What proposed HOS changes in U.S. mean to Canadian drivers

Proposed changes to the U.S. hours of service rules have been touted as more flexible for drivers and carriers -- but what about the benefits and the flexibility for cross-border drivers and carriers? Will the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's proposed HOS provide the same benefits for cross-border drivers, or just make the hours-related differences between Canada and the United States even more confusing? Here’s what I came up with as to how FMCSA’s proposed changes might affect cross-border carriers.

Michelin applauds B.C. for increasing weight limits on super singles

VICTORIA, B.C. –Michelin North America is lauding the B.C. government for increasing the load limits on “super singles.” The B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure increased the load limits for new-generation wide-base single tires (also known as super singles) that are size 455/55R22.5 from 7,700 kilograms to 8,500 kilograms last month – making them equivalent to those trucks using dual tires.