Duty Calls: Bodies and equipment key to medium-duty spec’s

TORONTO, Ont. -- There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all in the medium-duty truck domain. You can install a body of any description on just about any chassis, provided it is compatible and engineered for the purpose. Users of the equipment range from landscapers with dump boxes to mobile heavy-duty service technicians with service bodies, and tow truck operators with the flatbeds or cradle snatcher bodies, or utility companies with cranes and booms. We probably missed a few hundred applications in there, too. It's a busy sector.

IN PRINT — Tanks a Lot: Leave some tanker spec’ing to experts

TORONTO, ON -- There used to be good money in the liquid bulk business. The required equipment is so specialized that it presented somewhat of a barrier to entry into the market. That's still the case, but there are more players in the game now, and competition is keeping rates at near-1980s levels. Fleets, both private and for-hire, are now trying to make up for the low rates by optimizing their trailer spec's to increase utilization and carrying capacity.

IN PRINT — Creature Comforts: Sleeper options not limited to size alone

The choice of one sleeper over the next inevitably comes down to a tape measure, and for good reason. This is clearly a spec'ing choice where size matters. Regional bulk haulers, looking for every possible way to shed weight, might opt for a 40- or 52-inch area behind the seats if drivers spend only a night or two on the road. But that would be downright claustrophobic for team drivers who live long-hauling lives.