aftermarket parts

Meritor’s Mach brand enters the aftermarket

ATLANTA, GA - Meritor has introduced a value-priced product line for the aftermarket that will be branded as Mach. Initial offerings will include brakes, drivelines, drive axles, suspensions, transmissions and springs, but there are plans to expand as well. "Mach is a global aftermarket value brand that we're launching today for North America, but we're going to introduce it here and all over the world," said Rob Speed, president - aftermarket and trailer and Chief Procurement Officer, during an unveiling at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show. "The time is right, we believe, to launch a value lineup brand for aftermarket parts. In North America and around the world we're seeing a rise in low-cost competitors and brands that don't necessarily have the same quality focus as Meritor." Buyers are rolling the dice when they buy products from companies they don't know, he said. In contrast, Meritor is a proven company. "We're not offering parts that won't fit or won't work well. Mach is different."

Daimler “prints” first metal truck part

STUTTGART, GERMANY - Engineers working for Daimler's European truck brand, Mercedes-Benz Trucks, have successfully used a 3D printer to create a metal thermostat cover - proving a process that could reshape the way spare metal parts are produced and distributed. With the potential of decentralizing production, 3D printing could improve parts availability, shorten delivery times, and reduce warehousing and distribution costs, the company notes. Daimler's brands in North America include Freightliner and Western Star. "With the introduction of 3D metal printing technology, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is reasserting its pioneering role among global commercial vehicle manufacturers," said Andreas Deuschle, head of marketing and operations - customer services and parts with Mercedes-Benz Trucks. "We ensure the same functionality, reliability, durability and cost-effectiveness with 3D metal parts as we do with conventionally produced parts."

Elite rewards comes to Continental Canada

MISSISSAUGA, ON. - Continental Tires is giving its Canadian customers a chance to join the ranks of the elite. The company announced a new automotive aftermarket rewards program called the Elite Rewards Program Member (RPM) Club. The club is modeled after its U.S. version, but with the addition of improved features for professional repair technicians and distributor counter staff. The program offers rewards for redemption of proofs-of-purchase of Continental Elite products, but is also offering professionals additional avenues to engage with the company, says Dave Wenger, marketing manager for Continental's North American automotive aftermarket products.