple of bad apples planted there conveniently. What you wrote is rubbish.

  • What an excellent description of this latest protest – and not surprising infr=ormation about who is involved. Thanks for the informative and analysis.

  • *** Each and every person , Men AND Women who are involved in this so-called Protest for Freedom , should be rounded up and dropped off in Kabul … in an equal exchange for those abandoned and desperate Translators who are waiting for just a taste of the Freedom that these Unpatriotic Canadians claim they have lost …. Disgusting …

  • This is another perfect example of false information and how the media is used to twist information to suit their needs and make up whatever they want lies are believed faster then truth why are people being attacked and called anti vaxxers when our own so called leader who is a spineless coward stated %90 of truckers are jabbed this is not about the damn vax people need to wake up it’s about freedom we live in Canada not China these people are fighting for freedom in our country like the men and women who gave their lives in the wars for our freedom if you don’t want Canada this way leave the country your part of the problem how can anyone call themselves a Canadian and patriotic when they want to give away our rights and freedoms that so many died fighting for read the charter of rights that is Canada if you disagree with what this legal document says then maybe point the finger at yourself and call yourself the names all the government officials and false media is labeling the true Canadians shame on all of those liars and name calling cowards for disregarding all those who’ve fought and died for our country and it’s freedoms may God have mercy on you all!

  • We actually have restrictions because of cowards such as yourself. Because you have no spine or brain to think for yourself, so scared of omicron when it’s the minor flu at this point unless you are already very ill. I have been vaccinated. It protects myself. It does next to nothing to protect others around me as covid spreads regardless of vaccine status. Cloth masks are useless, which is now a fact. So the fact you need to wear an ineffective mask and show a vax pass to enter a restaurant only to take off the mask when you sit down is so ridiculous I can’t believe anyone could be so stupid to believe it. But here you are. Using terms like “you people”. I don’t care if your vax or not. I do care if your a hateful moron like yourself. This article is what’s wrong with this country. I miss when people weren’t so scared that they shovel their driveway alone with an N95 on. I miss when people didn’t think everyone was filthy .

  • There is this ridiculous idea that big mass meetings such as this one prove that the majority of the public approve of their idiotic cause is ludicrous. Over 90% of Ontario truckers are already vaccinated. This so-called protest is predominantly made up of flag-waving, Trump loving yahoos parading around in their pickup trucks. lol

  • So a political party backing its people is bad eh? We should just continue to lay down and let our dear tyrant continue stepping on our neck with an ironclad boot? Do you realize that this is how dictatorships begin? They don’t always come through military coups, they often come via legitimate elections, and then they use propaganda and take advantage of crises to convince people to give up their rights and freedoms in the name of perceived safety, and they have no intention of giving those rights back. Trudeau will become a dictator if we allow people like you to continue giving up our liberties. Canada is one of the most authoritarian countries in the free world now and it must stop. These truck drivers are not protesting the vaccine, they are protesting the taking away of our freedom of choice. 5 years ago it was unthinkable to ask people any medical information, because thats a violation of our privacy, and now companies freely demand to know our private and confidential information if we wish to continue to be employed, or to be allowed to go into public. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of this propaganda piece you have produced. You sir, are a brainwashed fool. Perhaps you would prefer to live in North Korea since you seem to want to be living in a police state.

  • I appreciate you informing Canadians. It certainly never made sense to me that truckers would be so inconvenienced as to erupt to this level! Actually to the other sectors of Canadian citizens, truck drivers have really avoided the majority of restrictions.
    It’s pretty ridiculous and embarrassing ( but as you say), fits with extremist agendas!

    • And this is the crux of the problem. You read the headlines but no further. You need to read it all, do your own research, and THEN make an informed opinion.

  • Logically research! Good job James!! I, like most, want the pandemic to end, however I did not support this convoy as it had nothing to do with Trucking issues. I agree with the vaccination requirements to enter Canada (by air, rail, marine or road), but they should modified to: vaccinated, enter with no restrictions. Unvaccinated, go home and take a PCR test day 1 , Rapid test day 3, PCR test day 5. If all negative continue on with life. The bad behavior, of some, will be remembered and blamed on the industry as a group!! Which is exactly what the organizers wanted. They get the money, truckers gets the blame.

  • How about this: remove all restrictions. Those of you scared of this virus can hide in your homes and be unemployed. Let those people who want to work do so.

  • You sir are wrong, the go fund me account yes was started by Tamara, but is run by a a large accounting firm and bookkeeper, its not like the money is going to Tamara directly. So next time you try to report the news report it. Maybe reach out next time to the organizers directly instead of cbc. This is and always has been about the violating of canadian charter of rights,and give us our freedom back.

  • Thanks for telling us drivers what we should and shouldn’t think. Thanks for speaking on behalf of a protest you don’t support. We really care what you think. Please stop sending your paper to my house. Garbage day is Tuesday and we have enough stuff to throw out by then.

  • great article…very well written…putting this event all into a logical perspective….and fact based. I posted to Facebook, and shared. I am fully vaccinated all three shots, 66 years young, and thinking of my health, hubby, family, friends, and my new grand baby, due to arrive in March. Thank you James….

  • I’ve got issue with a number of your (for convenience sake) opinions! Two big ones? Our truckers setting OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS STRAIGHT, and preserving their right to earn a living and Pay the ELECTED officials salaries, Is NOT a moot point?! Because that leftist Jackazz down south has pulled the same, and believe me COORDINATED crap as this Hate speech spewing, black face wearing, Dingbat up here! Every change made, every Dictator taken down.. has a starting point! THIS IS IT!
    #2 Although I grew up knowing Terry Fox as my number 1 in the flesh real life hero.. And I denounce any destruction or even a flag draped across his memorial.. And having family who sacrificed life & limb fighting to leave a legacy of freedom and peace for me and my children.. Never would I condone any sacrilegious touch if anything that appreciates or represents their memories! However in the truest form of leftist hypocrisy?! These are your “GO TOO” rumblings? Don’t dare use these examples in comparison to anyone’s motive or final outcome! As I said I denounce these acts! I’m sorry that a couple I’ll informed jerks who probably don’t realize the significance of these monuments, disparaged our hero’s! But we can and will remove items draped on them we will clean them up and I hope give better history lessons, to prevent this happening again. Now you Mr or Mrs Opinion.. Step up and severely stomp out the total destruction and or removal of the 100’s of monuments that paid reverence to hero’s icons Or in (I’m sure your opinion) racist homophobic etc. Tyrants.. destroyed without debate or consideration for extreme differences in & over 100’s of years of relevant History! Now get real and get off your holier than thou Soapbox! Lest ye be judged!

  • GoFundMe is essentially funding separatists whose manifesto includes overthrowing the Canadian government. They’ve said so in broad daylight. The leaders of this demonstration are demanding the current federal government be overthrown. This undemocratic action by a few is completely unacceptable to the vast majority of Canadians.

    I bet there are lots of Ottawa lawyers that would help, pro bono, to freeze the funds via an injunction as the first step to either the money being returned to donors… or being confiscated as payment to the city of Ottawa as payment for $1 million daily it is having to pay for what is now a right-wing occupation.

    Canadians still don’t know the real money behind this came from: many “anonymous” donations of tens of thousands of dollars each. Why are Trump, Flynn, Rogan, Fox News, Tucker Carlson, etc., suddenly on fire about a gang of a few thousand Canadian demonstrators? This whole thing stinks to high heaven of potential funding illegalities: foreigners interfering in Canadian politics.

    It’s time to move them out from Ottawa and Coutts – by an overwhelming display of force and arrests if necessary. We cannot afford to wait until Canada has its own January 6.

  • I can’t believe the number of selfish people here in Canada .We all could be free and doing what we want.Get or vaccination

  • Looks like the truckers were indeed duped. How a vaccine mandate and mask wearing is a loss of freedom is perplexing. The government’s job is to protect the public from harm. If they were to lift all mandates, it would result in our hospitals being so overwhelmed, they would have no beds for any patients coming in to any hospitals.

    It would also result in hundreds of thousands of deaths in Canada from this horrible virus. Why have a government that doesn’t care about sickness and death? That is exactly what happened under Trump in the USA and that is the main reason he lost the election in 2020. Of course he lied about Biden cheating because he learned a long time ago that you accuse others of that which you are guilty yourself.

    Our freedom to not have mandates is being taken away by those who refuse to get vaccines. We could all be immune from this virus and stop all mandates if these stubborn and irrational people just stopped being so recalcitrant. Thanks for prolonging our siege from COVID, your fellow Canadians, who are by far the majority, really appreciate you keeping us all from regaining our real freedom.

  • Thank you for a well written article that helps us to realize the truckers are being used.

    A family member who i dearly love is sadly a racist as is her husband as well as being anti vaxxer I keep telling her that if she were in the UK she would be subjected to anti immigration racism because of her thick Polish accent, I have tried to talk to her until I am blue in the face. Its no use because those beliefs are part of her identity. They love the Ottawa convoy and wish they were there. I hate the pollution they have caused with the convoy and the GHGs which will be contributing to global heating and the next heat dome for eons.

  • Thanks for speaking up…….it isn’t easy as many of these folks believe one of their god given rights is to become violent when opposed. Personally, that for me is one definition of fascism…….”my way or the highway” becoming |my way or a taste of violent abuse” if you refuse to shut up.

    As a woman, there’s an eerie similarity with the domestic abuse women have suffered under patriarchy, and its a system that often has few alternatives to bullying and mob violence. I see it in how inarticulate the truck convoy members are.

    Fighting for ‘our freedoms’ is all well and good……..but which freedoms in particular? Inner city Ottawa residents aren’t even being given the freedom to get a good night’s sleep.

    Canadians aren’t interested in going down the road of Trumpster America. We’ve watched from a safe distance how that plays out, and the real costs to democracy it entails.

    But how do we create the counter movement that convinces these few to go back home, learn how our political system works, and engage as citizens instead of free floating bullies?

  • Well, it is now Wed., Feb. 2nd and I just watched live feed from Ottawa and any sign of what was happening on the weekend seems to ‘hopefully be cleared up by the rest of the truckers’. Even the police said things are peaceful. People are friendly and are being approached by Ottawa residents offering food and the use of showers. And when the CBC were approached and asked if they were being abused the reporter said ‘no’. She and the camera man did leave quickly however.

  • You are so right. The Alberta boarder being blocked is so wrong in many ways. As a senior and as a wife of a retired military personnel this makes me sick. There were trucking companies who said that unvaccinated truckers would have the trucking routes in Canada.

  • Hello sir, I do not know you or what you are about but I do respect your opinion and the fact you know more about the trucking industry than I do however….I am not angry with you but rather troubled. You publish stories undermining possible motives for the convoy. ( you have weakly repeated the negative hype and smear campaigning of government controlled agencies). So with that being said how am I to think of your motives here). You decided to use a couple isolated incidences as the entire theme and heart of the movement and were proud to display them for thier wickedness ( by the way these acts you named were quickly repealed and it has been said the perpetrators were not even a part of the convoy). And if they were it’s a pretty tiny example for having thousands and thousands of people as a part of the event. There’s more of these types at a Canucks game than here. How do you label everyone involved in this rally by the individual acts you stated. At worst you are labeling thousands of patriotic, loving, peaceful, honest,tax paying , hard working , caring Canadians as racists, terrorists, liars and hate mongers wreaking havoc because of these incidents. Could you look at all the people involved in this rally and its supporters in the eye and call them these things. Do you really believe the millions of people now beside this rally are such and if so how could you be so blind. Have you been watching anything but mainstream media? Check out the Facebook groups and see the stories being told by people all over Canada and the world stemming from this convoy. These are real people with lives and families and a desire to be heard and have their lives back. This is bigger than the truckers, you are right. This many people dont lie about the same thing. This many people coming together are all insane and extreme and hate mongers. How about writing a story about how Trudeau has abused ,slandered , defamed, promoted hate and discriminated against his own citizens on national television. Why is this okay? What is his history of dealings in business and other? He runs the country and his past is way more checkered than most. How do you justify that? I’m not saying this whole thing is so pure and perfect and everyone is an angel but I’m saying it’s a great thing to see my fellow human beings coming together in the name of freedom and liberty and unity against any tyranny . Check out the support from all over the world. If you only want to degrade the situation and do harm to it… you are unfortunately one of the reasons why we have to have this movement to begin with. The world needs to change for the better of all…. not just the truckers , but for all people who dont have a voice or havent been heard and are being oppressed and dictated too without regard all over the world. Your right…. it’s not about the truckers… it’s about every man woman and child on this earth being free and coming together to create a better place for us all. Thats bigger than all of us and boy does this world need some unity these days. Thank you for your time. I wish you well.

  • James, Wow that is the most uninformed journalism I have ever read. So disappointing.. You’re basically calling truck drivers stupid. Every driver I know who’s involved in this convoy is WELL aware what this is really about. You need to recognize it yourself. You are part of the majority who has been deceived by mainstream media for years now. I always knew it was bad but wasn’t fully aware of how bad until this trip to Ottawa. If you were in Ottawa the last few days to see what’s actually happening and then read MSM articles you’d be asking “ Are they even in the same city????” You should be ashamed James but I still hope you eventually wake up like so many Canadians finally are

  • You are a liar and should stop publishing this crap shame on you because you fully know that this is misinformation

  • I dont even believe you are real. Bidens mandates already got demolished by the Supreme Court. The CDC just put out a memo that says studies show no difference in covid fatalities in states or countries locked down and shutdown vs those who kept open. I think you are scared of people standing up against people like yourself. Please pack your bags and head to the nearest communist controlled country. We prefer freedom. We prefer informed non gullible people here in the u.s.a.

    • Isaac Aurelius??? What kind of name is that? If you had actually READ Marcus Aurelius, you would advocate for stoicism, and for responsible citizens to take the vaccines. You would also know the difference between democracy and tyranny, which followers of Trump like you clearly do not. Furthermore, if you had actually read the Hebrew Testament in which Isaac is featured, you would know godly citizens were so happy to receive the Law of God from Isaac via the prophet Nehemiah that they were crying tears of joy. Laws do not equal communism, idiot. Everyone knows the U.S. has the highest Covid death-rate among wealthy countries, so quit peddling false propaganda about the C.D.C.

  • You’re no better than the MSM or the PM for spewing lies.
    This is about one thing and one thong only…removing mandates.
    And as for the unruly behaviour as you so eloquently put it…is nothing more than provocateur trying to disrupt the peaceful protest. We see that happen a lot here in BC when there’s protests about logging or whatever else. There’s always some that come with the intention to wreak havoc.

    The convoy/protest is to remove the mandates and restoring our freedoms…that’s all.
    My fathercand the men and women of his generation fought and died for our freedoms. Our freedom for free speech, to vote, to cross borders freely, to an education, to employment and much more. They fought and died so we wouldn’t have segregation and require a pass for any of the above.
    You need to wake up and take your blinders off and get in touch with reality.

  • Very well written. To all the people saying to do your research, go do your own research. Check out the live feeds of Pat King in the days leading up to the convoy, where he encourages everyone to slow roll in your own provinces/municipalities. Better still go watch how excited he was to let the cat out of the bag about the convoy rolling to Ottawa. Listen to him go down memory lane about the last convoy that him and James Bauder (Canada Unity) participated in.

    Long before Tamara Lich came on the scene, these two clowns were already pumped up on adrenaline from the sheer knowledge that they had an opportunity to go back and do it all again.

    The same day that Pat King decided to make his big announcement, the federal government had announced that truck drivers crossing the border would be exempt. Mind you that decision was either reversed or was an error, But at the moment that Pat King makes his announcement, he did not know that. He openly said that it didn’t matter, they were coming anyway. So how did his anticipated joy ride across the country, have anything to do with truckers. In one video, he says we are coming for you fancy socks, we are coming Ottawa, we are going to lock down your city. Of course that particular video filled with colourful language seems to have disappeared but there are many more.

    Many of you seem to think that isolated incidents such as the Terry Fox one, the disrespect for the unknown soldier and the Confederate and Swastika flags are the acts of bad apples who are ruining it for the convoy and their supporters. But what about all the images of people wearing the Canadian Flag like a super- hero cape, wrapping them selves in it like a blanket, dragging it on the ground behind their bumpers, or tattered and torn on the grills of their trucks? Patriots? But the most disturbing images of all, are those of our national flag hanging upside down. Seriously when you hang our flag upside down for the whole world to see, WHO are you signaling to come help? Be careful what you wish for.

  • great article, feel sorry for the duped truckers and all those who donated, but I could see all this early at the start, people need to take the time and do some background research on just about everything before they jump on the band wagon.

  • True to a point. A few BAD apples, who I am sure were not truck drivers , tried to make a disturbance. But 99% were making a valid point !!
    And changes need to be made in the trucking industry

  • Considering the protests are peaceful and being pegged by people who are misrepresenting this movement by the actions of a few . Your opinion means very little since it’s based on lies . Great article of fiction . You should be ashamed to publish it actually . I’m not a Trucker, in not a member of any group involved , but I’m a fully vaccinated Canadian who actually researched for myself and garbage like this article doesn’t deserve to be read

  • this is just disgusting really
    i am so fed up with this convoy nonsense they need to go back to where ever they came from an stay there
    we have homeless freezing to death in the streets
    we have seniors dying in nursing homes with the virus
    we have maniacs taking over a city keeping them awake with non stop honking
    people carrying nazi signs an ruining our war memorials an dancing on the grave of the unknown soldier
    what the heck is their problem like omg seriously
    they keep saying freedom freedom omg stupid people we are in canada we have our freedom shut up already
    we have free health care
    we have programs to feed the hungry
    we have programs to help the homeless
    we have programs to help you with money if you lose you job or dont have any money
    we have programs for disable people an seniors
    what the hell else do you want jeeez
    you are being selfish an stupid
    the lock downs an masks are to protect everyone from this virus killing off people around us
    even have i brain injury an can figure that out why cant these people
    all they are doing is dividing canada an making lots of people angry
    so what was the point in the first place
    they are not going to get what they want so they should shut up an go home already an stop this nonsense
    i am sick an tire of it an to say god bless them they is heroes is blasphemy
    god is no where in this situation at all
    they do not speak for all canada like they say
    do i trust my govt no
    do i like my govt no
    do i tolerate my govt yes
    they give me my odsp every month so i can have place to live
    food for me an my animals
    free health care when i need it
    my medicine for my thyroid so i dont die
    free mental health care for when i have dark days an need help
    an i am content with that
    this convoy just stress every body out an if you are against it then you be come the enemy
    what the hell canada what ever happen to we all in this together
    it is clear we not all in this together an some people with issues like those people are making it harder for others to cope with this pandemic not making it better
    shame on all of you for being selfish an breaking canada up with your nonsense
    instead of waste gas other people need to go to work an to do things for them selves they should be all towed away an be told to go home an smarten up
    if you so worry about canada then quit your stupidness an go help people in canada go volunteer at a food bank or homeless shelter
    or animal shelter do something good for canada for a change
    beside waste gas an taking over a city for you own selfish stupid ideas an keeping business in that city closed an keeping people awake in that city by honk the horns non stop all day
    that is not being a canadian that is being a terrorist
    simple as that

  • Call it the Karen Konvoy.
    Nothing to do with freedom, unless you delusionally think freedom is blockading a capital city, or blockading the border to a country.

    The goal is the removal of all Covid measures to protect the population, and the overthrow of the government. The organizers have, if we can put it mildly a tainted past.

    This is an anti-mask, anti-vaxx protest, little to do with the real truckers that are continuing to do the job. That it was about truckers losing their jobs is a lie. There is a shortage of truckers across Canada and they could easily find work hauling inside Canada.

    The prime organizer of the gofundme is a western separatist that wanted to separate western Canada and join Trumps USA. That she found support from truckers with similar views is not surprising, being cut off from travelling to the country to our south where they spend half their lives. Not being able to work heading south into warmer country is a great hardship.

    Note there is no reciprocal protest on the other side, no great trucker convoy to Washington, and why is that? American truckers told they are not allowed to drive into Canada in January, “sure, got no problem with that at all”.

  • If they didn’t want to follow health and safety regulations, and more control over what they can and can’t put in their bodies, then they shouldn’t’ve gone into trucking.

  • What kind of stupid article is this; written by a commie.
    People like James Menzies are nothing short of a commie.

    • The communists are those who started the propaganda about the vaccine and losing our freedom.
      It is idiots like you that will be the death of freedom. Wake up already!

  • You have no idea what you’re talking about, and you call yourself a journalist. Stupidest thing I’ve read so far! It’s so biased and liberal-leaning that it’s funny actually! No wonder people think you’re affiliated with Trudeau somehow!
    I noticed though that you can still only bring up the 4 incidents that happened (SINCE SATURDAY!!!), it seems that’s all you, and the mainstream media can focus on! Because guess what it’s a peaceful protest! Interview any of the police and they will tell you! I’ve seen multiple interviews from the police officers on the ground! They say this is the best run the most polite no arrests protest they’ve ever had! Unlike the BLM riots last Summer!
    They are protesting thru peace, love and kindness! And whether you want to believe it or not it’s catching on around the world! Country after country is starting to do their freedom rallies as well! This is a great thing! And I’m proud of them for doing it!

  • I suggest you all stop your BS about losing your damn freedom!!! You obviously know nothing. It is you that are the sheep. Learn the difference between propaganda and truth before opening that pouting little mouth of yours!!!
    Yes, in case you do not know how to read between the lines (which I truly believe you are incapable of) I am now at the end of my wits with all of you criers.

    Number one: as far as the covid vaccines go, yes, that is how you spell vaccine not vaxine, science has developed immensely over the years. My lifetime only, we went from learning from books, actually books, where we had to turn pages by hand, to the computers of today. Went from standard cars to automatic cars, to today’s talk of flying cars. By the way I am only 61 years of age. I was born only 15 years after the end of WWII, we learnt all about the holocaust, how the Nazi’s started their propaganda to take control of the world. I know what my father went through as a Canadian Soldier fighting overseas for OUR freedom. None of you and I mean none of you know the meaning of freedom.

    This is how stupid you all are. If and I mean if you win this fight, you will all be cowering in a corner because those who started these lies are the very same ones that will actually take all our freedoms away and the disappearance of races will occur.

    Already there are way too many of you that forgot God, the Creator, Allah, no matter what you call Him, exists and that is how the beginning of losing yourselves start.

    All this propaganda about losing our freedom is beginning to only divide us, it is beginning to destroy family. I know cause I cried all night because lost my precious son to all this garbage.

    Funny how science progressing makes some people’s brain shrink.

    Here is a little something I read the other day…it fits all you propaganda sheep

    “Common Sense is a flower that doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden”

    I would like to thank you James for your enlightenment on this very important subject. I have a great respect for the farmer and the trucker.

    Which brings me to one more thing…
    You sheep cry about losing freedom because of a little jab in the arm…Well what about the freedom to have a meal, the freedom to even afford a meal? How about the freedom to go to the hospital without having the fear catching the covid with all the covid patients in there? What about the freedom to see loved ones (no it is not the government that toke it away, it is you fearmongering jackasses)

  • If, even for a minute, truckers believed the Freedom Convoy was about themselves I’m pretty sure they’ve come to welcome the idea that they’ve led the way on something that’s become way bigger than themselves. Thank you freedom loving Canadian truckers!

  • Thank you for writing something, that makes me sad for the truckers that need to be working and not be caught up, in other politically charged anti vaccination protest group craziness. Which it totally is at this point.
    They have been used…. ☹️

  • If, even for a minute, truckers believed the Freedom Convoy was about themselves I’m pretty sure they’ve come to welcome the idea that they’ve led the way on something that’s become way bigger than themselves. Thank you freedom loving Canadian truckers!

  • This is a great report and I agree with you. The truckers that are actually here in Ottawa may have started out thinking the cause was legitimate but, now, with them seeing what is happening in their name, I can’t help but wonder why they are still here. Granted, many of the participants (not just truckers) think it is a great time to party and feel they are not alone in their frustration. They may not realize it, but all of Canada is frustrated and sick and tired of the restrictions. Their call for freedom (from anything and whatever) resonates with all of us EXCEPT most of us realize that having freedom means members of society must accept responsibility for one another, too. Keeping Covid active by disregarding proven means of defeating it is not accepting that responsibility.

  • I don’t agree with you, so what if the organizers have a past, we all have one and it no way does it mean they have Jill intentions. Obviously you support the mandates and not freedom, you make it clear. The reason why provinces were it mandates in place is because the federal gave them cash incentives to do so and the reason Biden put a cross border mandate is because of a meeting he had with Trudeau. I seem to have missed the part in your article about where this go fund me money is gonna go, y’a know I’m the leftover that the truckers don’t need… oh yeah it’s because you haven’t mentioned it, the extra money will go to veterans, yet another group too often left out by our government. You also forgot to mention how it’s been completely peaceful and rcmp said zero incident have happened

  • You hit it on the head. Marathon is a town on lake superior of a mere 4000 people, the rally stopped there and the place has been torn in half. All of a sudden they have peop,e joining in spouting stuff about pizza gate and soros, and seriously verbally going after others. This is the 30 something age group going after people in their 50’s. It was pretty scarry thix last weekend . And thats just one tiny place now posting up PPC logos and before it a
    Was a quiet idyllic part retirement community with a we mine going in…

  • Yeah James, the truckers are just too stupid. Put the keyboard down and go tell them how they are just pawns.

  • I agree that you’re right in one aspect. This is definitely not about truckers. I doubt that many of them have been manipulated into protesting on someone else’s behalf though. They’re an intelligent group of people who quite honestly have a lot more time to think than most of us. I think they knew this was bigger than them and that’s why they did it. What I believe we need to do now is redirect this protest into something that will give every Canadian the ability to be heard. Not everybody can take the time to go protest for days or weeks. However if we have the legal right to refuse our federal ballots every Canadian could choose to be counted as declining their ballot every federal election. We could then protest peacefully quietly and privately every election if the government remains broken. Right now it doesn’t matter who we vote in, things will be the same or at least similar. We need a way to push for a different system. I think the right to refuse your federal ballot would be a valuable tool in fighting for a functioning governing body.

  • Unfortunately you are might be correct in your analysis. This has morphed into something else and it could get ugly before this is resolved.

    • its morphed into a beautiful freedom ottawan real human freedom the live streams on youtube !

  • I agree, our hardworking Canadian truck drivers have been duped in a big way. The wolf in sheep’s clothing convinced drivers that the protest was all about border crossing mandates. Unfortunately for them they bought it hook, line and sinker. And sink they will. Many of these drivers have abandoned their jobs and livelihoods based on the “promise” of being paid their expenses through the “GoFundMe”. The fund organizer is unknown to most Canadians , which begs the question of how you can trust that same person. Research shows that person has a dubious past. As I write this, I am sure there has been no driver(s) to receive any part of that fund and so far there has been no distribution plan forwarded to GoFundMe. Drivers are out of pocket and now they have to get back home and quite possibly find a new job that allows them to stay on the northern side of the border.

  • James Menzies has written an excellent piece. I shudder at the misplaced negative responses; they seem mostly trite and illogical.

    Please Canada, do not be duped by those brown shirt wannabes. We can do better.

  • Thank you for your clear measured reporting giving true support and information to truckers out here. Maybe the issues important to truckers will have a chance to be presented in a focusd, effective, sane way in the future. I certainly hope so.

  • Thanks for clearing the air on this. As far as truckers, the U.S. vaccine rules make the protest pointless with respect to Ottawa. As most of the other “mandates” and restrictions are under Provincial jurisdiction, this Ottawa invasion was even more pointless and unnecessarily divisive.
    Would anti-vaxxers be whining about vaccines, masks, quarantines & shutdowns if we were dealing with the Ebola virus? Yet COVID has killed millions globally. It is a serious public health concern but has somehow become another “Identity Politics” football unifying a divisive umbrella group of extremist movements: anti-vaxxers, anti-Ottawa, separatists, anti-Trudeau, anti-democratic etc. Since when haven’t the Public Health authorites or governments had the lawful right to place restrictions and even shut things down? They can close businesses and restaurants if they’re not up to regulation. School kids HAVE to get vaccines for numerous diseases.

  • Truckers participating in the demonstration never thought it was about them
    You sound like a leftist propagandist

  • To the truckers who are vaccinated and currently making our economy run thank you! To the individuals who are ruining our economy who call themselves truckers….GROW UP! This freedom convoy is nothing more then far right supporters using truckers as a lightening rod trying to get their views across. Clear the damn Coutts border crossing or arrest these individuals who are holding back our economy. I am a trucker and support the vaccine mandates if it gets us out of this pandemic and keeps my family and neighbours safe

  • Very well said. The only thing I would add is that questions about the GoFundMe donations should be asked. Is any of that money coming from far right groups in the U.S.? That definitely needs to be answered.

  • I think this post is inaccurate. It appears that the people are gathering for the cause as it’s mentioned. There are problems in Canada. And change is needed. This has given Canadians a voice. The unknown intentions of a backer, are not the intentions of those who are out there right now. Why they are out there is no secret, their agenda and voices are speaking for their cause. People have rallied because Canada is in terrible trouble. Our government leadership is nowhere to be seen, and refuses to address the issue head on. All that we as Canadians get to see, is terrorist commentary and an absent PM. We see literature such as this condemning this movement with ‘secret backers’ as if they control the hearts of the people. We are bombarded with endless propaganda from our PM.

    Show a little critical thinking. If the big secret backers lied to motivate the masses… The lie they told, is the truth that’s being carried. They managed to motivate thousands of truckers and millions of Canadians into action. Their secret agenda is what was lost, and the people have a voice for it.

    Now last I heard there was over $10 million dollars in the go fund me. How much of that was sponsored by the frauds? And how much is sponsored by Canadians?

  • Boy do you sound bitter. How dare people disagree with the government and the bought and paid for health dictators. Everytime the public saw light at the end of the covid tunnel the goalposts were moved. The mandates are not about public health it is about control government controlling our chioces our freedoms and our bodies. You do not speak for Canadians you speak for special interests.

  • I’m a trucker who used to go the USA. That is over, but I still can drive. How long I am not sure. Many of us have lost our freedoms. I won’t go into the tyrany that my wife has to go through every second day at work. You are not telling the truth, but I understand, you don’t want to be cancelled.

  • I admit it , I jump the wagon at first , but when I saw the sign of there’s demand , I woke up . I did my research. When I notice of two of there’s leaders we’re not even trucker , I got off the wagon . What I find very disturbing is ! When it first started , the first post we’re about truckers not being able to cross the border and feed there’s family. But yesterday I saw a post about blocking the border in Alberta. To me it doesn’t make sense protecting something that now your doing to your own fellow truckers. Plus now one of those leader his saying , it’s no longer about vaccine and mandate , there’s their to remove Trudeau and the liberal party .

  • I agree that it is not a legitimate truckers convoy. They would know that it isn’t possible to the the US has legislated its own stipulations about unvaccinated truckers.

  • “I received many calls from mainstream media outlets, asking me what the protest was about. ”

    Why on earth would anyone ask YOU, a critic and non-participant?

  • I am not a trucker, but any trucker I have met I have liked. Somehow the behaviour I witnessed in Ottawa just didn’t resonate with my experience.
    What a world we live in.
    You never know who is pulling the strings.
    Thanks for this.
    Ron MacInnis
    Canning, N.S.

  • Thank you James for pulling back the curtain on these occupations. It is an awful thing to watch. Truckers are the backbone of our economy. I feel badly that they’ve been used by what I’ll call the forces of evil and fear.

  • These taliban truckers are nothing more than delusional terrorists who want what they want because they want it. They do not care in the slightest who they harm by their illegal blockades.
    They are completely self-serving and self-entitled.
    Their mask-less blockade parties are super spreader events that will result in even greater overloading of our health services and hospitals with Covid 19 patients.
    Their vicious attacks on Canadians will result in even less access to hospitals by those needing heart, joint, an other needed surgeries, resulting in much needless and pointless suffering.
    They are NOT supported by the trucking industry nor the vast majority of truckers.
    They demand “freedom” for themselves while depriving all other Canadians of their freedoms and rights in order to batter them into submission.
    Our front-line healthcare workers are exhausted by the pandemic and they care nothing about them.
    I do hope that our police are identifying as many of these taliban “freedom fighters” as they possibly can so that they can prosecute each one of them them to the fullest extent of the law when this B.S. protest ends.

  • I don’t believe that. The whole Country is getting behind the convoy. It’s about lock downs and forcing people to be vaccinated. Where do you get such crap from. Do you make it up or is Trudeau paying you.

  • Thank you so much for putting into words what so many of us are feeling. We love and support the truckers. Just like we love and support all frontline workers, doctors, nurses, all hospital staffs that have been through hell over the past two years, grocery store employees, salon owners, RESTAURANT OWNERS and their staffs. Teachers, students, parents. We’re all in this together.

    The organizers of the protest have VERY dubious motives. They hide behind the banner of unity on their GoFundMe page but they are LITERALLY the farthest thing from Canadian patriots. They want Alberta to secede. They thrive on divisiveness and chaos. Their strongest desire is to see infighting amongst Canadians. They LITERALLY want to separate us.

    We have to stand up to them. Continue supporting our truckers and all of our frontline workers. But stop the divisiveness. We Canadians are at our best when we pull together.

    • Seriously, you have no idea. Take the mask. It can not work. Have you ever cut concrete? If you wear one of those masks you will die from dust. And it s supposed to protect you and others from a virus?
      Such plain nonsense. Now the same people that claim that also tell us to get vaccinated. If they lie about the mask, why would I believe them about the vaccine? It is so easily disproven that the masks can not work against this virus. You can be forgiven to believe it works, especially if you live in a big city. But not people with a lot of responsibility. They know, but don’t care. Plus the masks has a bad effect on society in general.

  • Thank you for this! I support truckers and call on a legitimate discussion of how to make your lives better. Thanks for all the work!

  • I trucked as an independent for most my adult life till 4 yrs ago again “Independent “ ! I hung it up over government , dealt with these clowns one on one , they steal & lie .Wasn’t in the convoy , I’m trying to keep my bar / restaurant together after near 3 yrs of shutdowns cause of government! Not virus , over government control &that did nothing! & that’s a fact .I know 20 people, good people!that were in Ottawa last week & total opposite of what your writing paperboy ! But also know a few rotten apples will spoil it , Let’s face it most readers don’t wanna read happy read , the worst the content the better the sell as far as read goes , our lives have been disrupted near 3 yrs & Ottawa is whinnying after a week !How dare you ! Yes I know the shutdowns is to save humanity

  • Have you taken a look at news around the world? You seem to have forgotten that our world is a global village and this protest isn’t just happening in Ottawa…

    It seems to matter not who initiated a movement when the movement has exceeded the initiator?

    You are correct on one thing. This protest isn’t about border rules. It is about ever-increasing totalitarianism in our once great countries.

    Check yourself. Over half of Canadians now support the entire dropping of ALL mandates, one week into this freedom movement. Your one-sided representation of the protestors’ behaviour shows you haven’t really done your research. What side of history will you be on?

  • You just slandered many people. Unjustly. What political party do you belong to? Am I to assume your article is solely based on your political bent? ( In your case it may be) how does that feel?
    The left is slandering many people and taking every opportunity to smear a movement that represents many people views. We certainly aren’t a fringe. And as a canadian all our views are valid.
    Be a journalist and get the facts before you write slander articles…even if you are being coerced.

  • Nice smear piece – fortunately the general public can see right through your crap. Another Trudeau bought & paid for “journalist”.

  • You don’t get it. This is for ALL of us, not just in Canada, but around the world. People are tired of being lied to and controlled. They want their lives back. No matter how this started, the message has gone out that the people have the ultimate control and power.

    This convoy has given HOPE to millions around the world, at a time when depression and suicides are a great concern for our kids and when ordinary citizens want to live free ( and work ) again.

  • Couple things you have to keep in mind. 1. They have totally the right to protest.
    2. You do not have the right to mandate an unproven vaccine. Especially bc there is no logic behind that vaccine.
    3. By talking about the confederates flags you are making a false impression that that had anything to do with the truckers. They kicked him out. He could very well have been a woke liberal, as he was wearing a mask while doing it. The dancing? She was un aware, and moved away right away when told.
    4. You are duped, think about this; if contracting covid grants you better protection than vaccine, why is it not allowed to be used on the vac passport? Shows you there is not truth in forcing this on us. Some very simple digging into this will make that very clear

    • Thanks Wesley, for your scientific hot take “there is no logic behind the vaccine”. I’m sure you’ve spent countless hours in laboratories, participating in clinical trials, and are well versed on what constitutes “unproven” vs proven medicine. Go back to porn hub, where we all know you have actually spent some serious time, and leave the discussions about medicine and politics to the big kids…

  • The poor truckers and their “Trumper sheep like ” followers have been duped and are being used by political organizers with an agenda to disrupt the Canadian system.canada is the envy of the world …why mimic the USA …..pathetic


  • Absolutely agree with your statement. I was a Long Haul Transport owner operator for 18 years for a American Carrier.

  • Exactly .. well said sir. Particularly credible and relevant coming from a trucking industry writer & publication.

  • Excellent article! I was able to fact check you and using critical thinking and analysis to ascertain you are a legitimate journalist without a political agenda. Many people including a lot of younger people have no skills to be able to do this…. unfortunately…

    I was shown a chat site from donors, many of which are American trumpers who are absolutely far right conservative fundamentalist. The amount of insurrectionist chatter was astounding! Obviously thier logic is flawed because in the name of freedom they want to over-throw a democratically free elected government by holding them ransom!

  • Thank you James for providing factual clarification and reporting the truth. I originally questioned why impose sanctions now but it all becomes clear when our largest trading partner to the south will prevent unvaccinated canadian truckers from crossing the border and therefore working. It just seems logical.

    I ask, that those who believe that their freedom is being taken from them, to have a conversation with a veteran or a currently serving military member.

  • Your so miss informed and a classic believer of the Left Media.
    You too will reap the rewards of this huge effort which has shown to be the greatest show of Canadian pride and solidarity since WWII. So how do you explain what is happening with Farmers and Truckers worldwide.
    You probably support that new world reset that Trudeau learned about in Davos. We don’t need to reset anything in Canada, just to get rid of the hypocrisy in Ottawa and the impact that Soros has on them. His money talks.

  • This has been very apparent from the beginning. Maybe if the convoy hadn’t been duped by the far-right politics, they could have had a meaningful protest. Asking for the oust of any elected official is ridiculous, to say the least.
    Time to move one, please.

  • Editor

    You are speaking on behalf of an organization. You also have your own personal opinion.
    Even the Prime Minister has his personal opinion. He supports Black Lives Matter. He does not speak for me. I also have an opinion.

    This Freedom Convoy is at an opportune time in Canada. You may not be aware that the Federal Government has violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and is facing a lawsuit from Brian Peckford, one of the signers of the document.

    Under this present Government our rights have been taken away from everyone of the citizens of Canada, if you realize it or not. The mandates are illegal and will be resinded. Saskatchewan Premier, Scott Moe, is removing mandates as we speak.

    Take a good hard look at what is happening in Canada and stand for Freedom before it is too late.

    Calven Johnson

  • Well said, James. What a bunch of ill-informed sheep, jumping on a bandwagon to take away others’ freedoms to live their lives, sleep in peace and go to work.

  • I think you are wrong. Canadians that have witnessed our freedoms shrink see this as the last chance to change a bad path.
    One last cry for freedom as our country disintegrates b4 our eyes.
    Topple the government!

  • Liar!! Who paid you off to say your propaganda?? Everyone has a right to CHOSE!! Don’t tell me what to putvin my body!!! How dare you!! You have NO idea what’s happening, the tyranny!

  • Thank you for this explanation. I think it will help us be more understanding and caring for the truckers who went in hopes of improving their safety and amenities while on the road, which I 100% support.

  • My husband and I totally agree! Enough is enough when you infringe upon the rights of others. Please quit saying you are doing this for all of us! We do not support you! Go home, get vaccinated and get back to work !!!

  • Thank you for talking common sense sir ! The arrogance of those protest leaders is beyond belief and the constant denying of established facts to push their personal agenda deserves retribution ! Hope our leaders will put their pants on and be the guardians they are not only called to be but paid to be ! Thxs Mj G

  • Nice piece of opinion, it’s just sad to notice you admit on judging the movement based on your opinion and related facts while admiting not to have actually seen it or actually knowing what it’s about…

  • James Menzies, YOUR A HACK.

    6 Days after this article, this movement proves you are so wrong it’s embarrassing.

    Stop writing and go drive a truck. You do not speak for us.

  • Even if it is anti Mandate . Anti Vax maybe anti government overreach with the government mandates . Then maybe you should look at the broader view . Canadians are waking up to lockdown. Vax , masking are wrong and don’t work . Sir you had best read Johns Hopkins – a very respected institution- review of how wrong Government’s Policies have been .

  • Your not even in Canada are you buddy.
    If you were you would know better.
    Remember anything you own at your home or buy at any store anywhere got there by a truck.
    And if you have every done any trucking at all in your life time, you would know the truth.

    A trucker is a very hard working person who is under appreciated, under paid, overworked, and treated like crap by most big companies as just a trucker.
    Have been time and time again told you can be replaced by someone else after you train the new hire. Wake up.

  • Even the ones that were strictly anti-vax were lied to about the vaccines right from the start. Also living in a society comes with moral, ethical. and legal responsibilities, one of which is to not to take actions that can harm innocent bystanders. That is a reason why we have for example seatbelt laws, anti-smoking laws, and driving while intoxicated laws. Governments have a duty to protect their citizens against deadly diseases (and SARS-Cov-2 is quite deadly 5,712,394 dead so far worldwide), and the laws regarding public health are very clear on the governments having the duty to take what actions are required to do so. Their protest is completely without a moral basis.

  • I am grateful for your article. I agree. The truckers were duped and used by a pro Trump far right movement and it’s being funded by far rights from both US and Canada movement. And I’m afraid the conservative party, some of its members, are so blinded by regaining power that they are supporting of this attempt to overthrow the government. Please keep writing on this topic.
    Thank you!

  • Thks. Mr. Menzies for an enlightening article, I’m a 71yr old retired owner operator, spent 52 yrs on the road in Canada and USA, it makes me sick to see and watch the garbage these so called truckers are spouting, freedom of expression have gone way too far, lock them up and tow their iron now.!

  • The federal governments monetary redistribution of taxes has outlived its usefulness. Each province and territory needs to reach its full potential based on its regional and economic strengths. The only unifying and common logistics necessary for all territory and provinces is access to markets , by rail ,air and sea . Government has done more to separate us with its regional agendas and populist votes that work against regional strengths and economics. Out of side and mind is not all inclusive

  • You are correct that many are being duped. They are easy to identify though because they are wearing masks and have fear in their eyes. Hold the line truckers… send more people until the main stream propaganda machine have to acknowledge the truth!!

  • The Canadian government has no control over Corporate Mandates, Corporate Mandates control most of the world governments using their financial powers which can make or break a government. This is the reality of today’s world. Good luck taking on the international Corporate giants.
    Add that to your conspiracy theories.

  • This is an excellent article. It really hits the nail on the head. Bringing down the government in any way possible is what the protest is all about.

    IMO, the majority of Canadians are aware of this and support truckers, mainly the 90% who are vaccinated and on the job!

  • It is sad you are getting PAID to write such drivel. The truckers are thankful for the help of these organizers as that is not in their wheelhouse, but you are against their politics so you malign them.

  • Mr. Menzies you are correct about one thing, this protest is not about truckers; IT IS ABOUT EVERYONE!!
    The United States added the vaccine mandate to the northern border only, at the urging of the Trudeau government. Biden had not mandated the same at the southern border.
    I believe, based on the diversity on display amongst the protesters, that the swastika and rebel flag were “false flags” to make the protest fit the government and media narrative.
    Why don’t you get out of your office and go visit the truckers in Ottawa instead of trying to smear them.
    Freedom matters, just not to you.

  • After reading your article “The so-called Freedom Convoy was never about truckers, or border mandates”, the only thing I can say is – You’re full of shit!

  • Another false news spreader one of Trudeau lakie. The only one spreading lies and hate is Justin(Castro)Trudeau. He needs to be silenced once and for all

  • I support the truckers and everyone stand and fight for the freedom of right. Iwill stand 100% behind them because we never had the gutts to stand

  • I don’t understand how certain people can continue to try and tear apart canada and it’s not considered treason.if they really don’t like the way it is in canada you allows have the option to immigrate to another country.the anti people have been trying to pick a fight,I hope the people in the neighbor hoods figure out a way to make the anti vaxers life hell,it’s the same anti vaxers that have been causing issues all along,those same people that want there rights protected but don’t respect anyone else’s,I think they should be charged and outed in public,love the lawsuit against them

  • How much you get paid to sling this jargon You are very uneducated and love your liberal blackface leader lol to even put your name on this makes you look so stupid buddy

  • So did you actually go talk to Tamara Lich or are you surmising all that? You believe and right. Try talking to people that live out west and get their feelings about this. Open your mind to other people’s views. Don’t be a typical media nerd.

  • Definitely a pro Trudeau shill, when you see a peaceful protest mis represented here you know which side he is on…and it ain’t the plain hardworking people of Canada

  • This is a Chinese propaganda approved message. All other messages were memory-holed. This is truly laughable. Particularly as American truckers and truckers around the world line up in support of our fellow humans. WE ARE THE MANY.

  • I am a trucker, I am vaccinated, I have had Covid and I 100% support what the Convoy is trying to accomplish. Of course some the goals are far reaching, but you have to shoot for the stars to reach the moon.
    I hear about the vandalism, thefts of food and such. In a video taking crazed population that exists today, I have yet to see a video of any of these events showing a trucker or their family doing anything illegal. The only video is of the fool dancing on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, I ask anyone that has seen that video if that person looks like a trucker or even a truckers family. To me it appears to be wannabe that has no idea what is going on.
    These mandates are destroying this great country. Our government will not meet with the convoy or are even paying attention to the case studies from around the world that are stating that mandates and lockdowns do not work. I do agree with you that some of the organizers are far right but, in my opinion, that is needed to counter balance the far left of the government so that a central solution can be found.
    Thank you for allowing my 2 cents worth.

  • Thank you for describing reality. Are truckers too embarassed to disasemble ? To admit they have been used. They made their statement. Now exit quietly during the night starting with one at a time. Your suggestion ?

  • Hats off for you for telling things as they really are. It’s a shame the clowns behind this have used truckers good names to further their slimy un-Canadian agenda and hopefully they enjoy their “freedom” time behind bars. Keep up the good work!

  • This is a Trump or friend of stupids crew funding it. l wouldn’t be the least surprised to find out that they rented trucks of real live Canadian Truckers and are just using them as a front.

    Trump needs to be exterminated.

  • There is no vaccine mandate for truckers in America, all the end runs around the law, including the attempts at enforcing OSHA restrictions on private businesses, were rejected by the supreme court. Not that the vaccines work, in America, over 75% of the COVID hospitalized were fully vaccinated and boosted… and not that it matters, since the average Covid victim had 4 co-morbidities, according to the American CDC, which is why you have a survival rate of 99.998% if you are under the age of 60.

    As for the claims against these protests, you are just repeating lies and disinformation from your failed Canadian leadership like a good little apparatchik. We’ve all seen the videos and pictures of normal people that your media continues to slander as racists. In America several of our CCP compromised media companies have recently been successfully sued for repeating the lies of the sort you are repeating here. Are there no libel laws in Canada?

  • I am glad to hear someone else came to the same conclusion after doing a bit of simple research and some thinking. I am sorry that the truckers and their supporters were so easily duped. I hope they wake up soon.

  • daer Sir.
    your right the freedom movement has become much more.

    it really is a freedom movement that means 100 tings to 100 people. It is a way to blow off steam and to let politicians know that they need to work for the people and be honest and transparent.

    Yes there are some creepy people involved. Have you looked at parliament?

    You as a truck industry should be proud that it has become a world wide movement. why because of the real truckers, cowboys, nurses ect.

    I think your missing a chance to “seize the day”..

  • You consider the true objectives to be waving Nazi flags ,guilty by association. No sense whatsoever in your logic ,sorry you speak Justin’s Language ,one that no one understands ??!! You are way out of date,trying to divide people is a strategy that will not work right now.Truckers are leading this Freedom Convoy and nothing has changed,except Justin now has no respect left .Only thing , God forbid ,that would save him, is if he was actually gravely ill. I don’t wish him any harm,but his words are golden,and he really messed up !

  • There isn’t much that can be stated as “Profane language and content deemed to be libelous, racist, or threatening in nature will not be published under any circumstances.” The constraints on comments here are as onerous as anything Go Fund Me might be projected to devise “to safe guard the status quo”. How about a real look at the dangers of over centralization. It can work against Canada and the U.S. of A. just as it did for the Soviet Union.

  • This demonstration is about freedom from authoritarianism and the blatant fascism of the left. People are no longer going to blindly follow government officials whose anti-science edicts turn out to be massively wrong. Truckers know this isn’t about roads. Why are you trying to gaslight people?

  • It is sad that allegedly less than ten percent of your industry has managed to hijack attention for their spurious and paranoid claims. I can only applaud the majority of truckers for soldiering on in spite of enduring some deplorable conditions to keep us all supplied with food and commerce. It is good that you have exposed the true source of funding for this potential insurrection. Canada should take heed of what happened in Washington DC on January 6, 2021. That is one import from the USA we definitely do not need!

  • This is the sanest and clearest description of this so-called spontaneous political action that I’ve read. So much the better for having been researched and written by Mr. Menzies. It needs to be published and read as widely as possible.
    Thank you!

  • WOW! Thanks for that. The truth is finally out. Everybody jumps on the bandwagon. and have no idea what they are supporting. Shameful .

  • I am not a trucker.
    I rum my own business in Canada. It has been difficult. I have done my part to support the health directives. Yet there is a point when there is too much control, and more so how our rights and freedoms are being given away, and taken away.

    I am disgusted with federal politicians, provincial politicians, and local governments.
    I understood truckers who bring in essential goods like food products once heralded as heroes are now villans.
    I am also saddened by other fellow Canadians who are just to afraid to stand up .

    Is there an agenda? Is there real logic applied? Or is complacency the norm……. stand for nothing become nothing.

  • Excellent article! Kudos to Mr. James Mezies for doing his investigative work and reporting that the ‘Freedom convoy’ was actually orchestrated by the lunatic fringe on the far right.

    Shame on those who think that this has ANYTHING to do with their ‘freedoms’ being taken away. Shame on those who were waving Swastika flags and Confederate flags. Shame on those who were dancing on the monument of the Unknown soldier. Just who do you think fought and made the ultimate sacrifice for YOUR freedom? Just who do you think they had their rifles pointed at? The Swastika flag wavers?

    The worst thing Trudeau has done so far in my opinion was/ is to refrain from using the Military to confront and disperse these modern day Fenian invaders of our nation’s capital.

  • James did you get in your car and go witness this in person? I did…this is NOT about the vaccines…this is about Canadians having to sit by and watch the Trudeau family take advantage of Canadians again and again, generations of them destroying our values and our pride (trying to). WE ARE CANADIAN…say the lords prayer in school, sing Oh Canada and be proud that someone is willing to stand up for that. Most truckers are vaccinated, ALL of them in Ottawa are policing the ignorant that put anything on the Canadian Flag and ALL of them are respectful of all memorials…YOU are the ones that are causing the havoc…the heavy arm of the police is not the answer…Trudeau come out of hiding, resign your position and take ALL your family that is involved in the Canadian government with you…we are done supporting your families getting richer while the rest of us pay for it…James please do a little more research and find out some true information.
    1. How many of the Trudeau family are “employed” by the Canadian government? Cousins, nieces, Aunts, Uncles…
    2. How many laws has Trudeau broken since he has been in…SNC, WE just to name a few…we KNOW there is more…
    3. How does shutting down small businesses while allowing WALMART, SOBEY’S, HOME DEPOT, IKEA to remain open and get richer and richer help ANYONE?
    4. By the police taking away the protesters fuel (heat) not putting their lives in jeopardy?
    5. The “locals” that are filing lawsuits and complaining…YOU CHOSE TO LIVE IN THE CAPITAL NEAR THE PARLIAMENT!
    Ask the businesses in downtown Ottawa…THEY ARE LOVING BEING ABLE TO MAKE MONEY AND HAVE THE DOORS OPEN. Hotels at full occupancy, restaurants making money back that they lost. Oh and let’s not forget the sidewalks and streets being shoveled and salted to keep people safe. Done by the protesters not your city employees…not a stitch of garbage lying around like when the city employees “take care of the streets”
    I am willing to bet you voted Liberal…

  • It is very very clear to me that you too have been lifted over the barrel by the World Economic Forum clown you adore called Schwab! Who currently holds Justin Castro firmly in his grip as a leader of choice to get his world view to take hold in North America! You fools deem all of us as dumb working class scum. Shame on you, you in all your self proclaimed wisdom obviously never ever took history seriously, or never read a book on the dirty thirties, and need I mention how many men and women Canada sacrificed to stand up to a tyrant 6000km+ from home! And the tyrant who caused all of that is greatly admired by your brain dead leader Klaus Schwab! Educate yourself before you spout of on us third class truckers will ya! I dare bet you were a strong supporter of the BLM , antifa etc etc etc protests though eh! Just like the floozy who deems himself in charge of OUR country! The likes of You, Justin, Doug Ford etc all run for the same group! We are here to stop you..

  • My wife and I have had 2 needles and got Omicron at Christmas time. Boy that worked good. My daughter (school teacher) and her husband got 3 needles, he tested positive last week and was quite sick, and she is presently sick, that worked even better. I’ve changed sides. I’m with the truckers.

  • James,

    I guess it all depends on whether you read the Toronto Star or the The Epoch Times as to one’s opinion.

    There is a Big Difference in Perspective. I will go with the Epoch Times as they are not paid off by Trudeau to the tune of $600 million to the Social Media.
    Blaine Mitton

  • Just wondering if it would make a difference for Canadians to take photos of any police officers violating their rights during this trucker demonstration rally, and put them on a “Hall of Shame” website.

  • Still sticking to your line eh menzies? So truckers can only protest as truckers, and not as citizens fed up with the state of the country? Are you saying truckers aren’t intelligent enough to see what is going on around them and are being manipulated by some big bad alt-right movement?
    Or could it be other peaceful passive Canadians – farmers, construction workers, housewives, and labourers were emboldened and strengthened by the truckers’ leadership?
    Pretty condescending for someone who purports to represent the industry in the media.
    Shame on you.

  • The truckers have captured the imagination of the world. If this is a sham, I’d rather fall for this sham than the one that the Globalists have been parading for the past two years. To call this convoy “dangerous” when you consider the horrors that have been visited on all of us through their tyranny is ridiculous. If Tamara Lich and her group can have ANY effect that serves to deliver us all from Trudeau and his puppet masters, count me in. Mr. Menzies, it IS about the truckers and they graciously decided to include the rest of us who are saying quite loudly that enough is enough. We’re not duped, we’re very clear eyed so, please Mr. Menzies, get out of the way or join us. I’d be more than happy to debate this with you in any forum you may choose.

  • What a bunch of bs. Why don’t you try something refreshing? Like maybe an unbiased article that contains a little more truth? This was never only about the truckers! They’re not that selfish. And the group in Ottawa includes a lot more than just truckers! I dare you to go to Ottawa and see for yourself. Nothing but peace and love. The problem is that our fearful leader won’t even talk to them. Whose job is it to do that, anyway? Whoever it is, we as taxpayers are paying their wage, so maybe they should make a little bit of an effort? Shame on you. Speak the truth or don’t speak at all.

  • Oh my god, talk about back peddling on the initial piece of poor journalism, and then trying to defect away from it, by bringing in ‘your’ theories. You frankly have no bloody clue why Canadians are frustrated do you? The convoy, was the rallying cry for 100’s of thousands of average, middle class, ‘your neighbors’ type of people, who are simply tired of what is obviously becoming a lie. Meaning if 80% plus is vaccinated, isnt it time to move on? And have a life?

    So instead of a PM, meeting with and/or speaking and saying yes we need to get on with it and here are some timelines, or objectives to go by, he is sitting at home watching and twitting about the Olympics, held in a country he greatly admires.

    So instead of being so shallow in your skin, why not become a more investigative thinker, and dig deeper into what this is about, and try and understand what some folks have gone thru. Perhaps you still kept your job, working from home enjoying the wife and kids, BBQing in the back yard, many didnt. Many were trapped in apartments, couldn’t even walk in a park for mental health. Many in care homes, not understanding why visitors couldn’t come?

    Do you really understand what it was like for many less privileged?

  • You are an idiot……One simple step away from Freedom and to relinguish it to Government is Tyranny. Despite your elaquent analysis of this peaceful and beautiful protest, You have yet to actually go there, go ask for yourself. You want to pontificate on your position and your objection to others rights. If the foot was on your neck or if your principles were being trampled you may have a different view. The problem is, you must have some principles. An unprincipled Man is of no use and of no comfort to a free society or others who actually live by a set of principals.

  • I don’t believe for a moment its just a bunch of like minded truckers who have had enough and got got together to organize this so called Freedom Convoy. More like a group looking to forment some unrest. I Just don’t know who is really behind this movement. I may have some suspions, but no proof at this point.

  • We here in the US think Canada is awesome
    We stand with….! !!!!!
    All the Canadiens we have spoken to in the last 3 yrs we drove thru Canada was respectful awsome.
    We will be starting our own convoy across the United States for all our freedom and hold your heads high you all have the pride and back bone to stand for our kid grandchildren you will go to the history book one who stood for freedom i am proud to join you.
    Hope see you aIl ice road truck thru the beautiful Canada stay strong we are with you Patty

  • Trudeau is pressing the truckers to get shot up yet exempted over two hundred thousand federal employees. Posties, park personnel et al.

    That my friend is how you fight Covid

  • Thank You James for your analysis . . . You’re right, it’s not about the border/vaxxs, ETC, Etc, etc . . . It’s about ‘control’ (NWO) & ‘Humanity is awakening’ to their deception(s) . . . Be aware of who you are giving your power (energy) to, & listen to your ‘heart’ (your intuition). It is there, where you will find your truth(s) . . . I wish you well my friend . . .
    David Byers aka 1 Eye . . .

  • now that we have a group together its the right time to do what must be done. 911 invea=stigation is by far the must that must be done . 20 years and nothing has happend. if you truckers go on to the Nist building and get a ohnest report, that should get thing rolling. how can we let them get away with a big lie like 911

  • Where can I tell the 90% of working truckers that I admire them. How do we stand up to the bullies.
    This is not the way I want my country displayed for the world.
    I am disgusted by Members of Parliament throwing support in the way of the convoy.
    This is the FREEDOOM movement.

  • Heartfelt thank you to 95% of the truckers out there. This misguided minority of far right crazies is a sad reflection of our educational system.

    People that cannot discern the difference between lies and propaganda and truth should not be in control of our city centers and border crossings. They are holding us all hostage.

    I hang my head in shame as a Canadian.

    Cheers, Mike

  • How much did you get paid to write this. The “mainstream media” is corrupt and does not report news properly. If you would so much as get off your ass and go see for yourself, you might see how “mainstream media” is reporting what the were told to.

  • Looks to me like the author doesn’t know a whole lot about these truckers when he smears the truckers with “The unruly behavior in Ottawa – the waving of Swastika and Confederate flags” — the one Swastika and the one Confederate flag didn’t belong to the truckers; I knew that myself instantly. Have seen countless videos, they have not been unruly. Trudeau and his government are the guilty parties. Get off the backs of the people. Quit resisting their determination to invoke sovereignty over their own bodies. That is their perfect right!! The lies that Trudeau told about the truckers, even calling them racist, shows his glaring lack of integrity. Acts likes a spoiled rich kid. You got a real piece of work for Prime Minister, similar to our piece of work illegitimate President Biden. Thank you for letting me vent a little. My one and only motivation is liberty and not a thing more.

    • Thanks for pointing out the lies about the flags – it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the government initiate the flag incident, they have done nothing but promote lies about the Freedom Convoy, including the rumors about statues being desecrated. Viva Frei has been filming the Freedom Convoy for several days and has seen no violence, no descrecration, in fact he said the area is much cleaner and safer than before they came.

  • Canadians have always and continue to appreciate the job that truckers do and the service they give to our communities.

    James, thank you for clarifying the issues surrounding the Freedom Convoy protest. I am not sure how you can get the truckers on the Hill to understand and accept how their concerns have been misused.

    However, if credible voices in the trucking industry continue to speak out, and the national/international
    media gets the situation framed correctly, there maybe a good chance for constructive dialogue with politicians, the real concerns of truckers addressed, and the protest to end.

    These are challenging times. We have all made sacrifices, and we must continue to watch out for one another. That includes keeping our manufacturing and businesses in Canada alive.

  • Of course it was never about the truckers. It’s about the unjust vaccine mandates, mask mandates and the coward, liar Justin Trudeau.

  • James Menzies, you had my attention until your last paragraph. The unruly behaviour you speak of (and recent rant from Trudeau expressing even worse) is just not true. There is video evidence of the peaceful Trucker supported protests, dancing in the streets, children playing, love and kindness expressed in all the signs held up. What is true (and unfortunate) is the few on the fringes, often staged, who strategically perform acts of violence and damage. The protest here in Victoria, Vancouver Island was as peaceful as in Ottawa and with 10,000 supporters and many more along the road to Victoria. Mainstream media and the present government only express what they want people to see and hear. Much is at stake. It is time to reopen critical thinking, intelligent and respectful debate, and yes, freedom of speech. The people of Canada deserve to hear and see it ALL, not just one side.

  • Such division. Everyone has an option about this truckers protest (a rather passionate one at that). How can we possibly agree on anything if we can’t even agree on which information is fact. We all have our sources and we all what our team to win but there are good people on both sides. Who has the solution regarding the filtering of information so that it isn’t biased, tainted, a conflict of interest and/or politically influenced? Who does that? Big tech? Gouvernement? Civilians? Who gets to sensor the other side? Do we need censoring? Who gets to be the FACT CHECKERS…Facebook or Joe Rogan, CNN or Fox?
    We fight each other over lies and mis-truths…lies from both sides of the aisle. How about open televised debates.? We’ve spent much time on exposing the issues and now it’s time that we spend our efforts on SOLUTIONS. Until we can agree on facts… we…are…doomed!

    • In my opinion, your message is quite correct, though your spelling is quite atrocious. Unfortunately, reason is, for some reason, not received as reasonably as one might expect. Too many conflicting objectives in this scenario. I feel sorry for the truckers who have been duped into believing that this is their protest; they appear to be merely pawns.

  • The above makes sense. I always felt that there was a unknown motive behind the so called freedom drive.

    Just a random thought: the American ALPHA HOTELS agitators should be deported as they have NO business taking part in any kind of demonstration in Canada. Send them home!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Menzies,

    What a coward you are! While these men and women risk being arrested and other indignities to stand for what they believe, you sit behind a desk and attack them. Why not try doing something honorable instead of supporting the elite!

  • james why wont you post l my comment Life insurance companies in USA seeing deaths 40% higher after vaccine roll out – all companies. even a 10% rise is a once in 200yr have a look yourself

  • The people who are behind this convoy, whether it be Truckers, anti-vaxxers, or Mickey Mouse, may not have considered that no actions they take, no matter how strong, believed in, nor cherished, will EVER keep a government from standing against those that threaten the economy of a country.
    One group’s bitches, are another group’s beliefs; it is that simple. Unless there is a profound measure of either accord, settlement, bargain, understanding, or pact there will be any answers short of those that bring a country to war, heartache, and misery. And, one must ask themselves in the end, was it really worth it…to destroy one’s self their family, friends, and love ones to this point. Was what they were fighting for really worth it?

  • Thanks for writing this and exposing the extremists behind the “Freedom Convoy”. I posted the story on Twitter last week and it’s gotten a lot more positive reaction than I ever anticipated. PLEASE keep exposing these people.

  • whatever you think about truckers are doing is really not that importent. to Me the most they could help get people out of jails in the world for telling the truth . And force governments to leave free speech alone one more could they maybe get 911 in court would do the world a favor

  • when was it in history, where all citizens were forced to take a vaccine and countries went into a lockdown?? The majority of the population is vaccinated, wore masked, followed strict protocols and yet the experimental vaccine didn’t work. Two years have gone by and still the government continues with their lies and brainwashing, thinking that everyone are fools, that everyone will tow the line and will obediently follow their mandates. Fast forward now, more people are awakened to the truth that this virus is curable and are evolting against these power hungry, corrupt manipulators, who were a few weeks ago, instilling more fear amongst their people, so now, they want their government out (ousted) and the mandates rolled back.

  • I don’t know that any one person, in a political or other position, can or should be persecuted as responsible for this situation, considering that, globally, the medical system on so any levels had a lot to do with over-hyping the introduction of each virus mutation so that everyone, not just politicians, were scrambling to do, or at least appear to be doing, something to deal with the threat. The obvious winner in this situation is … you may have guessed it … Big Pharma (and perhaps the manufacturers of face masks). Maybe if all of us who are fed up with the restrictions and all that goes with them, focus our energy on the real driving force behind every restriction we’ve endured, we can see some commonality, and perhaps one side, or the other, will be stand up to “be the bigger man”. Or is that even possible these days?

  • Few facts- over 30,000 Canadians dead from Covid. The opening of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms:
    “ Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of
    God and the rule of law:”….. An opinion: people participating or supporting illegal blockades are incredibly selfish- taking away the rights of others so they can protest. And all freedoms are based on the rule of law. You broke the law. Don’t like the laws? Democracy gives you ways to try that. Illegal behavior is not one of them.

  • Sending my thanks to you James from Atlanta, GA. for some fine and accurate reporting. Right wing zealots will use every excuse imaginable to deflect the attention from the one thing they’ve always feared, accountability. They have ignored the rule of law for so long that being held accountable is just not on their radar. Unfortunately, the working man/woman is often the one to be their scapegoat and as long as they don’t see thru the delusional logic of the entitled, they will suffer the most.

  • Sorry, that you have accepted that vaccine apartheid espoused by the government and the media makes you think your hateful diatribe is protected. That same vilification and assault of another based on their race, their gender, their right to intermarry, their religion, their disabiility is not legal but somehow you feel that you can pull that same discrimination based on a citizen’s right to choose not to have an invasion medical procedure. Is your article bordering on a hate crime?

  • Don’t agree with you. If you are such a pro trucker why don’t you do something positive to improve truckers work life. The poor economics, poor training & poor quality of life need to be addressed ! Work on that, use your position for good not bad. May the force guide you !!

  • Actually I can believe this given how Alberta’s been doing the Separatism bs since Trump was elected. Not sure why anyone would have wanted to be another state with that disaster as well as various other over the years. However I think with old treaties anyway Canada has to uphold yet still actually abuses. Provinces like Alberta or Quebec could never truly separate even if Canada does ever separate from the crown which surprisingly Quebec the notorious “separatist” of old was the province that kept it connected to the crown. Yes even Canada isn’t separated. Though the only reasonable separation act would be to give the land back to it’s original people but as Canada’s lack of morals actually stand as well as a majority of it’s citizens this would likely never happen. This is just a truth about our nation and there would always be excuses on doing so. The US aren’t the only jerks in North America. However lets be honest invading Canada to protest kind of is an invasion of politics. Something countries even aren’t generally allowed yet seemingly over various years have been doing one way or another. Does anyone remember the make Canada another state scam that went around I believe 20 years back over votes in your mail? I’ve a friend from Arizona that explained that it sadly is all too common for Americans to invade other countries and try to take over their politics. Maybe some of Canada’s problem is we’re overrun by big business’ from the US that dominate this over our own. Seeing as many resources of Canada are now actually owned by the US or China. Examples being the oil trades of Alberta. the oil trades are a subject all on their own though given we may one day find a more reliable source or it’ll dry up meaning that big belief of American economy that doesn’t exist will also dry up.

    Honestly the truckers don’t deserve an an exception just the same as I who has more reason with asthma and sleep apnea doesn’t. Which to tell you with bad asthma those complaints on the mask are massive lies of how bad it is to wear them. If they gave exception to me and other asthmatics the virus would likely hit some vulnerable people it could do more harm though technically given that the virus can leave permanent damage on the lungs and heart I don’t think I’d like my own condition worsened. We shouldn’t be listening to truckers about medical support and health but our doctors. My doctor as an example believes omicron will likely be the last of it given it’s so contagious most likely everyone will end up catching it in terms he still advised the vaccines and the booster. Some people state it infringes our beliefs but it doesn’t Canada has always supported it’s health system ever since agreements in treaties over medicine that lead to our free health care system.

    I’ve heard responses on comparison of surviving the bubonic plague and Spanish flu as excuses to agree on the trucker’s movement of vaccines but from lack of medical support they were actually some drastic events. In terms why the UK’s herd immunity was refuted when the virus came around they considered herd immunity off the bat but it got refuted because they knew casualties would be worse. The Bubonic plague killed most of Europe in the 12th century and the Spanish flu killed almost 50 million in the early 20th century. In terms thanks to vaccine masks medical advances and regulations such as the boarder regulations only 5.2 million people died so far. Thank your doctors and their knowledge for that.

    The only real reasonable thing to agree upon is masks are frustrating and it’ll be nice when more immunity develops that things end up like before the virus. Not only are the truckers frustrated on things but many people are. however I also think truckers are replaceable and that their position is a mandatory responsibility given it supports our trade back and forth between Canada and the US. Their job is important for sure but they aren’t over the people and their job isn’t out of range for a more responsible person to get. Meaning the groceries and halts of deliveries should never be halted which were. I’ve an uncle whose a trucker and I don’t even think he supports what’s going on here in Ottawa. Why would any reasonable person though? Freedom is also an excuse giving freedom can be anything even harmful things. It doesn’t mean the same thing as liberate. They sound the same but aren’t. Laws are there to restrict harmful freedoms. so yes any law takes away freedom. But that even means laws that prevent murder or theft. The mandates aren’t any different.

    Also yes Trudeau’s done a terrible job and broke many of his compaign promises. It’d be nice to have a new party in that isn’t Conservative party either maybe more in the middle not far right or overly far left. Actually just before Trudeau we had the disaster of the Conservative party that’d be nice not to repeat.

  • Your article was right on the money. This convoy was subverted right from the start. When you have people like Patrick King as an organizer who is an unemployed iron worker and is tied in with white supremacy groups and is a know racist and Tamara Lich who is part of the Maverick Party and has been investigated for fraud., the convoy was doomed to lose support from the git go. This convoy was wrong from the start and it is time to end it.

  • Right on! We’ve been watching this grow for years and the truckers were their scapegoats. Their kids their shields and the Cansfuan education system their key. If another Canafisn tells me its against our 200 year old constitution I’m going to barf! Ignorance was the first ingredient, frustration the second , and timing the third . But the cooks are US and racists who freemen inspired thugs who even put kids at risk. Cowards and crooks just what we are not looking for….not nation building material.

  • Hash, hash, time will tell, trust me. The people of Canada will decide, no other force, because thats democracy.

  • Ok, Lets get some facts straight.

    1. MnRA has been studied for over 35 years and is not new. Scientist findings are now looking at using MnRA to prevent cancer from spreading in your body. So if there was a “jab” that could of saved a loved one would you still listen to the BS online and let them die?

    2. If majority would of got the vaccination to stop the spread then there would of been no mandate. That was brought on by the stupid people believing what they read online. The only person I trust for information is my long time doctor which then I opted in for the vaccination.

    3. As said many times…. It is not Freedom when you scare local people. Stop imports and exports.
    A good buddy said he would pay more to support the freedom protest. Well wait till good are up 25-30% which is already happening. Guess who profits from that? Yes the big companies that I know the protesters do not like. Walmart, Amazon etc. Maybe they are behind rallying this just for profit. Think about that.

    I use to be a negative thinking like the 15% protesting but as I’ve gotten older I look for the positives in life. Maybe there is something in the vaccine not to harm you but to help? I’m not a scientist and cannot say anything about it.

    I’m a number guy and one thing that has never been talked about is how the US has just freed up 7-10 billion dollars a year for health care by using the “heard” mentality. They said that Covid is just a flu. Over 918,000 people have died and think about how many died of covid and will not be sucking the health care system dry in the US. I really believe Covid was used to “Cull” the population of the old and sick. How long have we read that disease would be what knocks the population down. The government doesn’t want to harm you? Without the working population the money men of the world would not be where they are today.


  • Organizer Lich is on the radar of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, which has flagged her association with the “Yellow Vest” movement and her support of the anti-Muslim Clarion Project.

  • Good morning James. Freedom is an essential right for every human. We all have been duped in not really understanding the corruption that is found everywhere. Why has Treaudu not addressed the peoples of this freedom movement and really listen and respond. Simple he cannot as he is part of illuminati. He and Christine Freeland both graduated and work for World Economic Forum s global leaders fir tomorrow -Clause Schwab / Gorge Soros . Their mandate is dictatorship/ one world order. Divide and control . Opposite of what the freedom convoy stands for.

  • Looks like the editors of this publication are trying to discourage a convoy here in the USA. Your attempt will fail and their will be Convoys all over this Free land! I just couldn’t believe this article is in a so called trucknews publication. Shameful to try and manipulate the largest workforce in the United States and World for that matter!

  • Typical liberal trash article…..always about nazi and confederate flags even though they chased away the guy flying the confederate flag and if you didn’t know or just being pig headed as all liberal writers are the swastikas were calling our Government the new Nazis……and scum like you defending them are worst

  • Well stated and why do we allow a fringe minority to be so disruptive. Members of this ‘freedom convoy of truckers’ should be given a oneway ticket to Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia where they can enjoy a different type of freedom.

  • Your delusional. This was never about the border, or the truckers or overthrowing the government. It was 100% about ending these useless and draconian mandates. The truckers have continued to do the same job they have been doing since this began and are still crossing that border daily.
    That you would take a page out of Trudeau the Tyrants dirty tricks book and try to paint ~200,000 Canadian flag waving, peaceful protesters, millions of supporters, vets and patriots based on the actions of three protestors is shameful and revolting.

  • This isn’t a “freedom” convoy. This is a trail of the mosy entitled Canadians, ones who did not lose 80% to 100% of their work during the pandemic, trying to tell the rest of the nation that THEY want to run the country and, despite most not having the qualifications to mop a laboratory, what our federal science and medical policies should be.
    Perhaps I should ask my vet to fix their next engine issues if this is how the future looks.
    Mandates? If we’re following the mandates of the biggest pandemic rollout failure in history you may be backing the wrong horse. E Denmark Not USA.
    We don’t need to let unvaxxed truckers in from USA. Drop the load at the border. Our new publicly owned transportation industry that will be based on the seized, vehicle’s, assets and theprofessionals that are still licensed at the end of all this.

    Also, just watching live, if a company is going to publicly support a supremacist they just might want to leave a couple staff members at the yard.
    Just Saying.
    Anybody that knows who Pat king is and still supports?

    That’s gonna hurt business.
    Stand by your values. If your values involve present, past or future genocide or racial superiority it may have a long term impact on your bottom line.
    Maybe not
    Those photos don’t disappear

    That works the same for both teams
    Just sayin’

  • I knew it wasn’t about anti vax , it was the far right in my opinion and it is scary(white supremists) .I don’t want to see history repeat itself.
    I feel bad that so many of the protesters were duped into believing it was for freedom . If you want to know freedom is they should take a trip to any third world country . We live in a beautiful country and they want to destroy that.
    We have always had freedom of assembly .

  • So you will support chines government crack down on pro- democracy movement in 1989, Tianmen square? They are “fringe minority”. They are against government. They were supported by foreign force, mainly USA. They were funded by foreign money. Any more similarity? If you do not support Chinese communist, you are double standard.

  • It’s too bad the Republican brain rot has infiltrated Canada. Among other things, the Condfederate Flag was never a Canadian Flag, it was flown by Confederate traitors during the American Civil War. Those who still fly it are traitors and those in Canada who fly it are ignorant as well as those flying Swastikas. Even if this convoy was about anti vaccinations….Canada has had vaccination requirements for foreign travel and school enrollments for decades, as seat belts, child car seats etc. This is nothing new….what’s new is Canadians trying to mimic the American stupidity, corruption, and lawlessness. We are better than that!!!!

    Protesters should go home and hang their head in shame.

  • My biggest complaint is the use of our Canadian flag as being representative of the protest. I am a proud Canadian and proud of the Canadian flag and what it represents. Two world wars were fought for our freedoms. These freedoms are being usurped by a faction of radical political activists. You’re article really articulates how easily people are duped

  • In no other protest has there been such a wide swath of platforms represented. Old growth forest sit ins never have anti-pipeline sentiment yet I presume both parties have very similar interests.
    The infusion of U.S. dollars and insurgents is disturbing as a foreign interest is deliberately trying to unseat another country’s democracy.
    The ludicrous cries for ‘freedom’ and reinstatement of ‘rights’ while openly kidnapping the downtown core of a nation’s capital to ‘protest’ is a blatant contradiction that those involved seemingly overlook with willful ignorance.
    This is a cut n dry example of domestic terrorism and those who participated should be held to account by feeling the full weight of the law.
    Had this been an indigenous group, the homeless, or any other vulnerable sector the protest would have ended in hours not weeks.
    The tarnished reputation of Canada is going to require a lot of elbow grease and sweat equity to repair the damage done.

  • Thank you for your article. You have nailed it.
    You missed that Canada unity tried this in 2018 and couldn’t even attack flies.
    Also on December 16, 2021 they travelled to Ottawa and tried to get that MOU signed by the Governor General. Little wonder she hung the no bodies home sign on the door.
    One other point Canada unity is built entirely on conspiracy theories and a love and worship of trump.

  • How much money does the Lie-beral government give you? The mandates are useless, the so called science goes unchallenged. There are thousands of doctors and scientists who have proof that the inoculations are useless; Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Roger Hodkinson, et al. The goal posts keep getting moved. Now there’s talk of manditory yearly jabs. This isn’t about health, it’s about control.

    “Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both.”

    Frederick Douglass

  • You are the one who has been duped buddy. Ask one question. Has this Corona virus been isolated????? This was taken to court in Alberta and the Crown could not produce the evidence. Keep in mid that everytime someone gets a jab, Justin Trudeau (or should I call him Justin Castro) makes a kickback. Why should he care if people are getting sick from these vaccines!!! THIS WHOLE FRAUD IS ABOUT TO BE EXPOSED!!! Have a heart and get out there and support these truckers.

  • Thank you! I think so many people are missing the point. The government didn’t take away our rights and freedoms. The pandemic did. Many years ago, I came down with a nasty flu that was so like ebola that I was quarantined and tested. I did so willingly because the last thing I wanted to do was to infect anyone else. Thankfully, the test came back negative, I was treated with a number of broad spectrum antibiotics to keep my liver from shutting down and, eventually, I recuperated. Right now, my son, his wife, and my grand-daughter are under quarantine for having Covid. They are not screaming and whining that their rights have been taken away. They are following the guidelines given to them. And yes, as someone with an autoimmune disorder, I would feel much safer knowing that all truckers were vaccinated as these people are handling consumer items. I just never understood why this group of truckers thought they were above and beyond the rest of us.

  • Thank you for stating the obvious!! These organizers used the Truckers for their large equipment to terrorize Ottawa while the organizers were always meant to be the only ones to gain from this insurrection.

    As a former truck owner I do sympathize to a degree with the truck owners who have lost their equipment and livelihood, but the choice was theirs to make.

  • May God have mercy on your soul, Mr. Menzies, for such ludicrous statements could never be forgiven by those patriotic Canadians that have given so much to this Country. Shame on you.

  • The question I have is “Who actually owns the vehicles that were abandoned or impounded?” I have to think it might be hard for the government to recoup any money from them if they are being leased. I suspect the attending truckers would have been more cautious about losing any equity in something they actually owned.

  • how do we know tha money is sent to the Truckers directly? Is this a fake web site, money goes to wrong people?
    Do truckers get any of the money?

  • Your article was obviously biased and the analysis is rife with easily disputed disinformation. An example? Sure… flags bearing swastikas? How many did you or anybody else count? You conveniently forgot to mention that the outsider that brought that particular flag was promptly shut down by the Truckers as was the confederate flag bearer.. The organizers duped the Truckers? Does this mean that every one of those thousands of Truckers are so gullible that they couldn’t possibly have vetted these spokes people? How could these alleged “extortionists” have acquired funding when King Trudeau shut all Freedom Convoy financial activity down? You sir are promoting tyranny.

  • I chose to stay in Canada after 1989 Tianman square student movement (I was a student at that time). For 30+ year in Canada, I saw and learnt a lot how a democracy and freedom country deals with protests. Now, it is different. I may not agree with all views from “freedom Convoy” but I can compare the Canadian government (now – using FC for Freedom Convoy) with Chinese communist government (1989—using CTS for Chinese Tianman Square).
    1. Both protests were organized by “fringe” minority and majority citizens were not agree.
    2. FC lasted for 3+ weeks and CTS last for 6+ weeks.
    3. Both protests were against government.
    4. Both protests had personal targets: FC for Trudeau and CTS for Deng XiaoPing.
    5. Both occupied capital center: FC for Parliament Hill and CTS for Tianmen square.
    6. Both blocked the road and cause inconvenience for citizen and business.
    7. Both got support from people from other locations and cities.
    8. Both got Foreign fundings: FC from US and CTS mostly from western countries (might be CIA).
    9. CTS got media support from foreign government and FC got little from other government (It will be interesting comparison if FC got support from Russia or China).
    10. No government officers tried to talk with FC. In 1989, senior Chinese officers met with organizer to pursue students to leave several times, which included visit of Secretary General Zhao ZhiYang.
    11. It is basically peaceful for FC. In 1989, some soldiers were burned to death and policemen were killed (though most peaceful).
    12. In 1989, a lot of reporters risked their life to report and many got arrested later. There were not too many positive reports for FC.
    13. At marshal law in 1989, it was very violent for the students when cleaning the protesters. Here, the police are more professional and there were not many casualties when cleaning the protesters (might be the only + for Canada).
    14. In 1989, A lot of leaders got arrested and put into jail, though most released to go out of country due to pressure from western countries. Here, many people got arrested and many got bank account frozen which affects not just the leader but their family. It is more brutal to me.
    This was the message I got from Canada government now: You can protest in Canada under following conditions:
    1. You cannot be “fringe” minority. (Why people have to protest if they have majority view).
    2. You cannot against mainstream view.
    3. You cannot target government or the leader.
    4. You cannot block the road and cause inconvenience to business and citizens.
    5. You cannot be violent to others.
    But I did see a lot of violent protest in the last 30+ years and how government dealt with them. Therefore, it is my view that the “emergency act” is the major set back for Canada democracy and freedom.

    • Stop lying!!!
      Now the world is finding out this was astroturfed millionaires and billionaires.
      Not workers but fascists!

      • There is always money and force behind any movement and demonstration. This kind of desperate sound is very familiar to me, much like communist dictator country. That is what I am afraid of for Canada.

  • Your article is right on the money. This was a disgraceful example of manipulation of people by organizations National and Foreign, whose agenda was to weaken our country. Russia played a significant role in sowing disinformation for years. Elements of the US Repubican Party were involved along with far right groups across Canada and the US. I am sorry for those who were duped by this manipulation. Serious damage has been done and this country has to heal. That needs to be our goal now.

  • Thank you for writing this article. If you have a copy of the MOU/Manifesto, I’d appreciate if you’d email it to me. My husband is a trucker and agrees that this was never about mandates or vaccines. He worries that it will ruin the reputation of all the great truckers out there who kept on working, got vaccinated to protect others, and he has no problem wearing a mask or taking a rapid test if he thinks he’s been exposed. There are so many good men and women in the trucking industry that care about people and delivery fuel and goods working long days and nights, who never complain even though the real issue for truckers is fair compensation, and the need for graduated licensing, especially for those who drive big rigs with dangerous good. But trucker also need places to park, use the washroom, have a hot meal, etc and the right to have a schedule that works for them and their families. These are the real heroes. And I am thankful for every one of them. By the way, it might interest people to know that mandated vaccines have been around for the last hundred years and that the military plus public school children have had to had their shots for decades now. Maybe ask these guys how many home school their children (personally) so their kids don’t have to take ‘mandated’ shots.

  • Sorry you got spammed by antiworker nazi trolls.
    Now the world is finding out this was astroturfed millionaires and billionaires.
    Not workers

  • Thank you for your more accurate explanation of the issue than any previous article I have read.

    When Pierre Trudeau said “Just watch me” before enacting the War Measures Act in 197, as best as I can recall it passed in the House with only one dissenting vote (by Tommy Douglas as I recall). The Canadian population was solidly behind it, because of the shocking effects of the FLQ, who had kidnapped and murdered a British government official. I remember myself hfeeling support, yl but concern. That evening I attended a meeting of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association to discuss the issue. By the end of the evening I was fully convinced that it had been an unnecessary move. When a vote was taken, the CCLA members voted almost unanimously against it.

    A lot of changes have taken place in the 50 years since then, especially in our neighbour the USA, with four years of Trump as President and the rise of far right parties in Canada. I don’t believe the Canadian population is as fully unified behind the need for enacting this Emergency Act at this time.

    I am 92 years of age and try to understand and keep up with current events.

  • For the record, James: churches, shrines, and other places/objects designated as holy by various religious organizations can be and are sometimes desecrated. Wrt the Terry Fox memorial, the proper word is “vandalized.”

  • I somewhat agree that the truckers were taken advantage of and were ill informed by their lawyer. No matter what evil some supporters planed, the truckers intended to peacefully talk with the prime minister to end the mandates, period. After showing up in numbers on Wellington Street I wished they would have kept driving their rigs away and protest on foot with a more respectful language. I think that would have qualified for a peaceful legal protest. In that case J. Trudeau would have had a harder time to demonize them. It upsets me to see people who in some case help the truckers by giving money for gas to keep warm after the police had illegally taken their gas. These people are paying for the police’s illegal action. Even those peacefully protesting on foot are treated as terrorists. Very sad.

  • You make misleading statements , since virtually every international Anti-mandates protest was infiltrated and disrupted by Antifa performing acts to make the peaceful protesters appear intolerant , ignorant, and violent . The anti -mandates protest in Belgium had precisely the same thing happen .
    What proof have you got that it was Truckers for Freedom participants who waved a swastika flag desecrated the Terry Fox monument, or danced on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier . I don’t buy it.
    It is ludicrous to assume that the organizers who went to great lengths to educate their colleagues that protest serves no one if they can’t keep it responsible and respectful -would turn around and wave confederate flags. Do some research. Every advertised peaceful protest for at least five years has a contingent of Antifa arrive dressed to match the occasion to destroy reputations and foment violence.
    Please feel free to give my name and email to the Ottawa police since it appears anyone who supports the anti mandates protests anywhere on Earth are branded terrorists .

  • Thank you! Appreciate the real reality of the situation you wrote here.
    My heart goes out to those truckers that’s purpose was trampled with the propaganda of narcissistic radicalists.
    Unfortunately there is big tax free money in protesting. so professional protesters destroy the true freedom to peacefully protest.
    Thank you again.

  • It’s too bad those truckers that were part of the Ottawa Occupation where allowed to black list truckers as a whole. It’s a shame because millions of Canadians think truckers are assholes relating them to this occupation. Their organizers are suffering the consequences of their actions and rightly so. It’s interesting to note that the company of the truck in your photo had five trucks there and all five scattered as police came to arrest them. They ran away like when you shine a flashlight on rats in a dark corner. Shameful behaviour as the majority of truckers are good people but not these clowns that attended the protest!

    • John, why be concerned of a few bad apples giving the majority a bad name. Do people not use critical thinking? Can people not think for themselves ? We do know that people believe MSM/Trudeau as the convoy being just a fringe minority. So you really shouldn’t be concerned.

  • Truckers should stay home a few weeks and show Biden and democrats how much truckers play a role in American economy I think Biden’s administration will give in to truckers demands after store shelves become empty What do ya think

    • I think like in Canada, most truckers are sensible people. This is why 98% of them (according to the Truckers Association of Canada) continued to deliver much-needed goods and supplies to Canadians during the difficult times. While these other nut jobs whined and complained about what is essentially NOTHING.

  • Why didn’t Trudeau (1 Meet with the truckers or (2 Lift the mandate to have the truckers exempt, so they would have cleaned up and drove their trucks home rather than go immediately to the emergency act which cost the city millions.

    • Why does Trudeau have to meet with people who have demanded his government resign? To be replaced by – get this – themselves!

      This, just months after a democratic election.

      Please, give your head a shake!

  • let the truck go fund their self. in the passed people didn`t get paid for hauling their ass around. if the need a change deliver badly need supplies. something you should be paid for.

  • Thank you for writing this. We looked on in dismay, sadness, also anger at this “trucker” protest; obviously a politically motivated protest. Ashamed to be Canadian watching all this unfold especially using children as pawns. Do not “trash” our elected parliament. We are a democracy act with your vote. When my husband retired six years ago there was a shortage of drivers, more so today. 90% of truckers vaccinated, over 80% of Canada’s population vaccinated. If you know how to drive you could find work. Freedom, whose freedom? From no vaccines a little over a year ago to a standing of one of the top five countries in the world who handled the pandemic well. Thank you to all who did this for yourselves and for others. For those of you who have trouble, wearing a mask, getting a jab, I hear they are hiring in U.S. or better yet Russia. Go with my blessing.
    All the truckers I know are hard working, caring, sharing. Should know married to one for 45 years.

  • This article about sums it up. The government is within it’s rights to restrict individual freedoms for health and safety reasons. The reality is those who feel their rights are being taken away do not take the pandemic seriously. The virus is either no threat at all or of minimal danger to the public. If that’s how one thinks it’s no wonder they protest.
    There is no mechanism for a group to actually replace the government with the aid of the Governor General as was suggested by protesters.
    The narrative these folks follow is not how the majority of people view things.
    Regardless, a populist movement to have success still needs to work within the processes that are available. Vote, run for office, support a candidate, Do something positive not destructive..

  • I agree with your comments.
    I’m a Van. Island resident specifically 1/2 between Nanaimo and Victoria.
    I would appreciate help in organizing a plan to stop or at least slow down the mis-informed activists.
    I am a peaceful individual but can’t tolerate individuals that claim to protest on behalf of …..
    for their own personal or political objectives.
    Question – has the media relayed the organizers objectives.

  • This rally was not just about vaccine mandates it was about all the dishonesty of cbc news false claims that the federal government had said about carbon tax and the whole political system in Ottawa which is not a true democracy anymore since the Trudeau government has been in All political parties should be dissolved and become individual independents

    • Absolute nonsense.

      The carbon tax, for one, is by any (even right-wing) economist’s perspective the very best way to price carbon use and in fact most Canadian households receive a higher credit at tax refund time than they spend on things like fuel.

      Really, you can look all of this stuff up, it is freely available, although Pierre Poilièvre will not tell you any of this.

  • Hi James I think you are completely out of touch with reality and the brainwashing worked on you. But your decision is yours and I have not problem with rights but in Canada the Government took them away illegally and that is unacceptable. If you cannot accept or believe in our Charter then just Truck off. I was an airline pilot then I was suspended, became a trucker and my right to cross to come back to Canada without quarantining. Was that bases on any science? No it was only to coerce compliance of the masses.

  • The fact that most Canadians are not protesting and jumping up and down means that to most Canadians, as long as they are comfortable, who cares about the freedoms that are being chipped away from other Canadians. I always looked up to Canada as an example of great social ideals such as health care, diversity, etc. but no longer. I see the real Canada doesn’t care about the minority as long as their own needs aren’t affected. How many people are unable to fly to visit their relatives or continue safely working jobs to provide for their families? The fact that the government and common citizen has ignored natural immunity being the same or better than a jab after recovering from Covid is mind-boggling. Shame on all of you.

    • thanks Rich, yes exactly right; and there are various reason that not just Canadians, but almost world-wide there has been this same behavior since spring 2020. it should be clear to anyone reasonably sane that it has been far beyond what we always thought of normal behavior, and just that people would take the supposed vaccines that barely had time to be tested says it all as well. i never had a desire to call anyone pro or anti anything before this madness. however, i have no question they are under the spell of the mainstream media and seem bent on believing everything they here from it, in which there were certain people in the 1960s and beyond who warned then of media control. it is mostly all biased.

    • Maybe most people realize this convoy BS was not about freedom at all; it was just an opportunity for anti-government lunatics and extremists (including white supremacists, let’s be real) to try to raise money and overthrow the duly elected government of the day simply because they did not vote for it.

      This convoy thing was probably the least democratic, laest “Canadian” protest I have ever seen.

      Nothing to do with freedom – or truckers, most of whom continued to deliver crucial supplies and goods during difficult times to other Canadians.

      That’s over 98 percent of Canadian truckers according to the Canadian Truckers Association, who stood firmly against the protests.

  • I think you have shill / collaborator written all over your response. It isn’t him or me that are responsible for our lack of freedom; it is sheep who are too bloody obedient to refuse anything from government. – Avi Kerendian

  • this seems to be another crowd who only ‘half get’ what all of it has been about, and of course that is as bad as complete mis-understanding. if your ask what is the point to mandates, then your admitting the people that do understand why they were employed are not being heard(oppressed). you don’t quarantine people for no apparent reason without some kind of clandestine motive, or force masking for that matter. in any case of bananas, there were no investigations done to begin with, and many are clearly bent on believing everything they here from the mainstream media.

  • It’s not the science that you anti-vaxxers should distrust, it’s the politicians and world leaders that we should all be very scared of. I don’t mind people and their protests. Yes you have a right to protest. In my opinion the absolutely worse thing you can do is fly our flag upside down. If you don’t love Canada, please leave. I think if you did such a thing with their flag in the US you would be shot.

  • You are quite right about the protest. I too support western separation after many years supporting Confederation. Trudeau has allegedly interfered with the Attorney General of Canada in regards to a criminal case. The government has enacted deferred prosecution to exempt Corporate Officers from criminal prosecution. If western Canada were to separate we would be free of Trudeau and hundreds of bloated Canadian Departments. We would be rid of the paramilitary RCMP with zero civilian oversight. Gone will be the Carbon taxes and other punitive measures directed at the west. The public has awoke to realize the Canadian Government is as corrupt as China and Russia. The Government was responsible for genocide. The abduction, abuse, and deaths of indigenous children buried in unmarked graves. The media withheld this information and aided and abetted successive Governments commuting these atrocities. I risk being flagged as a dissident. Better a dissident than a supporter of genocide.

  • I’m curious where and how this “reporter” got his credentials … even as a commentator he’s more of a conspiracy nut than anything

  • JAMES,
    I don”t understand why these are people so-called convey making noise against covid vaccine for border crossing. I have been working in these industries for a long time and having no issues at all after vaccination, basically, there are groups of organizations provoking truckers to raise funds to collect monkey money.
    As far as the transportation industry is concerned major issue is the freight rate between Canada and USA.

  • Maybe it was about a group of people, and truckers were just the visible group, who are just tired of every doomsday group trying to be noticed and be funded, making life miserable for everyone. So called experts seem to be our biggest waste of money.

  • Interesting, well written article. Unfortunately, telling it like it is is rarely embraced by the ill informed, uninformed, those with a hidden agenda and the outright criminals. Good job.

  • Is there anyone out there protesting to have the right to proper free healthcare in Nova Scotia, or anywhere else in Canada as far as that goes. People are dying because of lack of good doctors. Hospitals closing down and turned into clinics. Now most of those clinics also are closed down. The government turns away offers from army physicians to come over to take up the slack. We need good healthcare for everyone and nobody should be turned away because of lack of doctors, lack of hospitals or beds. No one should be treated like everything is just in your head. Just because they can’t find a symptom or cause of a problem they say you’re okay. Nothing is wrong. They give up on you to go on your merry way to either get over your problem or just die. This has to stop. Sooner not later.

  • All the trolls/dupes who are stating that the following were taken away:

    1. Freedom to assemble.
    2. Freedom of Movement
    3. Freedom to Worship.
    4. Freedom to earn a living
    5. Freedom to breathe clean air (ha!)

    ARE OBVIOUSLY WRONG.. and here’s why.

    The Freedom Convoy, despite harming the people of Ottawa for a WHOLE MONTH, obviously were allowed all the freedom they could have wanted. Almost every other protest gets stopped/busted after a few hours, especially if there are unruly elements. When it’s a protest by First Nations or for a progressive cause, the police are crashing the party in no time. But these right-wing extremists, with lots of US funding as well and supported by Fox News and other peddlers of misinformation, lasted a MONTH, despite lots of attacks on citizens of Ottawa, disorderly behaviour, noise and air pollution and simply threatening the people of Ottawa by interfering in such a huge way in their daily life.

    Not sure the excuse is here. People were blocked from freely moving into downtown Ottawa? They weren’t prevented from doing so. They stayed despite causing tons of problems.

    This is completely unrelated.

    For a protest supposedly full of truckers, earning a living obviously wasn’t as important as being a danger to Ottawa for ONE MONTH.

    This one is really f*ing rich. A group of angry agitators – and the calmer folk that were tricked by the phony call to freedom – can’t seriously claim this after gunning their motors for a month, polluting the air and noise and causing extreme stress to the populace.


    –There is no freedom to occupy a city and harass the citizen by blocking roads, making loud noise at all hours, polluting the air with their trucks/cars, forcing the shutting down of schools, malls and verbally/physically attacking mask wearers or people that were identified as LGBTQ+ or due to race.

    –’Freedom’ extremists also harassed a local soup kitchen, blocked ambulance zones and interfered with ambulances and threw rocks at paramedics.

    –A majority of truck drivers (90%) had been vaccinated.

    –The organizers all had history/links with extremist groups and this was about flexing their muscles, deep funding and bullying tactics rather than honestly protesting.

    –The Canadian Trucking Alliance commented on January 29 that many of the supporters at the protest in Ottawa had no direct connection to the trucking industry.

    –There were many slogans borrowed from US right-wingers, along with the display of swastikas and confederate flags. This is all on film.

    –Declaring our government ‘invalid’ and EXPECTING to talk with the Gov General to form a new government friendly to the organizers is RIDICULOUS. We VOTED for the current government. Nobody voted for YOU, Tamara Lich & buddies. So there’s no way you deserve to talk with anyone in government when you are bullying a whole city to have your dangerous hissy-fit because you wanted something that a majority of Canadians supported.

    –The mandates being protested were under the authority of provincial governments. Gathering to say “F*** Trudeau” is just an excuse, like the truckers were an excuse.

    –Some provinces caved-in (stupidly) and announced the end of mandates, but despite that, the “freedom” convoy remained for almost 2 weeks longer before finally being forced to leave. Which shows that this was much less about anti-vax BS, but rather again, a demonstration of right-wing extremism, just like Jan 6 in the US.

    –Finally, re: the fundamental freedoms in the Charter

    Everyone in Canada is free to practise any religion or no religion at all. We are also free to express religious beliefs through prayer or by wearing religious clothing for example. However, the Charter also ensures that others also have the right to express their religious beliefs in public.

    We’re free to think our own thoughts, speak our minds, listen to views of others and express our opinions in creative ways. We’re also free to meet with anyone we wish and participate in peaceful demonstrations. This includes the right to protest against a government action or institution.

    However, these freedoms are NOT UNLIMITED. There may be limits on how you express your religious beliefs if your way of doing so would infringe on the rights of others or undermine complex public programs and policies. For example, you may have religious reasons to object having your photo taken for your driver’s license, but this requirement may be linked to a need to stop others from unlawfully using your identity. In addition, the Charter does not protect expression such as hate speech that involves threats of violence or that takes the form of violence.

  • Note: when someone has to be dishonest to their audience, they are generally wrong and corrupt.

    Protestors were flying a swastica with Justin Trudeau’s name/face on it, indicating that Trudeau was a Nazi for forcing citizens to take injections they didn’t want.

    Protestors didn’t “desecrate” the Terry Fox memorial. They put Canadian flags on it.

    It’s the height of hypocrisy for someone supporting forced injections to call OTHERS nazis.

    Who is this guy to demonize good people who simply don’t want to be force-injected or lose their jobs? Anyone who supports government-forced injections is a fascist.

    Trudeau seized these people’s bank accounts, was threatening to put down their pets, lied about them, and made them out to be “far-right.” Trudeau is the fascist.

    The author of this article is in support of tyranny, I hope he remembers the side he’s taking when his kids and grandkids no longer remember what freedom was.

    • You realize most businesses and corporations were behind the vaccination mandates, right?

      Why? because it was the only realistic way to continue doing business with customer fearing getting COVID. There is NOTHING illegal or facsistic about vaccine mandates.

      The reason MOST of us are here today is because VACCINE MANDATES have eliminated deadly diseases like diptheria, smallpox, measles, whooping cough, polio, and a dozen other diseases that killed literally MILLIONS of Canadians over the last half-century.

      You COULD NOT go to school without proof of vaccination. Are people forgetting how polio crippled and killed hundreds of thousands of Canadian children before a vaccine came along?

      GIVE YOUR HEADS A SHAKE. You can’t drive through a stop sign or red light if you disagree with it. We live in a civilized society with what is known as social contracts we all have to live by.

      I don’t ike paying taxes but I do it because that’s just the way it is. Someone has to.

      GROW UP you clueless convoy people.

  • I am so proud of Tamara Lich and everyone with her on this convoy. So proud. Although I’m a nobody, I’ll be standing behind you and the others. ( I need more shirts though, mine are getting pretty worn out. ) Keep your head high and stay strong.

    • You’re proud of Tamara? You realize she founded a separatist party dedicated to taking Alberta out of Canada? I get a laugh every time I see her supporters outside the courthouse here in Ottawa, all waving Canadian flags!

      Yeah, CANADIAN flags. You know, from the country SHE IS DEDICATED HER LIFE TO SEPARATE FROM.

      Maybe people should open their eyes a bit?