Cross-border truck drivers to face vaccine mandate

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Cross-border truck drivers will need to prove they’re fully vaccinated against Covid-19 beginning in early January, under a series of measures that will also see more non-essential travelers return to land and ferry crossings.

“This approach will provide ample time for essential travelers such as truckers, students, and healthcare workers to get vaccinated,” U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said in a related statement.

Canada-U.S. border
The Canada-U.S. border will also be reopened to non-essential travel in November. (Photo: istock)

“This new travel system will create consistent, stringent protocols for all foreign nationals traveling to the United States – whether by air, land or ferry – and accounts for the wide availability of Covid-19 vaccinations.”

Canada and the U.S. restricted non-essential travel along the land border beginning in March 21, 2020. While Canada reopened the border to fully vaccinated U.S. travelers this August, the U.S. will begin to permit vaccinated non-essential travelers in November.

Existing restrictions were set to expire Oct. 21, but will be extended until the new rules are in place.

Questions remain as to whether the U.S. will recognize those with mixed vaccine doses, and what types of documents will be needed to prove the vaccine status.

Trucking industry representatives are already expressing concerns about the impact a vaccine mandate could have on supply chains.

“It’s going to be a disaster,” said Wendell Erb, president and CEO of the Erb Group, a cross-border fleet headquartered in New Hamburg, Ont.

“Unfortunately, the percentage of people who are unvaccinated have no intention of getting vaccinated,” he said. “I’m already short of drivers to handle the freight I’m going to have.”

Trucking HR Canada data identified 18,000 truck driver vacancies in the second quarter of this year.

The mandate could be the factor that pushes other drivers away from cross-border work, Erb added.

“At the end of the day, I severely worry about the supply chain,” said Doug Sutherland, president of Sutco Transportation, headquartered in Salmo, B.C. “If we don’t have another solution, [such as] testing on a weekly basis, we’re going to see something detrimental to the supply chain.”

Sutherland stressed he supports vaccines. “I wouldn’t ever have anticipated the push we have seen against vaccines.”

But if the vaccines are actually mandated, he worries that Canada could be short close to 15,000 truck drivers, based on the vaccination rates for the general population.

“The big issue we’re running into here is we already have a severe supply chain shortage,” said Mike Millian, president of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada.

It’s probably safe to assume that, like the general population, about 20% of truck drivers remain unvaccinated, he added. “We’re looking at a 20% reduction in our cross-border workforce at a time when we’re trying to fill seats.”

South of the border, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) has also raised concerns about plans for a vaccination mandate that would apply to any business with more than 100 employees.

“I didn’t realize if you’re a small fleet you’re immune,” Erb said.

In a survey conducted in mid-September, just 29% of surveyed Today’s Trucking readers said their workplaces require employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Twenty-seven percent said they would consider leaving their job if their employer required people to be vaccinated, and 32% said a “significant share” of the trucking industry’s workforce would quit their jobs if required to get vaccines.

The survey had 554 respondents.

  • This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.
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  • This mandate is going to devastate the trucking industry. Having a mandate in place creates 2 classes of people. Those that got jabbed and those that haven’t, with those that haven’t, not going to be able to get a job, get groceries and such. It is full on discrimination.

    On the other hand, it might actually create jobs as cross-border freight would have to be taken to a warehouse at the border with US trucks bring the freight in and Canadian trucks taking it from there and vice versa.

    I have been saying this for years: There is NO shortage of drivers, what there is a shortage of is GOOD drivers. Experienced drivers have had enough of being treated like 2nd class citizens and this mandate will make that even worse.

    • I totally agree with you even today regardless of your experience or your age nothing has change in the trade.
      The better you do they want more I went back driving across border at age 73 and the time off after a long haul trip like staying out for 14 days the time off was of like you have to pleads to get it.
      So back to retirement for now.

      • Unfortunately, you should look at it from both sides of it as well. Your employer is paying for a truck that is sitting unused for 14 days unless you enjoy clearing out your stuff every trip and getting it all back into a different truck when you’re ready to get back to work. From my understanding, most drivers want to stay in the same truck.

        • yes you are right I did that kind of work driving for an owner op and we were doing 2 days each going from point A top point B and back so while I was on driving and him making a little less on revenue because he was paying me but his truck was still making revenue and he was able to take and enjoy his family life and since m retired or almost I could take the wage he wanted to pay me, it is simple and this is what I am still waiting to be able to do that again. I got 20 plus years of experience going to cross border and fully vaccinated.

  • I guess no one cares about the rights and laws in this country anymore? What happened to keeping your Health details private or the fact that vaccines must be tested and approved? This is in the bill of rights people wake up. Communism is in full swing. Take 10 minutes out of your life and read UN 2030 Agenda and tell me this whole Covid mess was unplanned. I’m not anti vax, I’m pro freedom.

    • The day vaccine will be mandatory that will be my last day driving truck i’m not against vaccine but I’m sure as heck against communism country nobody should force vaccine mandatory

      • 100% i just gave my notice im not being forced and I dont care what I have do to make money. All I do know is I have 7 years cross border experience no accidents and im done good luck with your freight thre truedeau. prob is no one sticks together. All it would take is 3 major trucking companies to push back but they won’t. little do they seem to understand , if they don’t, their done to . better stand while you can

    • Been driving for the last 8 years driving cross border treated like crap almost everywhere and now they push this jab on us…the day they ll deny me entry cuz i m not jabbed i give up long haul..i m not against it but i hate the fact that thease NATZI’s force us to give up our basic rights…its been hard lately nowhere to eat than junk no showers etc…bassic needs reduced pay in my case due to covid…this is bs WAKE UP People we re all pawns!

    • It us a NEW World we live in. Learning how to navigate it is going to be an issue. I am the Driver Manager for Calgary based company running south. I am having an increasingly hard time to find outstanding operators… and you what you pay forget… pay poorly get poor drivers.
      Pay rates must come up!

      Professional Drivers are not professionals! Truck Drivers are a trade… we need an apprenticeship ship program and a path to become journeymen.

      • I have seen this sort of apprenticership in Al;berta in the 90’s out of Lethbridge AB a driving school had this curriculums and I don’t know if it is still going on.?

    • you got that Right!! Pro freedom !!Right to choose what goes in my body . Not going to put a trial vaccine/jab untested, all the animals died . Many people are dying from this shot ! Say NO , fight for your freedoms.

  • This is the last straw for me. I haven’t been driving long only about 5 years but to get yelled at constantly for doing your job from everyone and then you want to dictate what I can or can’t do with my body, I’m out. I’ll probably be making half as much when I quit because of this but at least I’ll know I’m safe. Like c’mon really? My chances of dying from covid are .3% probably lower. I have a higher likelihood of dying in an accident. If we all want to be big babies wrapped in bubble wrap we should never do anything anymore. Like have people lost there minds! We live with the flu every year. News flash the flu kills people too! And the death rate for the flu is right in line with covid, I’ll say it again people have lost there minds! Where’s the common sense. Why is it so hard to believe we’d take this risk of not getting vaccinated.

    • It’s not about you getting sick, it’s about decreasing the strain on the hospitals. Yes the flu has killed people and yea people get sick with the flu all the time, but has the flu ever caused the health system to strain so that people are dying from other preventable things, but they die because there is no room in ICU, or no one available for emergency surgery. The vaccine isn’t to stop you from getting sick completely, but prevents you from getting so sick you need the hospital. It’s the hospital systems that are overwhelmed. And yes without truckers, the supply chain is f***ed. But without hospitals and hospital staff, our healthcare is f***ed.

      • you dont get it, this isn’t about health care and hospitals, you better wake up and have a look around . You really think if this was about hospitals they would be letting go of 10s of thousands of Drs nurses , ems , 911 operators? come on people look whats going on .

  • I currently spend more time in the U.S. than Canada. If nothing changes before January, looks like I’ll be spending all of my time in Canada!

    • The only thing I do not like in Canada are roads. bad rest area , bad toilets, and bad working hours .
      The USA beat all of that.

  • I wish it was about health and safety but it’s got nothing to do with that.. this is the Government grabbing power and destroying anything and everything that does not agree with them.

  • Governments are creating so much fear and discrimination. It is very say to see what it happening in our society. Where is the common sense? If cross border and domestic drivers are required to be fully vaccinated, the downward spiral will continue.

  • If the vaccine gets mandated I will not cross the border because the vaccine does not protect from getting COVID-19

      • Have you actually looked into what is in the vaccine? This HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR HEALTH!!!! WAKE UP!!! The hospitals were so busy that nurses were making tiktok videos dancing around? Do you have any idea how many nurses are coming forward as Whistle-blowers saying this is all bs!! Do some research and stop watching CNN, ABC, MSNBC, GLOBAL NEWS and all the other crap corporate media. The government doesn’t give a shit about you, it’s all about control.

  • II love to obey the government but this has nothing to do with obedience this is about taking away your freedom and I am hundred percent against that

  • This is a bad bad bad idea. A significant portion of our cross-border drivers have not gotten and will not be getting the vaccine. But this is not news to these decision-makers, they know exactly what they are doing. This is a deliberate attack on the supply chain, the economy and freedom.

    We will resist and oppose these mandates in any way possible.

  • Come on all your truck drivers it’s time to do it you all go home shut the country down then the government will listen to us January 1, 2022 All truckers go home and stay home till we get what we want France did it years ago they went on strike for seven days they got what they wanted that’s what needs to happen in North America i’ll truckers please send messages to the rest of your friends on the road January 1, 2022. All we need to do is stay home for two weeks the store shelves will be empty there will be no fuel for nobody to go anywhere because it will not be delivered to the gas stations they’ll be no policing on the road because they will have no fuel for their vehicles the government and most people in North America do not understand a trucking industry Be safe out there I will say it again January 1, 2020 to shut it down thank you

    • look at the flight attendance in southwest airlines and delta over 1200 stood together against the mandate and as a result they have lifted all restrictions. Yu are correct people need to unite and stand together.

    • Perfect!!
      The Power is in Nation not in Government!!!!!

      More people is already aware what is going on on this world.
      Unity, Fight, Live.

    • Amen !! My father was a truck driver for years he finally retired at 76 , what’s going on now is sick ,JUST SAY NO it’s not about your health it’s about depopulation Wake Up ! Our hospitals are full
      Of people who took the shot . Heart attacks , blood clots , the 3 rd shot some peoples legs are giving out can’t walk . Stop taking thisTierney . Be strong be brave . Get OFF YOUR KNEES And STAND UP!! Or history repeats itself!!
      Stand United !! Say no !!
      Get busy living: or take the shot and get busy dying..

    • Drive Team with my husband for almost 30 yrs. Got Covid 2 yrs ago right at the beginning taking vitamin D Zinc vitamin C and have been and plan on our own immunity. Cross the border every week. I find it odd they haven’t bothered the truckers till now. I hesitate to believe anything either government dictates anymore. All this time we all crossed now it’s a problem. I am curious why nurses Dr’s EMS firefighters are refusing to get the jab what do they know that we don’t. Truckers are a different breed we will survive. Thx for listening stay strong people this is more than the virus.

  • Good Morning,

    This mandate will create more of a back log in the supply chain and an even greater shortage of drivers. As a refrigerated carrier travelling into the US we are already short of drivers and this will compound the problem.

    When this all started drivers were deemed an essential service and asked to keep working, the country needed us and vaccinations were never a question, now its being mandated.

    I know our Governments have thought this through, I mean, it makes perfect sense. Any driver that is cross border and eligible to retire probably will and any driver that doesn’t want or trust the vaccine will move on to something else, this will leave a huge gap in an industry already struggling to find qualified people.

    My rant for the day



    • A number of truck drivers like myself living homeless shelters have both vaccine shots with proper medical treatment. I and other drivers could come back I think vaccine shots may make companies treat cross border truck drivers better the c b c is doing a story about homeless workers including truck drivers. I would love to talk to the C T A about setting up a group home with a nonprofit to bring back truck drivers with medical needs and homeless.

  • Where does one find the actual legislation that mandates this new vaccination requirement for cross border truck drivers?

    • I don’t think there’s any truck driver specific clause to any piece of documentation, I think we will just be lumped in with the sweeping mandates for all travelers. If we were left exempt like we should, too many crybaby would say it’s unfair. Nothing about these mandates are fair for anyone.

    • good hopefully, there is enough of us to make a change . I know just by looking at this one board post , thats a lot of freight not moving. Stand up people this will end . If not its gona end bad for all of us period.
      COME ON ERB ,CHALLENGER, DAY ROSS HIGHLIGHT, SGT ,FAST FREIGHT etc etc you gona stand up for your workers ???? Or just cowered down from the unions like a bunch of paid off birches

  • I think cross border drivers and airline employees should get a min of $23.00 us or $28.00 CD if not there will be a shortage of those people with two or more vaccines shots

  • Very well said Ernie and I agree. It might be the only way to prove a point to this damn Government. They are destroying us day by day and taking all our freedom. Time to act.

  • This is such a sensitive topic, getting a jab without knowing what’s in there, without compensation if it goes wrong, even without any guarantee of getting the virus, and with so many medical doctors and nurses warning NOT to take the jab.

    The percentage of drivers that we may lose for not taking the jab may be much higher than predicted in this article.

  • Not happening, im a cross border driver in a company who’s crying for US eligible drivers who can drive a standard, i can do both, but there’s NO WAY im getting the jab.

    Im out if this happens

    • I’ve been driving trucks for 30 years; 18 of them in British Columbia; year- round mountain driving; I put on my own tire chains too……and “men” can’t drive a standard……my God what has the country come to.

      The “jab?” No WAY.

  • When the pandemic was there a year ago everything was closed we couldn’t buy food we had to live on junk food from ride stores but we did the job we delivered your goods your basic supplies now just coming up with more and more rolls on truck drivers Just destroy the whole trucking industry while at city people find out how long they have to live with no trucks and are stupid politicians

  • I’ve had both my shots. My worry is this is yet another thing for US CBP to be jerks about. One more thing the officer in the both can interpret how he wants and make up his own laws on the spot. Guess I will be sitting on Huron Church road a lot again…..dispatch hassling me for the delay.

  • This isn’t about the health and safety of the American people. This is about the news media and do gooders. Pushing there beliefs on others.
    My body, my mind ,my decision, m.y.o.f.b.
    We are no longer considered essential everyone has there sanitizer, toilet paper , and grocery items. It’s amazing how fast the public forgot who sacrificed there lives and stayed on the road several months at a time. To get crapped on 2yrs later.

  • Does anyone remember the Tuskegee experiments, the aversion projects or the Guatemalan s.t.d. study?
    They weren’t that long ago.
    These people were also medical professionals.

  • That Biden, he’s a lad isn’t he. This is the classic story of the scorpion stinging the frog that is taking the scorpion across the lake.

  • As a Canadian, crossing the border weekly, and NOT going to get vaccinated, I guess I won’t be a owner/ operator,,, find another job. This is bullshit, should be MY choice

  • They want everyone dead. Vaers reports 250,000 dead from vaccine and many, many more injured. They aren’t telling you that. They’ve pulled vaccines off the market for just 15 deaths. Why is this one so different? I would rather starve then give in to tyranny. I would fight this to my dying breath. The people responsible are going to be sorry when more people start dying and forced into a corner.

    • Hahaha, where did you get those crazy numbers from? I don’t think that many people have died from the vaccine… I know lots of people who have taken both vaccine shots and been absolutely fine. Conspiracy numbers is all that is, hahaha

      • oh ok
        you see if its a conspiracy when you or your family members can’t get heal care cause the field the nurses and drs and surgeons. or when you call 911 and they put you on hold ,or you go to the grocery store and its bare , let me know how that conspiracy works for ya

  • Well they havent got self driving trucks yet. Watch as the heroic essential trucking industry becomes the villain… I think I better stock up on supplies, 2022 might be the worst year yet of the pandemic. If I can’t make an honest living, that leaves one alternative.

  • Been driving for the last 8 years driving cross border treated like crap almost everywhere and now they push this jab on us…the day they ll deny me entry cuz i m not jabbed i give up long haul..i m not against it but i hate the fact that thease NATZI’s force us to give up our basic rights…its been hard lately nowhere to eat than junk no showers etc…bassic needs reduced pay in my case due to covid…this is bs WAKE UP People we re all pawns!

  • Can the author/editor/anyone provide an official link for this announcement? Trying to research the veracity of this information, and all I can find is this article as the only relevant result.

    This is MAJOR news for the North American supply chain and it’s odd that only one publication is covering it.

  • Go on strike before the holidays. Greate a real disaster. This is not about health, never has been. Covid is a business.

    • I agree if we are going to protest do it before dec 25 . But if going to protest make about the major issues for drivers not just the vaccines

  • People wake up. We have power to change it. We go out on highway and blok everithing with our trucks.
    No in no out. All borders all major city’s. From 2008 they shit on us with rools, and our money is same for last 20 years. While they making milions,and now this shit. No thanks

  • This will push me out of the industry. I was out here from the beginning, being labeled a hero. I guess I’m a zero now

  • I will let my company fire me when I refuse the jab.

    I will then consider myself constructively dismissed when I apply for Unemployment!

    Anybody telling me what I have to put in my body can go fuck themselves! Ain’t gonna happen!

    • They won’t fire you. They will say you CHOSE to quit. You will not get unemployment. Hope truckers will stand together and strike. You have more power than you know. Nurses and MD’s are leaving their jobs. That in itself should tell people something. Stay safe people.

  • We are doing this job for almost 2 years and how many drivers have been sick.
    And we where at risk nobody cares as long the truck rolls and the company makes money.
    For the last 4 months in the USA most places are not requiring masks and I haven’t been sick so what’s this about controlling?
    The trucking association is not for the driver’s they are for the company’s and a bunch of cowards not standing up for anything for driver’s.
    They destroy families and friends.
    How is that possible one secretary can decide what thousands have to do is he paying for the mortgage for food on the table for our Daly bread it’s just about controlling.

  • And here is another truck driver who will quit if the mandate comes in effect. That’s an experimental drug and I’m not a guinea pigs for the profit of the pharmaceutical industry. My body my property my choice even if I have to quit my beloved job!

  • It’s time to shut down the trucking industry right now before the holidays
    Forcing vac shots is crazy and it’s as far as I’m concerned against my rights as a human being ,it’s all about the government trying to control people

  • How would governments NOT know that this will affect supply chains? This is clearly on purpose, and shows the specter of communism is absolutely influencing the world. We all need to take action against this, now.

  • So, with the port back log in the USA at the present time why are we not all shutting the land crossings down to show them exactly what could happen if the trucks stop. Our body our choice. But like the arrive can app, will CBP and CBSA actually enforce thus mandate? The answer is NOT to go home and stay home, the answer is to shut down right in the middle of the road, border, shipper, ect. Time to actually organize and get something done.

  • I have a question and it is extremely hard to find any answer on this topic and I would appreciate any kind of information anyone can Garner in the department of finding information. And that is how things will look for truck drivers who are trying to bring passengers with them and then return to Canada are we going to be required for our passenger to have a negative test when the vehicle itself is commercial and I’m not required to get the test like why is nobody talking about truck drivers and their family members and the ones impacted by all of this nonsense whose life is the road.

    • Hopefully they will and they will have the backing of the drivers I think enough is enough they have pushed us around long enough I’d say. Hopefully people stock up. I knew it was coming just didn’t know when.

  • I am vaccinated. But I totally agree and support for people who don’t want the vaccines. This was supposed to be a choice. Now it’s being forced on us. This goes against our rights and freedoms. Whether it’s American or Canadian.

  • Research Reiner Fuellmich online. Don’t use google; use a different Search Engine- as regards site: I suggest BitChute/ Rumble/ Odysee.

  • they won’t fire you , and you won’t get unemployment either sounds crazy but its true. these trucking companies had better wake up , or they will all fold like a deck of cards . you think your safe? why cause your only losing 10 20 % of your drivers . All I can say is if you ( trucking companies) Don’t stand up
    you will be right beside the unemployed trucker next year.

  • Canada already has 18k vacancies, and another 15k expected with this mandate. Rumors of losing more drivers in the US through an vax mandate to drive from state to state. People in charge not understanding that LA & Long Beach ports not only don’t have enough trucks, but have a real shortage of chassis’ to move the containers out of the port. A lot of those ships are carrying things that should have been shipped in 2020, but were covid delayed. It almost seems that everything the US gov’t is doing is meant to harm all of us.

    Good lord, many of us have been working through this without a jab, where’s the problem with going with what seems to work? This cross border vax mandate will hurt we Canadians as well, a lot of freight sitting on the docks because there will be even fewer trucks to take it south. Enjoy, because after almost 23 years, I’m looking to get out if this comes to pass

  • I’m german, working in Toronto on a Long Haul Truck GTA-LA and I’ll go back to Europe to work in Norway in December if they introduce the Mandate.

    It is not the question of beeing treated like 2nd class – It is an experimental Vaccine which can kill you or cause a Stroke or whatever !
    It can happen the next day or years later. They are allowed to put anything into it and they do not have to take any responsibility for the damage they create.

    I won’t take an experimental Vaccine !

  • The day that I can’t make my own decisions about my health (with my doctor), instead my Government is dictating, is the day that my country is officially a Communist dictatorship!
    I have been responsible for my own health appointments and applying doctor directed care, since I became an adult; I’m not back in diapers, just yet!
    NO TO ANY & ALL Covid related Mandates!
    Thank you so much!

    • The answer is not to go home but to take that vacation right in the middle of the 401 corridor or at international land crossings. Block the refineries, stop the food. The problem then would be Mr. Potatoe head would then enforce the emergency measures act. (War powers act)

  • This new Mandate on the VAX will quickly disappear if Truck Drivers just stick together. Come on all your truck drivers it’s time to do it you all go home shut North America down then the government will listen to us. December 15 2021 All truckers go home and stay home till we get what we want, or there will be a sad Christmas, Lets do it for seven days and see what happens, this is what needs to happen in North America. truckers please send messages to the rest of your friends on the road December 15, 2021. All we need to do is stay home and no one can blame us for Blocking Roads or Border Crossings. 5 days at home and all the store shelves will be empty there will be no fuel for nobody to go anywhere because it will not be delivered to the gas stations they’ll be no policing on the road because they will have no fuel for their vehicles the government and most people in North America do not understand a trucking industry Be safe out there I will say it again December 15, 2021 to shut it down thank you.

  • Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau can kiss my ASS!!! I WILL NEVER GET THE DNA MODIFICATION SHOT, NEVER!!! With thousands of truck drivers like me that will not submit to their globalist agenda, good luck getting goods across the border. LET’S GO BRANDON!!!

  • I have been a driver for over 10 years … these last 2 years I have been on the road I have the healthier than ever … no sick days and now if I don’t take a vaccine for a virus that is not a cure I will loose my job … what the hell … I have health concerns due to blood clots , heart attacks , strokes in my family and I even had a heart attack back in 2005 …. Why should I take a vaccine that could cause me to have a heart attack or worse

  • So why is it that productive law abiding citizens who work are REQUIRED to have the Not-a-vax, while Dictator biden imports MILLIONS of Illegal Alien Invaders and DEMAND that they NOT be vax’d?

    Who does the Political Royalty and their supporters in Big Biz support…

    The Law Abiding Tax Paying American Citizens
    Do they support the ultra cheap workers that they can count on being demoncrat voters from the Illegal Alien Invasion?

  • “This new travel system will create consistent, stringent protocols for all foreign nationals traveling to the United States – whether by air, land or ferry – and accounts for the wide availability of Covid-19 vaccinations.”

    Except for illegal aliens.

  • Wow this is the very first time I see so many people truck drivers pushing their concerns to the open yes the economy has been temper with by big interests and yes the same people that work for the huge world economy and medical system are trying to shutdown the world economy.

  • I will be one of those truckers who has crossed the border for 22 yrs , I absolutely refuse to inject that poison vaccine for a damn job , ill just go on welfare like so many others .
    Our job is dangerous enough, we basically work alone 99% if the time ,
    But hey if the governments want to push this , it will in fact effect everyone and everything, since we already have major shortages in the industry on both sides of the border.
    I hope Biden and Trudeau are ready for the downfall we truckers can inflict, if we are forced to take an experimental vaccine.

  • We personally know thousands of drivers and owner operators who will stop trucking if required to vaccinate. Watch and see.

  • Hopefully they will and they will have the backing of the drivers I think enough is enough they have pushed us around long enough I’d say. Hopefully people stock up. I knew it was coming just didn’t know when.

  • You are ok with the Vax mandate. Wake up and explain why it was ok for us to cross no Vax when and during covid happening.. Heros we were told.
    How ? We fight for bathrooms , we pay to park .
    We could not even stop at a restaurant for take out as the government shut everything down.
    It should not be mandated for essitial period. We have enough shortage in drivers.
    All those numbers don’t add up period .
    Proven fact and now can still transmit covid with the Vax.
    Just as many vaxxed in hospital from it than unvaxed .
    So time to move ahead and get past this bs …

  • Thank you very much after 26 years of driving if the vax goes on crossing the border I’m done driving. 2 years driving to us I never have a covid I think we are more safe than anybody else Always by the wheel sitting in the truck waiting for loads we can go nowhere how can we get virus good luck and God bless you all

  • Im strongly against the mandatory vaccine being able to cross the border or even be able to keep your job. It should never be forced to any human being. I love my job as a trucker but because of the mandate I have to lose not just to job……

  • I am a 30 year class one driver who has hauled freight to and from the USA throughout this whole pandemic. If the forced vaccination to cross border is implemented I will no longer to cross border loads . Period . Not even with the negative test as an option.

  • I want to support the truckers and keep them working for all of us to get our products and stop all this nonsense about getting the Vaccine just to work. That is not freedom and GREAT.
    Stopping people from working and is taking their freedom. Help government leaders to stay out of our supply of food and clothing and shelter and products we need.