Canadian hotline to help end trafficking to launch Fall 2018

Come Fall 2018 drivers traveling Canadian highways will have another tool to help in the fight against human trafficking. The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking is launching a national hotline to connect callers with resources in an effort to end forced labor and sex work in throughout the country. Barbara Gosse, CEO of the center, says the primary responsibility of the line will be to connect those who are being exploited to resources to help them escape their current situation. Call-takers will be equipped with information not only for local police departments, but shelters, abuse centers and other places where those being sold can go to be safe.

CTA wants harmony on 11 issues

TORONTO, ON – Leaders of the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) and provincial trucking associations have come together to identify 11 industry issues that could benefit from improved harmonization. The call is designed to support a new task force under the Council of Ministers Responsible for Transportation and Highway Safety, established in September 2016, and complements existing initiatives like the National Task Force on Weights and Dimensions. “This is a great opportunity for further collaboration between industry and government,” said Stephen Laskowski, president and Chief Executive Officer of the alliance. “CTA commends the provincial trucking associations for their efforts in contributing to our submission and looks forward to working with all interests in addressing the issues identified.”

Canadians comfortable with private fleets transporting cannabis: Ipsos

MONTREAL, QC – A majority of Canadians surveyed say they would be comfortable with private or for-hire fleets being responsible for transporting cannabis once it becomes legal in Canada later this year. There are still looming questions about enforcement, growing, storage, and transportation of the drug that will need to be cleared up in time for the summer deadline set by the federal government for legalization.