Michelin applauds B.C. for increasing weight limits on super singles

VICTORIA, B.C. –Michelin North America is lauding the B.C. government for increasing the load limits on “super singles.” The B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure increased the load limits for new-generation wide-base single tires (also known as super singles) that are size 455/55R22.5 from 7,700 kilograms to 8,500 kilograms last month – making them equivalent to those trucks using dual tires.

Class D changes effective July 1

TORONTO, Ont. -- July 1 marks Canada Day, but in Ontario it will also mean tougher standards for renewing Class D licences, as the province brings related medicals and knowledge and vision tests in line with other commercial classes. Class D licence holders up to 80 years old will now be subject to a Class D knowledge test and vision test every five years, when they renew their licences. Air brake knowledge tests for a Z endorsement will occur at the same time. Drivers 65 to 79 years old, with three demerit points or an at-fault collision on their record, will have to take a road test as well. Medical reports will have to be submitted every five years for those under 46, three years for those 46-64, and annually for those 65 and older. Forms will be mailed to licence holders 90 days in advance of the due date.